Did We Really Just Stump Fashion Queen Camila Coelho with a Beauty Product? | Expensive Taste Test

– Cheese bread. (screams three times) Hoo, hoo, hoo! I know my cheese bread, honey. (classical music plays) Hi, guys, it’s Camila Coehlo, and I’m here to play the
Expensive Taste Test. So they’re gonna place two
items in this table for me, and I have to decide which
one I think is more expensive. I hope do well, I’m very
competitive. (laughs) (light jazz music plays) This is gonna be hard. (laughs) So we have two silk face masks. One is probably not silk. It’s probably satin. Whoa, you guys are good. They both feel very soft. Oh, God. I’m gonna say, although this doesn’t look more expensive, to me, looking at it,
this looks more expensive. But touching it and feeling it, although the finish as well doesn’t look very expensive here, but touching it, this
feels more expensive. I think it’s all about
the feeling here, right, and not the looks? Shouldn’t I put it on? (light electronic music plays) Feels good on. Guys, what do you think? Kinda tight. This one. (chime dings) (screams) (light jazz music plays) I’m really excited right now because I have cheese bread on this table. It’s like one of my
favorite things to eat. It’s very Brazilian. I’m hungry, first of all, so I’m definitely gonna
eat and enjoy both, but one is more expensive. By looking at it, from my experience, I’m gonna have to try it too, of course. Usually, the bigger cheese breads, they are more like homemade,
like homemade style. This is so exciting, ha. Mmmm, oh my God, so good. Mmmm, hmmm, so happy right now. Cheesy and good, okay. Very good too, but I would
say this more homemade-ish, which probably would be more expensive. Am I right? (chime dings) Yes! I know my cheesy bread, honey. (light jazz music plays) I’m not a huge water
drinker, which I should be. I really hope I get this right. The blue one. Tastes like water. (laughs) Oh my God, this one,
is the most expensive. Bottled? The taste of it is much better. It tastes more, like, fresh and clean. Am I wrong? (chime drings) Ahh! Like right away, I felt it. (light jazz music plays) I love bikinis, I’m obsessed. Love going to the beach,
so I hope I get this right. Gonna touch the fabrics. Let’s look at the finishes too. Kinda two different fabrics,
but it’s a hard one. I’m gonna say this is
the most expensive one. (buzzer sounds) No? What? Oh my gosh. I did really bad at this,
and I should know better. Come on, I design clothes. It really shows us that sometimes, a $30 piece is worth buying because it could look expensive, so that’s a good side of it. (laughs) (light jazz music plays) All right, I have two face
rollers in front of me. I use them a lot, I love them, and I’ve owned like cheaper ones and because I do a lot
of pressure on my face, they end up breaking,
almost like poking me. Like you know, the thing, this comes off. By looking at it, this
one definitely looks more like it has more resistance. And this one. I’m gonna say that this
one is more expensive. (chime dings) (makes blowing air sound) (light jazz music plays) So we have gummy bears and I know you guys are
gonna think I’m crazy, but I don’t eat gummy bears. It’s just like the texture, so I don’t know what it’s gonna
taste like, but let’s see. (laughs) What’s the flavor? It’s actually good. Never thought I would judge a gummy bear. They’re so cute. Takes a while. I’m guessing the easier it is to eat, the more expensive it is. Let’s see the other one. Oh, hi. I’m gonna get this one wrong. They taste different. This one I like more. This one tastes a bit more like medicine, so I’m gonna go with this. I dunno. (chime dings) Ahhh! (light jazz music plays) Whoa, these are bold lashes, honey. Should I put it on? Hi. This one is like going all out. You know that night you wanna
just get all the attention in the room? (upbeat pop music plays) They’re very bold, both of them, and lemme try to feel the hair. Oh, wait. I hope I get this right. This one is very, like, clean, the hair, like as if you put, you know,
a treatment oil on your hair. This is one like dry hair, you know? (sighs) I would say this is more expensive? (buzzer sounds) Come on. No. (light jazz music plays) Brushes, brushes, I’m
obsessed with brushes. I use them all the time for everything. And I should get this right. I hope I do. So we have two synthetic brushes. Those brushes that you put,
you know, liquid stuff with, like foundation, concealer. (upbeat music plays) I have a similar brush to this. Like this feels very soft,
but this is more dense, so I can’t feel like the
same way how soft it is, but both are very soft. Because of the finish of the brushes I would say this is more expensive. (chime dings) Yes! Hoo, hoo, hoo. I knew that I’m good at my brushes. (light jazz music plays) Okay, I can open them up? I need to feel them. The stitching. (light pop music plays) I mean, looking at it, this
looks more expensive to me. Yeah. Oh my gosh, I hope I’m right. The jean on this one feels more expensive. What’s the price difference? (laughs) This one. (chime dings) I’m right? Yes! Hoo, hoo, hoo. I know my fabrics. I had so much fun playing this game. Actually, I really wanted to
play it for a long time now, so I’m really happy to be here. I think that I did a good job. I mean, I got two wrong out of nine, so that’s good right? (laughs) So thank you so much for watching my “Cosmo” Expensive Taste Test. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Please leave me comments down below. I wanna know what you thought about it, if I rocked it, if I did really bad. And make sure to subscribe and check out my Camila Coehlo collection. I’ll see you guys soon. (upbeat pop music plays)

40 thoughts on “Did We Really Just Stump Fashion Queen Camila Coelho with a Beauty Product? | Expensive Taste Test

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  2. I remember her from her first videos like, a thousand years ago with no rhinoplasty haha she's still gorgeous tho

  3. Something about those bikinis!! I think you gotta change them cause no one is getting the right answer 😂

  4. Camila you are a inspiration let's take a mintue to appreciate everything you do you need work out lol😂🙏 please could you show how I should work out

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