Disney Princess Dolls Play Volleyball and Snorkel in Hawaii Barbie Playset DisneyCarToys Kids Toys

Hey skipper I would like to buy some sunglasses.
Yea me too. Yea preferably I would like some really really cool Spidy Spidy sunglasses
you know that like totally fit me. Yea I don’t know if I have Spidy Spidy sunglasses
but I got something that should fit you okay and also some cute things for the
girls. Oh skipper thank you so much for the sunglasses these are perfect. My eyes
are so big so it’s great to have huge sunglasses. Okay okay, lets see what I can
buy. Lets see Oh oh some headphones and an IPod. Yes I want this. Alright now I am
just going to take these. Haha yes I am going to blast my favorite Spidy Spidy jams
and jam out. Yea I am Spiderman, I am awesome I am jamming on the beach jamming
on the beach yea. No way Skipper you totally have the best beach shop ever,
look snorkel gear I will totally take this, this and this. This is awesome. I am so ready
to snorkel and see all the fishies. And with these flippers I can keep up with the
sea turtles this is going to be perfect. Alright I am going to try out this gear and
see if it works. Oh wow these goggles are perfect they are not fogging and I can see
everything in the ocean so clearly. Oh well I better get back to the others. I also have
a beach volleyball net, if you guys want to play. We will do sisters verses the S’s
Spidy and Skipper. Oh bring it girls I am a professional beach volleyball player so I
will totally beat you. Well we’ll see. Alright ladies are you ready for some volleyball.
And serve. Yea that’s one point for me. Oh come on that’s not fair at all we weren’t
ready. Oh boo hoo if you want to win you have got to stay alert now it’s my turn
to serve watch yourselves ladies. Woo hoo sister power and what was that skipper you
said you were a professional volleyball player. Oh yea we totally have this in the
bag whoever gets the next point wins. Oh I was so close I just couldn’t get it, oh
I am sorry Anna we lost. Yea we won skipper. Oh yea we won. Woo hoo we are awesome. The
toy featured in this video is the Barbie Sisters Tiki Hut. This set comes with
everything you see here including the tiki hut, the Skipper doll, and the volleyball
net. There’s also tons of accessories the sunglasses, the pineapple juice dispenser,
drinks, snorkel gear and this volleyball court. If you all like this video please click
like and subscribe and in the comments tell us who you wanted to win the volleyball
tournament. Click on a picture to watch another fun toy video, thanks for watching
and have a great day!

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