Deutschland, willkommen in Hockey Republik | Besuchen und genießen Sie Košice

Daniel! Sajfa! So we’re in Tabačka. This is like my backyard.
I live around the corner from here. Wow, that’s cool.
So you live in Košice. You like it? Yeah, I love it! So, you know what was made here in Tabačka? Yeah, cigarettes. The winning cigars for the world champions of Slovak national team. That’s a long time ago, right? Yeah, I know. You’re not much better than that. That’s true. Okay. Why don’t we go inside? – Excellent.
– Cool.
– Let’s go. So Daniel, can you please invite the Germans to the World Championship to Košice? So…
To all Germans … Daniel, you have to use this. It was actually mine before. To all Germans, dear compatriots.
Košice is always worth a journey, especially for the Ice Hockey World Championship! Bye!

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