Denison Field Hockey wins NCAC Championship

BRANDON MORGAN: Denison Big Red field hockey takes home the NCAC championship after defeating Wittenberg Two-to-one. We caught up with Jane Higley, Lucy Pearsall and head coach P.J. Soteriades. JANE HIGLEY: It feel so great. We’ve worked the whole season day-in day-out and with the goal coming to this game. It feels so good to bring it home. LUCY PEARSALL: Oh my god. It feels amazing. I could not be more proud of this group of girls. P.J. SOTERIADES: It feels amazing, and I’m super proud of this team and everything they’ve accomplished all season. JANE HIGLEY: Coming into it, I mean we were as pumped as we’ve ever been for a game. LUCY PEARSALL: Definitely some nerves coming out here, but we were excited as ever to play. P.J. SOTERIADES: We knew Wittenberg is a second half of the season team. They’re a team that never gives up, so we knew we couldn’t play anything, but our best game. JANE HIGLEY: We’ve been on a roll and we’re so motivated to keep going and just keep pushing and we’re excited to fly wherever we’re gonna go and just take it to the next level. P.J. PEARSALL: Just focusing on the game that’s ahead of us and It’s it’s been good for us so far, so we’re gonna just stay with that mentality. LUCY PEARSALL: After winning today I don’t think the team is thinking about losing anytime soon. BRANDON MORGAN: The Big Red head into the regional next week. Head over to for more details once again congratulations to the Big Red field hockey team. Brandon Morgan. DSN. You

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