DEK Hockey Rink Opening Ceremony

(rousing music) – The Arizona Coyotes want
to build a hockey rink on your campus, and I said, well, how much is that going to cost us? And they said, they’re going to build it. Things don’t usually work for us that way. (rousing music) – Brian and I sat down about a year ago, we started talking about various ways in which the Coyotes could partner more with GCU and this idea of
our dek hockey rink came up. I knew that the GCU students are gonna do a phenomenal job of programing this and playing hockey every single day on it. – (Brian) The Coyotes
said, we were so happy to do this in partnership with you, and primarily because of your students. We don’t find students
that have the passion that GCU students have to work, to play, to be in community, we just haven’t seen that other places. (rousing music) – These amenities are
just added to a long list that rival every other
university across the country. And so, we take great
pride in this relationship and look forward to some
wonderful years together. (rousing music)

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