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Hi, I’m Sophie and welcome to my world. Well today I have Frankie beside me
which is always exciting whenever I get to have her on set with me and today
Frankie we’re gonna be making something that is right up your alley it is a baseball project and I know you
play softball right, or baseball? softball softball so what we’re gonna be doing is
we’re gonna be making this really cute little softball keychain and we’re going to be making it out of a washer just like your little necklace that you got on there so here’s
what we gonna be using we’re gonna be using, we’re using these fender washers they’re 3/16th and that is the size of the hole by one and a quarter and so the outside
edge is one and a quarter inches and then that little inside hole is three and a
a sixteenth we’re gonna be using white nail polish if you can believe it you got nail
polish at home yeah yeah yeah yeah so if we wanted to make a Frozen baseball we could do that yes we’re gonna need a work surface and
in this case Frankie because we’ve got the nail polish we can use either a paper
plate or what we can use one of these little plastic lids we’re also gonna need
a keychain this is just one of those key chain rings and in this case what we’re
going to be using is instead last time when we made our necklaces we just used
a string what we’re gonna actually be using for this is a cord and this is one
millimeters satin cord, one millimeter satin cord and you can get
this at the crafting stories it’s really nice and soft and it’s going to match our
baseballs because out baseballs are going to be white we’re gonna be using a black
sharpie pen and a red sharpie pen those are super important because you need the laces and we’re going to be using some beads
and some little spelling letter beads now the letter beads that we have we’re
gonna be spelling out go SF. It’s not baseball season but when they come back we
want the Giants to win cause we’re San Francisco girls and we have to have a
pair of scissors right yes, always gotta have those now we are going to be using the
glue gun for just one tiny little bit and that’s hiding over there next to you. so
the first thing I’m gonna do Frankie is give you one of these washers and give
you this plate here and you’re just gonna take the nail polish shake it up you know just
like Taylor Swift shake it up… I thought it was shake it off…it is
open that up and Frankie all you do is paint that go for it so the great thing
about nail polish is it’s an enamel base and so it will just go on and it will
depending on the polish you have you’ll need one or two coats and what I like to
do is do one coat let it dry for about 10 minutes then give it a second coat
and then after you confirm that that’s the the opacity that you want, meaning as dark as you want it to be so you can’t see any silver
through that so as long as that’s good then you can flip it over and then you
can do the opposite side now Frankie you’re doing a great job there now we of
course are not going to stand here and chat baseball for ten minutes so we’re
gonna actually jump ahead but as you can see Frankie has done a great job here she’d let this dry for about 10 minutes just making sure that it’s nice and dry now
one thing that I did learn about when I was working on these if you put nail
polish on top of nail polish it actually will remove itself so which is an
interesting thing it’s like nail polish remover when you put too much nail
polish on top if you were to rub it off before it dries it actually will take
the nail polish off underneath it so what you don’t want to do is you don’t
wanna put a blob of nail polish on and then take a rag and wipe it because
the nail polish will just pull right off so get in on there let it dry really
good and when you’re all done its gonna look like this this has two coats on
either side so ready to make our baseball? I printed out a picture
now I know you know baseballs very well but when I printed it out this is so
it could remind me which direction the little laces go cuz I wasn’t I was not doing very well trying to do it from my memory so the
first thing we’re gonna do though is we’re gonna add our string and so we’re
just gonna take this and push it through now because we’re going to add beads to
this we’re not going to tie this end off we are just gonna take that and
loop it through so if you open that up can you pull that through excellent
that’s just there and ready to go now to make the laces what I realized was the
best thing to do was cuz it’s like two kind of circles that come in on the side
right only use another washer and just line it up on the side like that right
and draw on that side and draw on that side with the black pen.
you do it but I’m gonna get that one over there for you so that you don’t
have to draw on the white one that’s already done to go and then you do it on
the opposite side now you can also if you wanted to do a basketball or soccer
ball or any other kind of ball just print out the picture so you know what
you’re looking for and there you go and you could do an orange one for
basketball you could do any color for soccer balls soccer balls come in all
different colors but you could also do white and there you go and now she’s
gonna put her laces in, you could do this on both sides or if you’re like a soccer
fan and a baseball fan you can put soccer on one side baseball on the other it’s
really up to you. very nicely done now the reason we’re using such a thin
cording is because we wanted to go over these beads that’s why we’re going to use this thin
cording so what we want it to say is Go SF right so first we’ll put on a ball bead you were choosing on there that’s good
and you want to make sure you put it over both of the strings now we have to
do it backwards because we want it to say Go SF going down right so really what
we’re gonna do is put F heart S heart OG that’s it go ahead and do that that’s awesome so one of the things that I learned while I was working on these is that I
actually learned that the cheaper nail polishes take more coats and the more
expensive and I don’t mean by super expensive I mean like the dollar brand
vs maybe like the $2 brand the $2 brand had a tendency to cover better and it
also dried quicker and it had a more shinier feel to it now the other thing
too that you can do is once you’ve created your artwork on your washer if
you want to you can always come back with a clear coat of clear nail polish and then
that seals everything and we’re not going to do that because we don’t really
need to but if you want to give it an extra longevity can do that ok ok so now
would you like to put another bead? you can. now is the point when we’re gonna add our key ring for the key ring all we’re going to do is just gonna put it through and tie it off which is easy enough for you have nice little fingers I’m gonna
actually have you tie this off by reaching through and grabbing these two. We’re going to put it
right through that hole just pull that nice and tight excellent now this is where
I was saying you want to add just a little bit of hot glue so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to
tie one more little knot here just a regular knot and then add a little
drop of hot glue you want to do that now you know with hot glue we always have to be careful because it is hot but we just went to put a little dot right there that’s good and then we’re gonna let that dry really good and then once
it’s all dry Frankie we’re just going to come back and snip it right there
on the other side right there it might be a little warm yet still so when you pick
it up and that’s it and there you got your own personalized sports key chain, for more sporty
ideas come check us out at you gonna use that for your keys? you’ve
got a lot of keys right? car keys, locker keys house key. I don’t know if I have a car…

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