Dirty Bomb: MercSERV Melee Mayhem Event

That’s not a cricket bat. THIS, is a cricket bat. Melee weapon skins have arrived in London. To celebrate MercSERV have supercharged their systems. Twice a week for the next six weeks, the store will rotate through a selection of brand spanking new melee skins. The bronzes will be free. The rest? Well you’ll
have to spend some of those hard earned credits. They won’t make you faster. They won’t make you stronger. But they will make your melee weapons
look bloody shiny. Break in some new skins and get back in the fight. Move!

100 thoughts on “Dirty Bomb: MercSERV Melee Mayhem Event

  1. Sleeve fix is done, now fix the gloves cuz some mercs have EXACTLY the same gloves with other mercs (like bushwacker's gloves are the same as fletcher's gloves

  2. Step 1. Announce the sale of melee skins
    Step 2. Players will spend all their cash on the knife skins
    Step 3. Announce the sale of other guns skins and just laugh x)

  3. this 64bit DX9 release was not a good idea.
    can't get my framerate more than 30fps and the UI reaction seems much slower.
    found 3 program running called coherent UI(32 bit).
    Need a HOTFIX ASAP!

  4. Wait, it's just a high saturated, uni-colored material that you put on top of the texture? Wow, that's actually pretty shitty! I thought you'd make actual skins … come on. Edit: Alright, after playing plenty matches I conclude the following: This update is totally awesome, despite the melee "skins" – I don't know why you haven't mentioned any of the actual big changes in this video (additionally to the announcement last week). I especially like all the bugfixes, the underground redux (even though it has to be slightly adjusted I think) and the new currency! Well done and thanks for your hard work. Only the new melee materials are pretty bad. The pricing is good but cobalt and gold look like trash, sorry :/ Please make actual skins! <3

  5. yeaaa!! nuevas skin pero ya tengo muchas cajas de skin de armas que no e podido abrir y no se si se muy conveniente estar gastando dinero real para abrirlas

  6. i dont know maiby give use skine for loadout we have craft and make all the even skin for mele pay it whould be ok for it but even if we ask for it they dont leason anymore in db

  7. ps more inportantly make the game stable again every update perfomance get shitier for for my bad english

  8. nice skins!!!!!!
    But, (i know, allways this 'but') dont limit them to one load out. Aaand!!!! I realy want a Trinket 4 all Beta players

  9. I'm gonna guess there's gonna be more in the future than just recolors, you know like that one game about terrorists and counter-terrorists mmmh what was it called…

  10. maybe you guys should have given us like a week to figure out why the new client makes the game randomly crash to desktop without an error message before starting the event…
    would love to farm gold to get at least the benchhill but i dont get any reward from a round if the fucking game crashes mid way…

  11. Can you add servers in pakistan? Pakistan is not a big country and indian people will have advantage also because pakistan is near to india if u can't add servers in india.

  12. honestly the amount of fixes on maps and mercs im impressed also some shit to do for … us with over 1000s of hours… and etc.. but yeahhhhh…. skins should be like applied to every one at ones.. like i wanna run this timik skin it shouldent matter what merc or deck i play…. like i get it .. butuhm… yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh menus are better. havent seen if memory errors leaks are gone yet but seems like the best update in a longggggg time

  13. but i mean… the melee skins they are at best meh… its not really a skin now is it its more of full color all over the thing… even on the handle.. seems a bit lazy


  15. It's ok, the skins…well they are for myself to expensive when you can only use them on one deck, don't really care about skins so it's fine. But I don't understand the other changes like the new revieve sound which is sometimes so quiet that you're not sure if you revieved your m8, the weapon sounds are a bit strange at first but I can live with that. Underground changed not so much which is ok for me because I always loved it, but the points they wanted to change were also good but I don't think that the new version improved those things. It feels like they got told to change something but liked the old version too much. Hopefully the third point which are framedrops, and bugs with the new map (ok for me, sure they will disappear quite soon), but wasn't it clear that with all those new things the fps would drop ? Can imagine that that is quite hard for people who haven't got a real gaming pc or an old one. The update seems ok, but I don't know why it's been released, sorry splash damage 😀

  16. Nice 🙂 But what's up with the constant lag and fps drops ? Will you patch it soon ? i love this game plzz

  17. After the update my game began to lag, when i respawn it runs pretty smooth as always, but when i encounter an enemy it starts to lag and falter the same happens to the audio. it really sucks, playing a game is nearly impossible.

  18. wow we really got enough free rads to buy a obsidian skin.
    thats nice and the skins too, at least there is another possibility in which to spend credits

  19. Give some hope to us SD, will there be a new reason to play soon? I don’t care about the gun skins or melee weapons as long as the game is fun. Recently you ruined sparks, neutered fragger, and killed the grandeur for me. Can we please get that public test server up, so that we can try this stuff out?

  20. How can you think about 1.0 release when you are not able to push update without fukin something up… its joke at this point … what you guys smoke? I need that

  21. Great Job implementing something no one wants instead of rebalancing and fixing stuff that actually matters. Slow Clap

  22. What this took like 3 min in paint? These are shit if you want to charge up to 44k atleast put some effort into it. Why make just rarity skins don't your actual skins have brands and company names attached to them you could've done good with that but pushing the update with just rarity is an insult to the art team

  23. Hearing about the one per loadout.
    Disappointed. Just gona stick to my sing bronzes like my loadout cards since cobalts so expensive

  24. i wish with making crafting cobalts the best way to go that they would have made weapon skins part of the cobalt loadouts

  25. well, that's little disappointing – I was hoping for a case or two with some unique merc loadouts like in founders pack – after all it is hell of a milestone for the game and some of us have played it for a really long time – for me these skins are rather dull and waste of credits

    last but foremost, they don't look all that exciting on my potato pc 😛

  26. Lag issue solved! Go into your graphics card settings and set it so that dirty bomb launches with your graphics card as your main processor!

  27. A question to the devs, is there any chance you add the option to activate credits boosters in match lobby? So we dont have to lose the consecutive match bonuses by leaving the lobby, activate it and going in again.

  28. #askthedevs. Could you remove rotation of mercs? Because it"s ennoying when you fight a team with more than 4 naders or more than 4 skyhammers.
    I get the idea of it and probably you won"t remove it but can you do that for beginners like lvl 1 to 10 for exampel.
    The balance is out of control when there is a new rotation.
    Thanks for all the good stuff and hopfully for readong this


  30. So you outsourced/ removed everything important for your game? Community management & feedback – outsourced.
    Joining with friends – removed
    Competitive Gameplay – removed & outsourced

    GG SD

    I bet you drown in money from all these people that so desperately need to buy one-coloured, boring, overpriced weaponskins that you can only equip in one loadout for the merc in a game, that nobody wants to play anymore at this state.

    Read your steamreviews once! Look at your steamcharts!
    Listen to your veteran players!!

    Where do you expect money from? Compare yourself to Blacklight Retribution or APB: R

    They all brought out new content but they didn't listen.
    Like you do! These games had better developement teams but also failed to just do, what the players recommended/ needed. And now. They are, were you will be at the and of this year. Without anyone caring about the game except a few hardcore veterans. Your average active playerbase is droping consistently! Don't fool yourselves or your community. We will remember how you treated this project, when you think you can just flee to the next.
    Also you are clearly trying to survive on minimal effort.

    This won't work. You haven't established a good core-game experience. You have failed to provide an overall satisfying playing experience on the long run. So you cannot expect your game to grow just by juggling some weapondamage numbers and introducing "new skins".

  31. I missed the event and I've always been complaining that there are no skins for knives 😭😭😭 feels bad

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