Desus Takes a Shot at Guessing White TV Shows | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

[MUSIC PLAYING] Yo, it’s hard to keep up
with all the shows on TV. Yeah, especially when all
the actors look the same. But thankfully, Mero
was always down to help me stay on top of white culture.
– You know what I’m saying? Kind of. To the best of my ability. [MUSIC PLAYING] [BELCHING]
– Bro? [STARTLED NOISE] Do you want an Emmy? Kind of. Do you want a jet
ski that’s gold-plated? Why are you talking
like DJ Khaled? You know what I’m saying? Because I want to energize you. Is this more
about white people? Yes. It is not enough to
know their names. [MUSIC PLAYING] I actually don’t
feel like you’re the person that’s informed
enough to do this, but– I mean, look– You have no idea
about TV at all. That may or may not be true. But we’ve got to learn them. Let’s look at this. Let’s start at the top. What do you think
this show’s about? Oh, isn’t that the
guy from “The Office?” That is. It’s Jim. DESUS: Wow! [GRUNTING] Uh, Pam got kidnapped Curly,
so he got Bunk from “The Wire” to help get her back. [BUZZER] This is actually
just a bootleg “24.” – Sad.
– Starring Jim. Sad. Do you know what the show is? “The Sinner?” I guess she be sinning? [BELL RINGS] Because she’s wet. [MUSIC PLAYING] [WHISPERING] [GASPING] Is that Jessica Biel? I don’t know, because she
looks like she does vaccines, so it can’t be. This is Jessica
Biel if she would have not herself been vaccinated. DESUS: “On Becoming a God.” Showtime logo.
Showtime! MERO: You know what I’m saying? [MUSIC – HEART, “STRAIGHT ON”] (SINGING) Coming
straight on for you. It’s an amazing show
starring Reese Witherspoon, you know what I’m saying? I meant Kirsten Dunst. This is about Kristen– Kirsten. I said it the right way. No, that’s fine. She’s doing
today’s mathematics, opening her third eye. Word, God. DESUS: She realizes that if
man can flip himself or herself inside out and see
inside of yourself, you would fall out, because
everything you have to be, and everything you’ve
ever been is inside you. Boom!
[BUZZER] No. It’s actually about
a bunch of trash white people in
central Florida who– Redundant. True– who get involved in
like, a wild Ponzi scheme. But she definitely
knows a meth dealer. Absolutely. What about this one? DESUS: “Russian Doll?” This is something about Trump
and collusion of some sort? [BUZZER] [WHISPERING] This is actually just
“Groundhog Day” with the girl from fucking “American Pie.” She was in “American Pie?” I think she– is this Tara Reid? [BUZZER] See, this is what
I’m talking about. You don’t know people. You don’t know
people, and you’re actually setting me back. I’m fucked up right now. OK. But we’re going to continue. DESUS: It’s called
“The Orville?” Yeah, “The Orville.” It’s about the guy
Orville Roberts, who made– he invented popcorn. [BUZZER] This looks like
when you’re a kid, you wanted “Star Trek”
toys, and then your parents went to the next aisle and got
like, the knockoff “Star Trek.” Yeah! Yeah, like “Star Quest.” “Star Quest,” lovely
fantasy magical toy. DESUS: “You?” [INAUDIBLE] [SCREAMING] Shout out to Netflix just
like, putting no effort into naming their shows. I mean, I can’t disagree
with you on that one. OK. DESUS: “Stumptown.” Yeah, I heard about this. Hey, there. Where’s your daddy, huh? [DOG WHINING] [GROANING] OK, there’s a car crash. Something happens,
she hits her head, and now she has this
weird sexual addiction that she can only have sex with
amputees, hence “Stumptown.” [BUZZER]
MERO: No. [LAUGHTER] Is she Cobie Smulders? Cobie Smulders, who you
might remember from a show that neither of us
ever watched called, “How I Met Your Mother.” I mean, I used
to watch it when they had black people on it. Which was never! How about this one? DESUS: Oh, “Riverdale!” It seems very generic. There’s a lot of white people. This looks like an
Abercrombie in the woods. I don’t usually do this,
but I’m going to call a favor. (YELLING) Yo, Julia!
[BELL RINGING] Huh? We need your like,
super powers here. Oh great. OK, what show is this? Do you guys remember
“Archie” comics? Is this really–
this is Archie? This is a sexy Archie
comic come to life on the CW. Game changer. Archie got hot! Wait, the red-headed
guy is Archie? JULIA: Yeah, that’s Archie. MERO: That’s Archie. Is he Jughead? That’s Jughead! MERO: So who’s that? That’s– It’s another character. [LAUGHTER] You don’t know the name of
the black girl in “Riverdale?” I haven’t watched it,
I just know about it. Oh no, you know
everybody else, but you don’t know
the black girl’s name? [LAUGHTER]
– Cheryl? [BUZZER] I know there’s a
Cheryl in there. Ooh. Do anyone get STDs in it? Jughead definitely
is fucking raw. You can tell. [BELL RINGING] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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