34 thoughts on “Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg stumps in Rock Hill

  1. Do we really want a 77 or even a 70 year old as a president. How will they look after two terms if they even survive or don’t have a major health problem. Pete is full of hope and energy and the leaders of other countries, as he said, are not a bunch of old men/women. He can lead everyone with his demeanor for getting things done and bringing people together.

  2. Pete is a good looking young man that will say anything to convince voters to vote for him. He is a Liar and here is some proof. (Also, look into McKinsey) https://youtu.be/u59yLdbHack

  3. "the opposite of Donald Trump is a gay man who loves copying an Asian man that loves math"
    Yang2020! YangGang!

  4. I’m not big on Andrew yang but Pete has been coping him left and right after laughing at him, Very shady and untrustworthy. At the very least have an original thought Pete.

  5. buttigeig is a manufactured democrat yes-man, a corporate establishment tool, clinton devotee, intell spook, smug little privileged punk who has 23 billionaires funding his campaign and met with high-level dnc politicos to discuss how to stop sanders. he was bought a long time ago. he's as corrupt as they come.

  6. I knew Mayor Pete would get the numbers!! A President with a soul, i don't think we'll get much dishonesty, He has my vote! Pete 2020! trump 15 to 20!!

  7. Pete was laughing at Andrew Yang and now he sounds like Andrew Yang. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u59yLdbHack&t=4s #YangGang

  8. Pete is now polling in Iowa in 2nd place behind Warren and ahead of Biden and Sanders.
    As people get to know him (he still less than 50% name recognition), more and more people are drawn to him.
    No matter who gets the nod, we all need to vote blue in 2020. My fear is that the "ideological purists" are going to hand the election to Trump by suppressing the Democratic vote.

  9. If democrate make that mistake to choose Pete Bu… then it will be a Big win for Trump because of his Life style that many Christians do not agree with. That will turn many Christians off in the general. That will be a big risk to take in a country that is still divided in values, religious believes and ethical issues

  10. The Original is better than the remake. Pete is starting to sound like Andrew Yang and his Policies. I liked Pete this past spring but then I understood Andrew Yang’s solutions and they just make sense. Still love Pete and Chasten but I just have to go with Andrew and Evelyn as my first couple.

  11. Re-Pete bite off verbatim Andrew Yang's policies. He's such a grimy politician. Can't stand him. This guy is total garbage.

  12. Little Petey Buttigieg is the oligarch's choice to sodomize America.

  13. I’m just gonna leave












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  14. Walt Whitman was 37 when he wrote Leaves of Grass and he understood America in the same way Pete understands it and with as much wisdom. President Pete!!

  15. Biden and Pete, we need military experience in the white house right now and alias can trust America First is America alone remember that .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOak0ZMxbDM

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