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Yeah, it was a good knock. I remember getting up and my first thought was ‘I got hit in a pretty similar place to where Hughesy got hit’, and I was kind of like ‘I’m okay. Like, it’s not fair in a way’. And it’s all over. Australia have won this game by a 185 runs. I think while my adrenaline was still running and stuff I was okay. It wasn’t until a little bit later that it sort of, I guess when my adrenaline sort of just went out of my system, that’s when I started to feel quite groggy and not feel very well. So yeah, I guess that next morning, the right call was was made. I guess we’re fortunate that these rules that have come in. I think it’s good for the game that you can have a sub when someone gets concussed, and again, I think the right call is made in the next Test match. I kind of like to prove people wrong at times as well. A lot of people said that Jofra Archer had the wood over me but he actually didn’t get me out for the series. He might have knocked me out once but he never actually got me out. So every time I faced him I was kind of that little bit more switched on and was like ‘I just got to focus that little bit more and not let him get me out’. So that was quite satisfying that I was able to go the series without even getting me out and to be able to score some big runs at the same time. After a year’s ban from the game and scored his 24th and I’m sure for him, the most important Test century. I never doubted my ability or anything like that. And in the year that I had off, I was always confident that I could come back and perform. I’ve sort of tried to take the positive out of the situation in the fact that I could potentially break my career into two sections and you know, to come back and be fresh and be able to come back the way I did and score some big runs. Particularly my first game back, that just gave me a lot of confidence to know that, you know, I still belong and I’m good enough. I learned a lot about myself in the year off and was able to come back and now it’s great to be doing what I love doing and playing cricket for Australia and doing my thing out there with the bat so yeah I’m in a good place.

6 thoughts on “Declaration – Steve Smith | Grandstand

  1. God, I love this guy. I remember having the nastiest, darkest thoughts in those few minutes he was down. And I was so zapped that he came right back out to bat!
    He's a very strong character!
    Keep going, Steve! Keep on scoring heaps of runs. And do your best to never get hit again.

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