Did Lee Mack skip Prince Harry’s Wedding because of Would I Lie to You?

It’s Lee. Ha-ha! I was genuinely invited to Harry
and Meghan’s wedding today, but I said no, because
I had to come here and do this. David’s team. Why were you invited? Well, that, David,
is as much of a shock to me as it is to you. I’m on the telly. Do you know, for example,
Prince Harry? Or Meghan Markle? Well… I’ve met Prince Harry
and he was very nice and he did say that he was a fan of this show. So he’s definitely seen me,
because I’m on this show. If this is true,
it’s a bit of a blow to me and Rob, because…
Well, this is… Well, I wasn’t invited.
Maybe Rob was as well… I really can’t say. I think we know if Rob was invited,
he would be able to say. LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE Well, this is interesting,
because I want to know if you were invited,
because as soon as I got the invite, I’ve met Prince Harry and I know
he’s a fan of the show so I immediately assumed that you
two had been invited as well. So I went to phone you, and I phoned
you first and I put the phone down. Because I didn’t want to ask in
case you hadn’t been invited. I thought it wouldn’t
be a good idea… It would be a horrible thing
to let slip, wouldn’t it? Yes. It would be a horrible thing to do
to someone under any circumstances, even if it wasn’t in public. So you think he’s going, “OK,
George Clooney, David Beckham, “Oprah Winfrey, Lee.” They didn’t even know my surname! I should point out to people
watching at home that it is the Royal Wedding day today. As we record this,
it happened today, didn’t it? And it was a lovely wedding as well. It brought people
together, didn’t it? And you know what I’m glad about?
I’m glad he wasn’t there. Yes. That would have spoiled it for
me. Oh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Did it come through the post? It went through my agent. So it’s more like a booking. Were they expecting you to do some
of your silly humour or something? Did you have a plus one as well?
Yes, I did. And so your wife was happy
for you to come and do this instead of going to the Royal Wedding? Well, actually, my wife…
My wife couldn’t go anyway. So that was the other
problem as well. And then I thought,
well, “Who would I take?” And I did actually think of one of you two, and I thought,
“That’s going to be more awkward.” So… But then I thought, “Maybe
it’s not awkward if David’s “been invited,” as I suspected,
“and Rob hasn’t. I’ll take Rob.” Then we’re all going. There was a lot of social etiquette,
I was all… I was a mess. That is the other question,
why didn’t… Because the wedding finished… This is the irritating thing.
..at about one. Yes. And then there was a lunch. I got the invite that said
the wedding is going to be at 12 o’clock. And I thought, in my head,
no-one would say 12 o’clock meaning that’s when the wedding is.
That would mean, you know, you turn up at 12 o’clock and then
you go through all the rigmarole of security, blah-blah-blah. And, actually, the wedding
will be at about two. Then you’ve got the actual ceremony,
then you’ve got the meal, I wasn’t going to get here… It’s like when you buy
theatre tickets, the time is just when they think
you should leave home. Lads, I appreciate you’re angry. Yeah. Very angry.
I did… I don’t… I didn’t write the invites. Very angry and very hurt
and very bruised, whether this is true or not. That’s the terrible thing,
because my thought processes have gone down the lines
of it being true, and it feels like I’ve been through it
emotionally, even if I haven’t. OK, time to decide. OK, well… I mean, I think it’s… I’d love it to be true,
but I think it’s unlikely. I wouldn’t. This has been… This has been one of the most
psychologically damaging thought experiments I’ve ever gone through. And, so, I couldn’t… I don’t think I could pronounce
the words “I think this is true.” Oh, I just did… You think it’s true? Are we going to say lie?
I think lie. Lie, we’re going to say lie. I’ve a horrible feeling
in the pit of my stomach… that it’s true. It’s like waiting with a
specialist for a result. Yeah. Ironically, if this is true,
when that moment comes for both of us, it’ll just be a mercy. APPLAUSE So, Lee, tell us.
They think it’s a lie. I pray it’s a lie. It is in fact… true. AUDIENCE GASPS Terrible. Well, I hope that’s the last
question of the evening. How did you keep that a secret?
Thank you for watching… That’s it.
I mean, thank you for watching. Oh, actually, there’s something
else as well. Sorry, I’ve got to tell you this as
well, which is quite important. This is a true story as well.
I was lying. GASPING AND APPLAUSE Look at the smile
on his little face! Look at the little happy face! You’re OK, it’s all right,
all right. Yes, praise be, it was a lie! Of course it was a lie. Lee wasn’t invited,
of course he wasn’t, to Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Do you know what I think?
I think the producers of this show are just trying to turn us against
each other. They’re doing a good job! BUZZER

100 thoughts on “Did Lee Mack skip Prince Harry’s Wedding because of Would I Lie to You?

  1. Britain's so fuckin weird with the monarchy and shit. Am I alone here? It isn't weird that the whole of the population still worships a fucking QUEEN!? Talk about thick.

  2. I would've been a tiny bit upset about not being asked, but if I was asked I'd turn it down. I've got better things to not do than sitting in a room for hours watching two people I dont know get married.

  3. I must admit I have become a bit of a "Would I Lie To You" addict over the last few years. The more I watch it, the more I am convinced to witness comedy history. It is consistently hilarious, due to the concept of course, but more importantly because of the incredible chemistry between Lee, David and Rob (each doted with remarkable talents) who all seem to be able to make anything funny and imaginative, feeding of each other in an intelligent way ! What a gift this show is !!!

  4. It seemed like David was more upset that he wasn't invited than the fact that Lee didn't go because he wanted to be with David and Rob. Usually Lee is so bad at lying, and this seemed so genuine that I think he changed the answer.

  5. Does anyone know the one where Rob asks “Lie, Lee?”, and Lee answers “No, that’s you’re wife” or something in that manner? I can’t recall where I have seen it.

  6. I really think this one is true and he changed it to be nice. Normally when he lies he gets caught up in SOMETHING, but he seemed really relaxed and confident in the answers this time. The part where he says "it went through my agent" is where it sold me. A lot of the lying and the story-telling things start with "Actually…" when he tries to lie about things or divert expectations, but this was very quick and direct and realistic as opposed to when he'd normally say "my wife got it in the post" or "we thought it was a prank at first" or "we werent home and the neighbors picked it up" or something like that.

  7. It was obvious that he was lying when he said his wife couldn't make it to the wedding. Literally every women in England would have chewed through her own arm to get to that wedding.

  8. "It's like waiting with a specialist for a result"
    "Which ironically, if this is true, when that moment comes for both of us, it will just be a mercy" David's bitter delivery is hilarious

  9. Well that was a bit of an evil question, well truth or Lie to make up…Why would you invite Lee anyway…It was always a lie but funny to see David and Rob's faces…

  10. i watched this the first time and ended it before lee changed it to 'false' and so until now i thought that the story was true

  11. The thought of Prince Harry watching this episode after the wedding and feeling guilty for not inviting David makes me smile

  12. Since discovering WILTY about a year or two ago, I would be shocked if there was an episode I haven’t seen.

    All of this to say that this one moment is genuinely the funniest, most suspenseful, possibly most tragic bits of this show.

  13. It's so weird British celebrities can be heart broken by missing out on a royal wedding. FFS It's the equivalent of a Kardashian wedding but with inbreds. They are nothing but a tourist attraction like an art gallery but less interesting.

  14. I really wanted Lee to go "But ACTUALLY there is a thing that I need to clarify because that was, in fact…still a lie!"

  15. I like it when the producers let them do the fake truth/lie reveal. That's the second time I've seen Lee Mack do it. The other time was even funnier, iirc.

  16. You can tell that David was genuinely upset because he screwed up his joke about starting times with the reference to the theater. Lee's point was that he was uncertain about when the wedding would be over, and not about when it was actually starting.

  17. Mitchell actually looks genuinely upset.There's not one second where you can see any glint of amusement in his eyes all the way through. You can tell when someone is pretending for the laughs. I don't see that at all.

  18. It’s funny watching David and Rob start off by laughing and then slowly they both descend into unhinged madness with anticipation!

  19. David's reaction made me so mad. All those joke about class clearly were not completely jokes. He is not Lee's friend. A true friend would have been glad for him, not jealous and certainly not glad it was not true. That he would think it wrong that Lee should be invited rather than he is arrogant. Who does he think he is.

  20. You can actually see David's eyes glistening with tears at @5:39
    Wow, this was pretty emotional for the lads I guess!

  21. Just watched this after David's clip of saying he secretly messes with Victoria's bookmarks while she's sat next to him. Suddenly Lee's "I think the producers of the show are trying to turn us against each other" seems more accurate than first thought!

  22. Why would they be so hurt about being invited to the royal wedding? They're a bunch of rich aristocrats who haven't done a damn thing for the power and wealth they have – going to their wedding would dishonor the attendees by legitimizing them at all. It's a shame they seem to actually think the monarchy has any value.

  23. I honestly believe that he told the truth. If he was making it up it would have involved a fleet of doves delivering it to his post box.

  24. Mack showing his smarts yet again, he mentions inviting Rob instead of David as this would give away whether David was invited or not. They could dive into why Lee's wife couldn't go.

  25. From now on ,expect inappropriate jokes Lee Mack. When run out of steam and creativity,some deluded people join cults, instead of enjoying a peaceful life. People,I'm guessing in the near future will be a show called"Lee Mack will fix it".

  26. He’s obviously lying because there is a protocol for all guests at a royal wedding that they have to arrive before the queen . And if he got one he would have known

  27. What's funny is that he was probably telling to truth. But after seeing how angry and heartbroken they were, he lied about it not being true.

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