Decorating Easter Stumps! Stump Kitchen 39

[Alexis] Welcome to Stump Kitchen. It’s really sunny here. Happy almost Easter. So, vegans don’t do eggs, so I’m heading over
to hang out with Rosie and see what we get up to. Hello!! How are you? [Rosie] This is my, um, Frozen sweater! [Alexis] Oh my goodness, it is beautiful! [Rosie singing] Let it go! Let it go! [Alexis] Show me your Easter Bunny. [Rosie] Oh yeah there’s yellow! [Alexis laughs] Hey this looks like green. [Rosie] Yeah!! [Alexis] It looks like liquorice or something. [Rosie] That looks like liquorice! [Alexis] Wanna know a funny thing about vegans? Vegans don’t eat eggs. What do you think we should decorate instead? My stump? Okay! It’s a good vegan replacement for an egg. You’re quite good at painting I hear, is that
right? [Rosie] Yeah! [Alexis] Just let the inspiration come. [relaxing music playing]
Have you ever painted a stump before? You know when an artist is in her zone she
can’t be distracted. Ah the red brush, good decision. Where did you do your artist training, Rosie? [Rosie] I just teach myself. [Alexis] A self-taught artist. Very rare this day and age. She’s used a tiny brush for those intricate
details. I heard once that some of your paintings,
they’re in the Guggenheim, is that right? [Rosie] Mm-hmm. [Alexis] Yeah. See how she holds the paintbrush? That’s akin to like the French style of painting. She’s really cross-continental in her art,
it’s amazing. Would you say that your style is more, um,
like impressionist or modern? [Rosie] It’s a combination. [Alexis] Yeah, that’s what I thought. You’re the type of artist that can reach all
audiences, you know? Yep. [Rosie] Yep. [Alexis] Yep. So Rosie, you’re painting this stump Easter
egg, what kind of style are you going for, like do you have an idea in mind or are you
just doing whatever comes naturally? [Rosie] I’m just, um, coming up… just whatever
comes naturally. [Alexis] Yeah, that’s a true artist’s stamp
right there, just invoking the feels and just going with it, you know? We are deep into the forest green now folks,
let’s see what she does with this. Oh wow! Just right across that wrist bone. It’s wonderful. What are your favourite colour combinations
right now? [Rosie] I like this green. [Alexis] Yeah. You can tell, your face just lit up when you
started to use it. Now the tongue on the side there? That’s like full concentration mode, you know,
we’re really lucky to see this artist in motion, like, doing her work. Ah, I just love what you’re doing! Like the accents of the green and the yellow
together it’s just otherworldly. Are you done?? Oh my goodness, Rosie! This is incredible! Look how beautiful my stump is! This is the coolest Easter egg I’ve ever seen. Thank you for making my stump so ready for
the holidays! Thanks for watching! I hope you have fun decorating your stump!
[both] Hoppy Easter! [laughing]
[Alexis] We’re full of chocolate and beans!
[laughing] [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis] How many eggs are in your mouth? Is it two? Is it three? Four? Five? Oh! Haha!!!

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