DIL’S BOWLING DESTRUCTION – Dan and Phil Play: Sims 4 #40

P: Hello DanAndPhilGames – D: *hi-yAH* hi – P: bowling pins! P: What does that noise have to do with bowling? D: I dunno? P: I was going for a bowling theme; you gotta go *mimes rolling a bowling ball* D: ‘Cuz we’re gonna strike you down – P: Wait wait *choo* D: – with the wrath of judgement ‘cuz you’ve all sinned. P: I’m trying – *laugh* P: I’m trying to do a bowling strike noise with my mouth D: *immitates a bowling strike* P: … no, that was a helicopter exploding P: *gasp* *pshhhhhhhhhhhhhh* P: It’s really hard! Try it at home – if you’re just sat there – D: I was doing, like, an ex – the *stuttering* the – WHATEVER, it’s hard. P: – in front of a computer P: Try it! P: Anyway – we’re playing the sims. There’s a bowling pack! P: Which I thought – D: Where the HELL is this???
P: – might be fun. P: It’s – D: I’m looking at the world right now. P: We’re on the world. P: Uh – the bowling alley isn’t here yet; we have to place it wherever we want to put it. D: We choose? – Well, I mean. Oasis – Willow Creek is a bit full, isn’t it? P: Yeah – I think it’s in Oasis Springs anyway. D: Can we just, like, click on Eliza Pancake’s house, and then replace it with a bowling alley? P: *laughs* We’ll just drop the bowling alley on her bed. D: yeah that would work P: No – I think we’ve got to put it in Oasis Springs, ‘cuz it’s called something like “Oasis Springs Bowling Park” – D: I seeeeeeeee. P: – or something like that. P: So. If you click the *says “gallery” in a fancy accent* – you have to say “gallery” like that ‘cuz it’s a posh word. D: The gallery! P: The gALLERY! P: It’s there! “Oasis Springs DUST BOWL”!!!! D: Cooool. P: Ohmygod. Yes. D: “Place lot.” D: *reading from screen* Is it a miracle? No! It’s an oasis of affordable entertainment! Both: Yeah!! P: It says “mirage” not “miracle”. D: does the weird mouth thing that they do whenever something dumb happens* D: Dan can’t read. P: *laughing* Dan can’t read. D: Is the text to mirage? Apparently. P: Probably. P: I think we should put it there. P: *reading* Dusty Turf. D: Arid RIdge or Dusty Turf? P: I mean, you want to be close to the lake – in case you want a little dip. D: So – what does it mean that there’s a bowling alley in the Sims? It’s basically like a museum or a gym or something. P: It’s – a place where you can go to –
make your Sims have fun, to meet a potential mate. P: *close-up* Mate’s a weird word. A – partner, a friend – D: Who? – Frickin’ – goes to meet anyone at a BOWLING ALLEY?? P: I don’t know? P: Well it’s here now- D: It’s – it’s a place you go with people you KNOW to – P: Okay. D: – to do a very specific activity. D: Which for US will be the, the Howlter family with their new CHILD!!! P: Yeah!! D: Child Dab. P: Let’s jump in! D: So if we hover over the Pancakes right now… P: There’s the – D: There’s the – yup, little Evan’s there. P: I love that it’s default thing is the one with the hat. D: *laughs* Is that weird hat. P: Yeah. P: It’s like a llama-monkey hybrid. P: A lunkey. P: OH! And we’re joining *laughter* Tabitha on the toilet. D: *laughing* What a great thing to resume on. P: Is this a theme? Were we not joining Bob on the toilet last time we were on here? D: Okay so Dab’s just helping himself to cake. You do that! P: Dil- D Don’t let anybody stop you! P: Typical dad has just stolen the tablet off him. D: Yeah. D: That – that was not for you. P: When I first got my iPhone, my dad just had Angry Birds on it all the time. D: *constipated* D: *fake crying* Domestic dreams! P: Ahhhh!!!!! P: So, before they go to bed the first thing I thought we could do is give Dab some clothes of our choosing? D: Yeeeeeessss. P: I think he’s the age where he could choose what he wears. P: So I think we should- D: I think definitely! P: -dress him up. D: I mean, that’s just terrible parenting if they’re letting him have cake on the bed. D: There’s just gonna be crumbs everywhere.
P: So many crumbs. D: That’s just a nightmare.
P: Yeah, and then there’s the ants, and then there’s the cockroaches, and the- D: Did Dil just- P: wombats. D: – throw that tablet onto the table? Both: *pretending to be Dil* D: I don’t need this anymore – BAM. P: Don’t need it! P: Right, let’s dress him up! D: Plan outfiterino – social level 3 of Dab there! Wow, that’s higher than both of us. P: Why is he tense? D: He’s tense ’cause he needs to – uh, from a scary toy? P: Oh! P: When I was a kid I had a toy that –
flames came out of the mouth? You had to, like, P: rub it back and actual sparks came out of its mouth. I don’t think that would be allowed nowadays. D: Okay, yeah, so not flames but sparks- P: Sparks! D: Yeah but sti- still like, like – P: Like fire! D: – like the lighter spark- P: Yeah. *at the same time* D: generator. P: If a caveman had one of those – *still at the same time* P: – it would’ve created a fire. D: If you were playing one of those in a dry forest – P: Yeah. D: – you’d cause a hazard! P: Watch out. D: Don’t – play in dry forests people. P: *singing* Fireman Dan! P: Anyway. D: Damn right. P: I was secretly thinking he looks a little bit too brown my liking. D: Nooo, that’s his normal valid outfit. We can’t do that. P: Okay- well let’s make him a different outfit then. D: Oh, so I see! That is his SLEEP outfit, right – P: OH! I thought that was his everyday outfit! D: So – well, no, that’s kind of – UNLIKE Dil, who walks around in bunny slippers In The Day- P: Yeah. D: – Dab knows that that’s kind of more of a bedtime thing, so that’s that. P: I think it should be an everyday thing. D: Let’s see what his party outfit is, as well as swimwear. D: Party. P: Party! UH? D: I mean – that is fancy. P: That is so fancy. D: That is – D: – That is, y’know, he could turn up – your grandma would approve- *same time* D: – of that outfit. P: I wish I could pull off a pink vest and a orange cardigan- P: – but alas, no. D: Athletic – with the beanie. P: He’s got a beanie?! *same time* P: He’s – that’s cool! D: He’s look- lookin’ pretty swag, ‘kay D: Formal, I mean- P: Wow! D: Dab- Dab is stylish; dunno what to say to you. P: SO styled. D: … uNTIL we get to the everyday. D: Uhhh… P: *laughing* That’s- that’s, like- P: That’s an interesting look. D: *snorts* *same time* P: As far as looks go. D: That hat is terrifying! P: Yeah. D: It’s like *scary sound effect* BAH BABABA BAH BAHHHHH P: *as the hat* I WANT YOUR SOUL, DABBY P: I think we to change that. D: His lips are very pouty. P: They are! D: He could be a- a Jenner, or a Kardashian *duckface* P: He’s got that from Tabitha! D: So- obviously, it needs to be replaced *phil laughter* with tHIS PUMPKIN! P: I didn’t know we had that?! D: Right, so- uh, okay- P: Spooky week. D: – are we – are we feeling like his everyday outfit should include a hat? Both: No. D: ‘Cuz look- P: I think he could have outfit two with the hat. D: Look at that fabulous hair. P: Yeah. D:We can’t change that. P: Rock the hair. Right, what- D: *snorts* P: Oh my God, the unicorn t-shirt. D: I mean, I’m very- I’m gonna have a very hard time not picking that. P: This is a whole world of child’s clothing that we’ve not seen yet! D: They designed sooooo many clothes- P: Awww! D: It’s crazy! P: Is that Happy Tree Friends? I don’t trust it. D: Nice reference from – 2004. P: You can make references that are old, Dan! D: “Official Sims Camp Expansion” merch. P: I’m not sure about that – it looks like some kind of lost initiative. D: There- there’s something happening there. *same time* P: YES – D: there’s a llama and a bear –
P: That is my aesthetic. D: Is that- d’ya like that? Is that good? P: Uh- I quite like the robot t-shirt as well. D: A bee. An owl. What is- all of these are awesome! P: They’re all so good! *same time* D: Okay, we have to pick one of them. P: I want to own this wardrobe! P: Aesthetic rose. D: Wow that’s very now, Dab. Go you. P: It’s kind of bleeding though. It’s a bit scary. P: Oh, I love the fish! D: The fish? P: It’s representing Susan 2 D: Shout out to all the pets. P: Yeah D: it’s very important. Some distressed jeans. P: Nice! D: Free the knee Dab P: I wasn’t allowed distressed jeans when I was a child D: Okay so P: That’s gonna rip open P: Why would you want something already broken? D: Wow. P: Just revealing all my issues right now D: So Dab D: I think when he’s a teen he can start looking like a stereotypical art student ’cause that’s who he is D: He’s the arty guy, but as a child, what’s like a midway point? That’s pretty cool! P: Red jeans? D: Yeah, it’s got to come like a continuation of the fish yeah and some monster slippers P: incredible D: There we go. P: Yes D:That’s pretty cool P: Perfect D: Then it’s like halfway. P: Styled well D: You could be a stylist Phil. P: Thank you. D: Right, so even though It’s technically like 1 a.m. or whatever I feel like ’cause it’s the start of the video. P: The transformation of the day! D: Who’s next? P: The one in the middle. He looks too confident D: You’re standing out, Leaf. It’s time to go P: You should have worn glasses like everyone else. And today’s transformation of the day is: D: Today’s transformation OF the day D: is… P: What is that? D: I swear to god, every time! P: What are all these random things? D: Give us a plasma screen TV! P: Please! D: Maybe because there’s no area, it can’t turn it into anything good. P: Oh, it’s just making small things. D:I think this is a D: Spice box duo P: It’s a box of spices. Okay… D:Okay–we don’t even have space for that anywhere P: Can we do anything with that? P: Wow, what a waste of a day D: But should we keep that should we sell it like what should we do? P: Let’s just keep it D: Okay, I’m going to space them out so that they can all turn into gigantic mansions or cars, or something. P: Well now aliens are definitely going to arrive if you’re doing that. This is like a beacon to them. D: We should spell out like, “What up, alien buds?” P: Come visit. We’ve got popcorn—Is Dab in their bed? D: Aw, Dab, that’s kind of cute P: What’s Tabs going to do? Right, get out. I know you had a scary dream, but you can’t go there. D: Oh they’re doing it. They’re playing musical bed. Dil has gone out, Tabitha’s in. P: What’s Dab doing? D: Dab is Blair Witch Projecting in the corner P: He’s very scared D: Oh dad’s gone to sleep on the bench outside D: That’s kind of sad. What a good dad. P: Let’s see if Dab will go to actual bed. D: “Talk to the monster under the bed.” P: Oh my God D: “Ask to SPRAY the monster that—” What? D: Let’s talk to him first, like what is going on right now? P: Hello monster. It’s a good call though P: I used to try and talk to the monster under my bed. It’s just to be like I’m a friendly guy P: You don’t need to eat me D: Dab was unsuccessful In his attempt to communicate with the monster under the bed it looks like it doesn’t to be friends. D: What the hell is this P: Look at it’s hand! D: That looks terrifying! Okay, let’s ask—Oh D: Is that like, “Please get rid of it with a spray?” D: “Talk” P: Let’s try again. D: “Yell at the monster under the bed”, maybe P: Okay. Let’s see if this works. D: You have an ugly green hand. I don’t have time for this. D: I’m a creative genius in the making D: Please get out from my premises P: The Blair Witch would laugh if it looked at you D: What? Dab has discovered that something D: strange is currently living under his bed. P: Well—Oh my God, he’s here! D: *screams* what the frick is that? D: Oh my D: Wait, is that Imaginary or is that actually happening? P: I think that’s actually happening. To me, that looks like tentacles and tentacles is a very strange choice D: What the hell? P: I’m scared. I did not think it would be a tentacle monster. D: Tabitha, you need to get up and you need to Spray the monster under the bed. P: We need Sims Ghostbusters. D: Yeah, there she is giving it a good spray P: *laughs* I love that she’s just got this monster spray. D: A bit of febreze right there get away smelly monster D: Mommy’s here P: The monsters are no more P: He won’t go to sleep now because of the monster. D: Come on. D: Oh he’s feeling happy now? Okay. And there we go bed quest achieved. P: Contently sleeping above the tentacles P: *singing* Morning has broken P: *singing* Dil’s on a log D: How was that sleep, Dil? P: That looked like it would hurt your back. You know when you went to a friend’s house? P: They have no mattress or anything you just have to sleep on the floor? D: Oh, terrible times honestly sleepovers. The older you get. P: So much pain in the morning. D: I remember what we were like what the hell. I’m so uncomfortable D: I wish I was just asleep right now P: One friend P: just gave me a hoodie to sleep on, just like a hoodie as a pillow and P: A blanket at the same time I just wrapped it around my head and hated my life D: End that friendship P: Dil, who have you been possessed by and why are you doing press ups? D: At 7:00 a.m. P: Yeah! D: Yes, I am the new Dil! P: Imagine rolling off a log and then doing 20 press ups. I cannot imagine anything D: He should be like, “[Meh], I hurt.” P: So it’s a good thing, actually, ’cause it’s a Sunday. P: So that means they can go bowling D: Funday P: Sunday Funday! What’s a hearty meal you can eat before a bowling adventure? D: Why doesn’t father serve some dank D: [brekarini], which is something that people don’t want me to ever say again P: [Brekarini] P: If he was a good father he would do a bowling alley themed snack because my grandma used to always cut me up P: Apples and cover them in sugar based on the activity we were going to do together. D: WHAT? P: Yes! D: That’s amazing! P: Sugared apples D: I wish– Sure, yeah, ’cause apples need more sugar, don’t they? P: She literally emptied half a bag of sugar onto them D: Honestly, we knew nothing about like nutrition. Don’t need plates where I’m going P: Tungsten Chef— he’s the max cooking skill! D: He’s the MAX level? Both: WHAT? P: Look at that, that’s the first time we’ve ever had that D: He’s doing flips and shit! P: That’s so exciting. What does that mean? D: I don’t know P: He can do a tuna casserole. D: Oh my God P: Is that the limit of [cheffing]? A tuna casserole? D: He can cook a gourmet meal now. P: He could do that before D: Oh, well shut up. P: We can get rid of the highchair now, burn it. D: Oh yeah! I mean we can sell that P: The image of a burning highchair is quite disturbing, actually. D: Yes. I think we can whack out the other one. P: What is that? D: What is this? A chemistry lab? P: When did we get that? P: Is that part of Dil’s work? D: I think it must be P: Oh my God. Evan’s got a mini chemistry lab so P: This is like the adult version. D: Why did the sink just explode? P: Oh everything was going so well. Why would it just explode? Get Dab to fix it D: I hate– okay yeah let’s—” P: Child labor D: Can he? P: No D: He can replace it apparently you can spend a hundred simoleons of your parents’ money P: Let’s just replace it, it’s awful D: Replace P: There we go D: Well let’s just do that every time something needs fixing. P: They’re having such a weird meal right now P: They’re all stood up D: Who stands? Guys you have a breakfast bar freaking use it P: Sit down. D: Okay, so it’s 10:00. They’re all feeling good. P: I mean, I think it’s time for some bowling fun. Family bowling adventure D: [Beginoo] D: Oasis Springs Dust Bowl. Either they didn’t make it— Oh, we could P: Oh could we invite the Pancakes? D: Oh, no, it’s just Dil I mean we— can we? Let’s see D: Do we know Dab— P: Is he close enough to Evan? D: I mean is he close enough to any of the Pancakes after what happened? P: Eliza, Evan… D: He could invite them. Should we? P: Yeah, let’s do it, alright. D: Okay. Let’s take Eliza. D: Joffrey Landgrab Dan accidentally clicked on, Tabitha and Dab. Click. How about I accidentally invited Erica Pendleton? P: Oh, no. D: She’s gonna come in. P: She’s gonna bash Dil’s face in with a bowling ball. D: Oasis Springs Dust Bowl P: Oh my God it looks amazing! P: Look at all the shoe racks! D: No bowling alley I’ve ever been to looks like this. P: It’s like a horrible stinky locker D: That just smells of smelly feet and spilled coke P: Bowling alleys always have a specific smell D: They do P: I wonder if it’s got this smell. D: I think it’s like feet and balls as a smell D: Who is this that works there? Both: Braden. P: Where’s the DDR machine? D: Literally, I like I came here to play Time Crisis, not to bowl. P: What’s up here then? Toilet… D: Zest Johnny. P: Alright, Zest. D: Just funkin’ it up in front of that arrow. Whoo! P: Did he just come on his own? That’s really upsetting. P: You know my brother worked at a bowling alley for work experience? D: Really? P: Yeah, you have to dress up as “Marshall the Dog”. D: Oh no, he had to be a mascot? P: Yeah, he was the dog D: That’s so funny. D: Enable moonlight bowling. P: Oh my God. Both: WHOA P: That is amazing! D: We’re Riverdale branding now. All right let’s bowl together P: But where’s the Pancakes? D: Maybe they’re coming Phil. I mean we traveled from the same house. P: All right, let’s do it then. D: They’ve got their own family plans. You know how it is. P: This is exciting. Are they going to get their shoes? D: Let’s see how realistic this is, the sims bowling simulator P: Yeah, like, what’s actually going to happen? D: They’re walking in they magically got their shoes on P: Oh! D: I wish. P: That’s not the Pancakes D: But it is someone looking incredibly serious— D: “Bowling Skill” P: “A game of skill for children and adults alike. Reading a book isn’t going to help you here.” P: “You need to play, play again, and then keep on playing—” P: There’s always a friend that just throws the bowling ball up into the sky or hits the ceiling with it P: I was actually the person that got out the friendly rail, and just pushed it down D: I, look! I was like, once I went bowling as a teen, and I ironically brought out the rail D: And then everyone was like, “Ugh, stop being a dick! Like why can’t you just let–” All the boys in the group were like, “Dan, just bowl!. Be competitive!” and I was like, “No. I want to use the rail. Who’s going to stop me?” D: I was very annoying. You can do it, Tabitha! P:Come on! Get a strike! D: She’s feeling it. Come on, we believe in you. D: That was P: Not bad! D: Like what I would do. P: She loved it! They’re having the best day ever D: They are D: I think that I think this is increasing their fun rating P: Alright, Dil. Come on, get a strike. Do us proud. D: Exactly the same as Tabitha P: Like the same animation. D:That’s very disturbing P: Right. Come on, Dab. D: Wearing his finest shiny neon outfit. P: It’s really suiting the bowling alley. D: It is. He’s the only one that dressed appropriately P: Oh, he’s got the bumpers up! That’s so cute! D: Boom D: There was an attempt. P: I think they all got the same score. Right, for real where are the Pancakes? D: I don’t know! Alright get on the phone. D: Hey Pancakes. I know that you hate us because we kind of destroy your family on a regular basis, but where are you? D: We’re supposed to be bowling. P: Bring the bowling action! Both: Everyone is coming over. D: Yes. P: Well, while they’re coming over can we customize this in any way? Go to build mode. D: Oh my God, we can. P: What can we add? D: We could just take a lane. P: No don’t take a lane D: And put it in the road. P: That would ruin it. D: Go Tabitha! D: A four. That was quite a fancy animation! Dil’s like, “Yup.” P: “Give me the alcohol” D: “Dad’s done” D: “having a drink now.” They’re here! P: Yay! D: Hello, Bob and Eliza. Eliza’s just watching TV P: Have they left their child in the road again? D: Bob’s having a drink. Where is Evan? P: Where is Evan? D: Oh God. Evan’s just at home building a supercomputer or something. Dab is getting a text from Evelyn Ortega P: What? D: Who wants to have lunch at Chez Llama. WHAT? P: That’s what stranger danger was warning you about. D: Stranger danger! The llamacorn warned you Dab. P: Look at those eyes, don’t trust her. D: Stay away. P: Is this a test? D: I found Evan. He’s getting funky with Chad Yoder P: What are they doing? D: Okay sure, there we go. Aw, Evan’s standing in between Dil and Tabs D: Come on. Okay. Dab that was complete flop. I don’t know what to say to you. You need to hit one. P: This is going to be the test to see if Dab and Evan could become friends because when you turn into a child, everything changes D: ‘Cause as a toddler, Evan was super awkward. P: Make Dab say hello. Oh no! D: “Literally me”.gif P: That was incredible. D: I like that the ball just noped out of there as well D : All right come on Evan, show us how you do it. P: Is this gonna be a strike? D: He’s a scientist. Both: Nooooo P: It was pretty good. D: It was disappointing. P: All right, let’s make Dab talk to him. D: He has such an Eliza face. This is so creepy. P: I know it’s so weird. D: They both have— I mean I guess in a computer game they can literally just like, melt them together, like they both D: Exactly look like their parents it’s crazy. P: So weird. D: Oh! Nice one! P: Oh, he’s doing a little dance. D: Please, D: Dab’s like, “I want death. Please, father, release me from this embarrassment.” P: Right, Dab talk to Evan. D: What can they bant about? P: “Monkey around” D: “Ask to hang out?” I mean I guess that’s what you have to do here. We’re like, normal people now. D: Oh, okay. Evan’s actually interacting. P: That’s better. “Quote cartoon character?” Senpai! D: Did you just say anime are cartoons, Phil? P: Sorry, sorry! D: “Talk about Donkey Kong” P: Did you watch that episode of Donkey Kong? D: Same P: Me too. D: They’re banting it right up, look at those two. P: Lol D: Dil, come on D: You just let go and dropped it on the floor. “Complain about parents” P: What, in front of your parents? D: My dad just twerked in the middle of a bowling alley after dropping it P: He’s the worst D: Gasp! No he didn’t! P: Is that not an impression of Eliza? D: Oh my God that might have been, actually. Eliza’s shocked face. D: That time when your dad came in, asked for some spaghetti and burned our house down? It was the night I was conceived. P: There’s been a glitch in the Matrix over here. D: Or they’re a bowling team P: Oh. P: I thought it was the same person twice D: No. So I mean what options are there around here? P: So can you like, interact with the shoes or anything like that? D: You can sit, you can do things, you– Oh, no. Shit. What did I do? No I did—I clicked transform! D: I clicked transform! I’m transforming the bowling balls! I’m transforming something! P: You’re ruining it! P: It’s a house plant. I mean, that’s the perfect— D: Where was the house plant when we were doing it a million times? What is— D: That is amazing P: Can we put it in our inventory or does it belong the bowling alley D: Place in inventory. [Layers] of leaves. D: It’s an expensive plant! I feel like we’ve just improved the decor by doing that. Don’t know about you.. D: I forgot that Dil can do all this stuff P: Freeze her! D: Okay, mind control. Let’s ruin D: The cohesion of their bowling team P: Party mode D: Feeling sleepy? P: And then freeze one of them D: I mean Dil could just totally sabotage any kind of formal event. Hey, how you doin’, bowling buddy? D: Control my mind P: What’s happening D: Tabitha in the background, another flop. Okay that’s good that’s there D: Now you P: Freeze him! Freeze him! D: I’ll just go for a solid freeze. D: It’s a good thing that it’s not like Skyrim or any kind of Bethesda game *laughs* D: Yeah, that’s that’s not convenient. I don’t know what’s going to happen now. Let’s see. P: I think that means it’s time to leave. D: Oh he’s falling out with Dil P: you’ve ruined the bowling team D: Can they bowl now? Yay! D: Dad, I’m so proud of you! You sabotaged someone else’s day P: Yay, Dab will learn from the best. D: We literally ruined the bowling alley now like none of them are bowling anymore. P: Oh, no. D: Zion hates us D: What if we just keep freezing people in the bowling alley? P: Just freeze the whole team. D: Will we just break the building? P: I think so D: Come on, Dil, freeze them in that place. Hey, how you doin’? You good?
*as the bowling team* No, please don’t D: Okay, yeah, this is fine, and now we just need someone to go into the middle lane, and then we’ve just broken bowling. Oh, no wait. She’s picking up a bowling ball. P: Oh, what? Can it work? D: And she is bowling through him. Disrespect. P: It’s like danger bowling D: It’s handicap mode. Yeah, how many people can you freeze? P: I think you could probably freeze everyone here, but I don’t think that’s the best idea ’cause it can start fires, can’t it? D: Not freezing that was transforming P: Oh D: So I mean Dil could just go to town. It could be like, “Hey D: how you doin’? Nice to meet you. I’m freezing everybody in this whole damn joint.” D: Where do you think you’re going? Come back over here. P: No P: It’s time to be frozen D: You think you can escape from Dil? Zap! And what about Zion? D: Zion doesn’t like us P: Zion deserves it. D: Zion was complaining about our behavior P: Zion, more like frozen. D: Well what do you say to this? D: Frozon, *as Zion* Please! I like that. they are literally just like pleading for mercy D: And I love that that Tabitha is just still continuing to bowl P: She bowled a game of 74 D: Well done Tabitha! Very proud of you. P: What have you done, Dan? What is wrong with you today? D: It’s turning into like, a piece of art, I don’t know about you P: They’re humans! D: No, it’s very high concept. D: Sorry, Zest. No Nathan Drake for you D: Zippity Zap D: And there we go D: That is how to experience— I mean come on you invite me to a bowling alley that doesn’t have a DDR machine? P: That’s [the last] D: What do you expect me to do? P: Has Dab been drinking alcohol now? D: Dab’s just like, “I’ll have five alcohols, please.” P: Get out. D: Well Tabitha bowled a game, the Pancakes got some drinks,
everyone else got frozen and Dab and Evan formed a friendship D: Successful evening at the bowling alley, methinks P: Definitely. After a long day of bowling, they head for a rest D: Oh, wow Dil really likes that log, huh? That’s okay P: Dil? What’s— P: You should— D: He’s a weirdo P: Get into bed with your wife! D: Let’s not even bother discussing it D: So what do you think is ahead in the life of Dab and Evan, the children, now ? P: Well, they’ve got a whole life of school ahead of them. D:Oh, God that’s going to be miserable P: Yeah, poor guys. D: Wait, Phil. Do you hear P: What? No! D: Pause pause pause pause pause P: Is Dil getting abducted? D: What the f— P: Oh my God D: No, no no no no no. What does this mean? P: Dil! D: What does this mean?! P: I mean it’s happened to Tabitha so much, but we’ve never had Dil be taken before. It must be that alien thing in the garden D: I didn’t think that “contact aliens” meant that they D: Abduct him! P: He’s uncomfortable as well D: Oh, not uncomfortable, he’s in the midst of the “be abducted” event. D: What the— this happened the last time when we got the spa thing P: Yes D: Whenever there is a new building P: When they put something in, that’s when it happens D: The aliens come well. P: Well he’s getting to have a party with the aliens D: I thought that “contact aliens” would be like, they come down to say hi. P: Yeah, not take him away D: Well what does this mean? P: So is he just going to be probed by the aliens for a while? D: I don’t know let’s just, uh. I love how everyone else is just sleeping through this P: We just left it on fast forward because they’re asleep D: So is he going to be dazed now? P: He’s going to be dazed at his next day of work. P: How is his work doing by the way? Like, is he about to be promoted? D: He’s got work in 11 hours. P: So if he goes to work focused…he’s not going to be focused now, P: He’s gonna be dazed D: He’s gonna be dazed, yeah, that’s annoying. Oh, here we go. Thanks. Thanks for returning him. P: Dilly’s back D: Okay, and unceremoniously dumped back on the floor P: What is that drink? D: I think he was already holding that P: Did he mix that? D: Yeah, he left with a cocktail and he got to keep it P: Maybe he qas like, “Aliens, here is the drink of our people.” D: Why he is focused? He is focused from Aliens! Awesome! D: Oh, I see so Tabitha who isn’t a scientist It is like, “What to heck?” P: Dazed D: And Dil’s like, “Yup!” P: That was cool D: And now he’s inspired to finish reading a book P: Oh, nice. P: Well, like, if you can go to work fer—work fercused. If you go to work—oh my god, I can’t speak! If you can go to work P: Focused, that means he might get promoted. D: Well, thank you aliens P: Yeah D: You abducted Dil, and now he might get promoted P: That would be good D: Because I need to expand the house to have a laboratory, is what I’m thinking just because we noticed that whole thing D: And also Dab’s kind of sleeping in a cupboard. Okay there we go. Climbs into bed as if nothing happened. P: Yes P: Like, Tabitha didn’t even notice, did she? D: No one noticed, of course they didn’t. Bloody hell. D: Another perfectly normal day in the life of Dil Howlter. P: So tune in next time to see if Dil get promoted D: Or has some weird tentacle growing out of his back P: I mean probably. Will Dab’s P: Monster under the bed return? D: There’s so many plots to explore the forwarding of their life, We’ll put a video there, our channels over here P: subscribe D: We’ll see you next time D: Beware of strangers

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