Did Trevor Noah prank call as Nelson Mandela? – Would I Lie to You?: Series 9 Episode 6 – BBC One

[Trevor] [your] first up tonight. [I] Used to call strangers on the telephone and convinced them that they were talking to Nelson Mandela David’s Tea why Because everyone loves Nelson Mandela Is it I mean how often did Nelson Mandela cold call people? We were selling anything as nelson Mandela [no], no, no just it was it was a pretend to be nelson Mandela Joined his [telly] [sales] [all] right How did you start the conversation sir fine barnes of the phone hello, [and] you say next Wanted to thank you for fighting our cans bad things I? Know since I’ll give it Who did you target anymore anybody who I just dialed numbers on the phone? But [rather] [the] random number. Yeah, it was just you know What was your what was your hit rate on there for people who believed it was nelson Mandela and didn’t a hundred percent Really, but everyone how many did you try? Is it just Richard now? Yeah was fairly convincing. I haven’t let the people know at the end you go. [I-it’s] not [Nelson] [Mandela] No, no, because that would crush them How [would] you know when to end the conversation as nelson Mandela with this unsuspecting? Gullible hopefully stranger well they would think I’m nelson mandela, and then initially its wow and then then I guess the next thing becomes Why are you calling? And then after then they start asking questions, [or] what are you up to and then you go no, and what are you wearing? No, we’re not sure to gain are you nelson? That shit, but what if you’d called what if you’d called an apartheid Friendly white [Africana]? Feel the tension in the room if you don’t [light] em to turn before [be] calling me obvious Hello, who am I speaking to you’re talking to tobias cruelty? See some of my best work We’re just glad [he’s] someone else other than Ronnie Corbett frigerator Who is this that is talking to me versus Nelson Mandela what? Where are you? I’m free Are you sure you’re not Morgan Freeman? That movie hasn’t come out yet Well, do you know what I’ve always been pro apartheid? But this frank exchange of views with you has really turned me the other way. [I] wish you all the very best and to you 40 thing could this be trying to [tow] you think it’s true. Yeah, I’m thinking it’s true as well. Yeah You’re saying true. We’re going true. Saint Stephanie saying right Trevor truth, or lie true

100 thoughts on “Did Trevor Noah prank call as Nelson Mandela? – Would I Lie to You?: Series 9 Episode 6 – BBC One

  1. I've seen Trevor plenty of times to know why he looks so tired and is so mellow in this clip. He must be working extra hours, look at those eyes!
    (I wouldnt get near him if I was a bag of cheetos)
    Still fun as hell

  2. Traver is so unfunny here because he is sitting amongst most funniest people in the world, so for it he is nothing.

  3. Trevor you are an amazing talent, funny very intelligent person of Africa, telling the truth with a humor on different aspect of human life e.g. politics, social etc. May God bless every part of your life .

  4. "Are you sure you aren't Morgan Freeman?"
    "That movie hasn't come out yet."

    I nearly choked from laughter. xD

  5. Trevor Noah pretended to be a dying Nelson Mandela on the phone to an American woman back in the 90s.

    And now we have the so called Nelson Mandela effect.

  6. Trevor Noah is cut out of the same piece of shit as was Nelson Mandela's wife! He came here from South Africa to make an ass of himself. Should bed deported back to South Africa in a small matchbox.

  7. Trevor " Hello this is nelson mandela"

    Nelson mandela angrily into the phone " NO, THIS is Nelson mandela"

    Trevor " –NELSON MENDELA"

  8. Trevor for president. So true. He would be outright the best president we could ever have, but unfortunately they would never elect him. Cause in South Africa they cannot afford to have an intelligent, intellectual president as they would not be able to manipulate him. That's the unfortunate truth.

  9. Nelson Mandela is a legend. A president that REALLY loved his nation and people and not the citizens money like in all nations today.

  10. Trevor Noah is brilliant. I would have loved to receive one of those calls 😀😀😂😂 im freee

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