Defense FOOTWORK forehand corner – step by step tutorial

In this video I will s how you how to get
out of an extremely pressured situation in the forehand side very very close to
the floor. I will walk you through the landing the very big lunge, and the
footwork in that movement, and also how to hit the shuttle, to get maybe back
in the rally and have a lot of time on getting back to the center position,
being ready for the defense shots. When we go to the net, we as I said we are under heavy pressure very close to the floor so of course we need to have a low
center of gravity, we need to be able to stretch a lot for the shuttle, so we also
need to focus a lot on how we land with our leg and how we push back again. The length of your lunge is key in this
movement. If the length of your lunge is very short, you will need to stretch
stretch for the shuttle and that’s very very tricky and very bad for your knee
when you stand in this position so really think that you are pushing your
lunge forward landing with your foot in this position, further out than your knee
that’s really important for injuries in your knee, but also to be in a better
balance and be able to push back again to the center position. When landing the lunge the upper body is
really important. Really be focusing on having the side to the shuttle so it’s
easier for you to stretch this way making you hit the shuttle earlier and
be able to do the the high lift to the baseline. Are you tired of injuries and twisted
ankles when you play badminton then I can recommend Spraino! Spraino is a product which can help you
get your foot back in position when you’re just about to twist your ankle. The last thing about the footwork is the position of your foot when you land in
the wide lunge. It’s very very important that you land with your foot pointing
straight this way out to the side and over your knee. You’ll have a better
balance this way and it’s easier for you to stretch for the shuttle and it’s also
easier for you to push back again going back to the center. Next thing is we will focus on the shot,
the high lift to the baseline Have a normal forehand grip when going for the shot, and think that you need to have a very big and smooth and relaxed swing.
You will have an inwards rotation in your forearm this way when you’re
hitting the shuttle, and just adding just a little bit of finger power when
you hit the shuttle. So a big swing to get it way high up in the air to the baseline, using this movement. Usually we always talk about using a lot of finger power and use small quick movements small deceptions all these
things, but in this case it’s just about survival, it’s just about getting it
really really high and far away from you so you have time to get back in position
in the center again, so use the big swing to get it way back to add some more time
to your movement, so you can get back and get ready again. You can now get 10%
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  2. Nice rapid legs thomas. I had asked for some drills for badminton thomas but you still have not uploaded those videos on you tube. It's a humble request my friend 🙏🤗

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