Disability Cricket

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quicker my name is Joshua Kosman you are enjoying marie’s about this practice
session is my bowling kasam above in the natural games this helps me improve my
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downtown so the company is unknown what that this has been great for my fitness
because it’s helped me improve my stamina make him run, so I can run further at at the same speed & without slowing down I’m here with my daughter Imogen I found out about the disability cricket through Lynwood School it’s really fun which is lovely but it’s also
really disciplined and I think young people like to have a disciplined
environment where they can learn whilst having fun at the same time & it’s improved her social skills no end because she’s able to mmm socialise non-verbally with people that she didn’t know before I’m Lisa & my son Ben comes here for cricket every Friday it’s all inclusive anybody can join in mmm it you know whether you have learning disabilities or a physical disability mmm anybody can join in Cricket has helped helped everything really mmm the fitness & the well being that comes from from playing cricket is second to none really because you’ve got a lot of err camaraderie within the group and it’s also a lot of fun! you know we enjoy ourself and yeah we it’s really good we err we have we have plenty of fun! Disability Cricket is held at Ferndown Leisure Centre on Friday afternoons at 4.30 pm It costs £2.50 a session and if you’d like any more information or would like to take part contact Abbie Taylor or Andy Rewsill on 01202 877468

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