Did This New Coronavirus Come From Bats? Here’s What We Know

By now, you’ve probably heard of the coronavirus
that’s traveling the globe. The disease it’s causing, known as COVID-19,
and the virus itself, known as SARS-COV-2, know no borders. And we’re still trying to grasp where it
will end up next. So far, we know that the outbreak originated
in Wuhan, China—but as of yet, how the outbreak began hasn’t been solved. We’ve heard seafood, snakes, and a whole
host of conspiracy theories surrounding the virus’s origin, but it seems that preliminary
evidence may be pointing to an all-too-familiar source: bats. When you look at the genetic sequence of the
virus, you can line it up against every other known coronavirus and say, ‘what are its closest
relatives?’ It turns out that there are two viruses, one
in particular that we found in China a few years ago, that’s extremely closely related:
about 96% of the genetic sequence lines up with this new virus. That virus came from bats. So that’s really why people believe it’s a
bat-origin virus. And this isn’t the first time bats have
been identified as the potential source of an outbreak. In fact, studies have found that bats host
a much higher proportion of zoonotic viruses than any other mammal, making them disease
reservoirs. Viruses that cause Ebola, SARS, and MERS are
all zoonotic, meaning they can cross from animals to humans. To better understand these zoonotic viruses,
Daszak and his team have worked to sample more than 10,000 bats in Southern China and
most significantly, detected over 500 new coronaviruses in the past ten years. Now, in order to understand how SARS-COV-2
could potentially cross between species, researchers are looking at it on a cellular level. When we find Coronaviruses in bats in China,
we analyze the proteins on the surface of those viruses and say, ‘are they able to bind
to human cells?’, and humans have cell surface receptors that viruses need to be able to
bind to get in. And some of these bat viruses don’t; some
of them do. So probably this novel coronavirus, already
had that protein that could bind. Then it needs to successfully replicate. So how exactly can bats harbor all these viruses
and not be affected? The answer could be in how bats evolved to
fly. Bats are the only mammal capable of flying
long distances, and use a tremendous amount of energy to do so. But a byproduct of these high energy demands
is believed to be an increased number of free radicals in cells, which in turn can damage
a bat’s DNA. So to overcome these harmful effects, it seems
that bats have evolved genes to dampen their immune response, so they don’t over-react
to free radical damage caused by flight. Bats have a unique adaptation of their immune
system which allows them to harbor viruses without these viruses causing any diseases.There’s
a lot of influenza viruses out there. And we harbor a quite a few of them. They cause us no harm. And bats do exactly the same. And is only after spillover to humans that
some of these viruses can cause illness in us. So while the bats may not get sick, when viruses
make the jump to species without the same immune strength, like say, a human, mortality
rates can be high. Environmental threats like deforestation could
add to the animals’ stress levels, causing them to shed more virus through their saliva,
urine, and feces, which can later infect other mammals. So in these spillover events like the current
coronavirus, a lot of focus often gets driven towards which species is responsible. But really, really important is to understand
that it’s about the construct that we’ve created an environment where humans are suddenly in
contact with a lot of wildlife species in close quarters. And so this creates an environment where viruses
can spill over. Bats may be the hosts to these viruses, but
we can’t forget the crucial role that they play in regulating insect populations and
as important pollinators, with many plants depending on them for their survival and propagation. Some of your favorite fruits like mangos,
bananas, or guava wouldn’t exist if bats weren’t here. I really hope people don’t start getting a
more negative view of bats, but just because they’re unlucky enough to carry some of these
viruses. Remember, our relationship with wildlife is
what allows those viruses to get in. So let’s think about that and change our relationship
with wildlife. If you want to learn more about COVID-19,
check out our video here. And if there’s another aspect of COVID-19
that you want to see us cover, let us know in the comments below. Make sure to subscribe to Seeker for all your
viral news. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next

72 thoughts on “Did This New Coronavirus Come From Bats? Here’s What We Know

  1. WRONG! it's a commie bio weapon. https://greatgameindia.com/indian-scientists-discover-coronavirus-engineered-with-aids-like-insertions/

  2. Kinda dodging the real problem here, Seeker. Those viruses may originate from wildlife contact, but the story is much worse than that.
    Real problem is our way of life: big cities, heavy domestication of everything, stupidly high densities of humans. Remember, new diseases can come even from viruses already in us. We're food, available to me taken, and even with our different e ethnicities, were not much dissimilar between each other. Just like a crop can get ravaged by a disease because of the farming method, we get these diseases because we're organized "wrongly".
    Human species didn't evolve to be in big concentrations (by the way our natural energetic consumption demand highly evolved ecosystems to house us), neither living sedentary, depressive, senseless lives. Not only we provide great petri dish material, we've been dumping our immune system capabilities, worse and worse. Its just a matter of time until something breaks and we get booted. Deservedly so.

  3. It didnt come from bats or snakes, thats all a lie. It came from a lab in Wuhan and because of some flaw in their system it got out.

  4. Great vid as always but I hope if you can make interview with health administrators to help us do somethings in our community

  5. Why does everyone ignore the study from Beijing talking about the Wuhan CDC studying bats with coronavirus, and the scientists getting bitten and peed on by bats, as well as getting bat blood on themselves, and quarantining themselves for just 2 weeks.

  6. Hi, I wanted to know if it’s possible for people who have recovered from COVID-19 to get the disease again?

  7. Imagine if the virus was made just so we could solve multiple world problems as once, but mostly for global warming

  8. Asian people need to understand that not everything is food, especially bats! Why just friggin why would you want to eat a damm bat!!?

  9. I don't think bats, to be honest, it must be Bioweapon from China. If you still like everything "made in China" , you will end up control by China. Think everyone should wake up now. Lastly, made in China virus last for life time

  10. If these people didn't eat everything that walks and crawls we would have less of this , also they need to get rid of those wet market's

  11. Why nobody talking about five gi ? probably bcz things like" town in china was first where was lunched and the symptoms that are the same " are to obvious to be true

  12. Hum bat soup you say but the someone hide their crimes e.g. Soros, wanted bioweapon from Canada and convince China to reduce its population via UN Agenda 21. So maybe it was cooked up in some testy bat soup and just maybe scientists who know about bats helped to bring about a crime against humanity.

  13. Pangolin. It was a Pangolin that had the virus. This is already been proven and documented. Yet the internet has decided that isn't thrilling enough, so bats get the short stick again.

  14. It's not an issue of blaming bats, it's about avoiding that it came from idiots in china that thought eating bat soup was a cool trend to participate in.

  15. all major viruses came from bats ebola, zika, sars, corona. its high time eliminate the bats completely from the ecosystem at whatever cost it may be because human lives are of outmost importance. i am willing to sacrifice my favourite fruits and deal with certain insects than loose my loved ones😭😭😭

    edit:- to get the virus from the bats you don't necessarily need to eat bats. bats saliva, excreta, fruits they consume also carry those viruses. other animals like civets, pigs might end up consuming them and spread the virus.

  16. Wet markets are the biggest problem that simply won't go away. We need to push the message out to these areas and teach people that these animals are filled with desease and teach them these are the causes of virus outbreaks and they are patient zero with no chance of support as they would be the first to die from it. Make people understand to not buy these animals.
    Kill the demand and you kill the supply

  17. The reason they eat everything is because they have so much people and not enough food that’s it and that’s not because they like in this shit is because no choice. Plus I don’t believe in that, I think it’s a human made virus…

  18. And what about pangolin situation? It seems that they have a Corona virus genetically closer than the one from bats. Can you make a video about that?
    Thank you 🙏

  19. Please watch the Joe Rogan interview with the CDC!!!! It jumped from bats to a pangolin please get it right! The interview outlines how bad this is all going to get. 6-8 million possible deaths this year. It mentions carbon dating, they know it was transferred in late November from a bat to a pangolin to a human in the wet markets and the human possibly had a cut. COVID-19 is 14-20 worst than the seasonal flu and more contagious. If you have pets don't kiss their face they can also spread it. Everyone stay safe. If you are young this won't affect you as bad so please be respectful and don't spread it to vulnerable people with ignorance. We are all in this together ❤ 💜 ♥ 💛 💙 💕 ❤ 💜 ♥

    Joe Rogan Podcast

    This interview also kills a lot of misinformation going around.

    Another great interview here:



  20. I read from the intependent, that some countries now believe that Covid 19 comes from Fort Dertrick USA, Anyone got more info about this? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/virus-biological-us-army-weapons-fort-detrick-leak-ebola-anthrax-smallpox-ricin-a9042641.html

  21. Please make a video for how near are we for producing virus vaccine and what are various testing going around the world for producing vaccine.

  22. This virus didn't come from eating bats, it was the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation they helped developing it & had a patent for it a couple years ago.

  23. the flu isn't deadly, stupidity is-OBVIOUSLY! You think toilet paper is gonna protect you from what is really going on? GEt educated people and stop allowing distractions to prevent you from seeing what's going on. Election year, for one thing…remember SARS, EBOLA, Zika? etc…etc…duh… look at this https://www.electricsense.com/5g-coronavirus/
    what if…just what if…what if this freaking race to 5G was a catalyst to drive someone..some country to kill their people inadvertently? there were 10,000 antennas erected when the flu became rampant. Get educated and say NO to the distractions. Even these freaking YT videos who say, "here's what we know…" bull crap. look at that link then you decide, while you still have a choice. God bless America that we still have choices, RIGHT NOW.

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