Denison Football Preseason Camp

Good to see you, man How ya been? Good. Good to see you, got the fro going on Hey, good to see you. How ya been? Hi. Can I help you? Could I have a room key please? Sure, what building and room number? Welcome back. Thank you. Thank you very much. You like it we got the couch on the bed and then my roommate sleeps underneath it. What’s your name? Ashton Aston, I’m Coach Young, nice to meet you. Oh I heard about you (Laughter) You heard about me? Good things or bad things, huh? Good things or bad things? I heard you was cool, you was real cool. That’s right I’m cool. Yes sir. Alright man. If you want them, the other guys to understand your vision as a senior and your vision as a senior class you have to give that to them. Okay? And that means in all areas. I want them to learn how to go to Denison be football player and be a champion from you. We out here, it’s 5 a.m. It’s cold as hell out here. It’s early! Putting in work. It’s early! Touch that line men! Touch that line! I had to be here. If they’re doing this it’s the least I could do to support the Big Red. You can’t make mistakes. Okay? Get in your playbooks tonight Make sure you understand what you’re doing. (Laughter) Thread the needle! Hey that’s what I was going for. Go! Good! Rip! Rip! Rip! Rip! Rip! Rip! Rip! Rip! There you go, good! Ends stacked behind People are going to think you’re showing off your arms Here’s my summer workout! We’re going to see a movie tonight. Movie! Get your popcorn! Michigan red eleven. Set hit! That’s it Joel! (Cheering) Good kick, Matt. Nice kick, Matt. We’re just helping all the freshmen start to move in helping, getting everything settled. Just trying to take a little but of the stress away from the move-in day. Seven deuce right zap on one on one ready! Nice job! That a way Dom! Worry about you, push yourself! Not everybody can do Big Red Football. Not everybody can go where we want to go, Baker Not everybody can go there. What we did tonight that’s how we get where we want to go. Really physical. Really high energy. Everybody had to work. Unbelievable! We play smarter we play more passionately we hit harder and we hit longer than our opponents. That’s what Big Red Football is. Big Red on three, one two three Big Red!

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