DIY Glow in the Dark Tree Stumps – Man Vs Pin – Pinterest Test #74

Hey what’s up Rob here for Man vs.
Pin, hanging out in the middle of the forest, looking for this week’s DIY
project materials Elizabeth suggested this week’s project
glow-in-the-dark tree stumps now I know how much… oh Jesus… now I know
how much you guys love glow in the dark sh*t especially after last week’s episode so, uh, I said f*ck it let’s do some more I got my lumberjack shirt on here, I got
my axe, looking for some trees to cut down Which one of you lucky m*therf*ckers is
it gonna be? Oh yeah look at that one. This is the one,
you’re coming with me, buddy You’re coming with me. I got some f***in’
lumberjack sh*t going on right here Uh, ok, uh, this even f***in’ sharp Ohh yeah, yeah… motherf*ck*r. F*ck, it sucks Holy sh*t! Alright…. F*ckin’ pinterest… oh sh*t… it sucks, f*ck you *heavy breathing* it’s all your fault, isn’t it? it’s all your fault.. Oh sh*t, oh sh*t,oh sh*t! Did it! need a chainsaw or somethin’. aw god damm*t I don’t know how to use this thing, sh*t! *coughing* *loud chainsaw sound* Alright. Well there you go.The
logs for this week’s project. I hope you’re all happy now I cut down a f*ckin’ tree for you, just know
that you’re all part of the problem Pin-o-meter… None of these glow-in-the-dark projects ever work, bullsh*t Alright well, there you go. So
I went to the supply store and picked up every f*ckin’ kind of glow paint they had, I’m not taking any chances I cleaned out each of the logs and began
applying my glow in the dark paint and right off the bat these are looking
pretty f*ckin’ sweet I can’t wait till they’re all lit up and f*ckin’
glowing like the picture. That’s gonna be awesome I put them outside all day in the
sunlight to charge ’em up and I waited till nightfall Here they are..huh.. would you look at
that? They are, uh, they’re not really,uhhh, they’re not really glowing so much You know that–that’s to be expected,
we’ve been here before All you gotta do is you just throw a
black light on it. Boom! surprisingly that looks actually really f*ckin’ cool Unfortunately, uhh this is– this is what it
really looks like to the– to the naked eye without camera magic, not that
exciting Definitely not like the picture. I followed
the instructions, log stools painted with glow-in-the-dark paint. You tellin’ me.. I f*ckin cut down a tree and spent eighty three goddamn dollars on f*ckin glow-in-the-dark paint. This sh*t isn’t gonna f*ckin work Pin-o-Meter :*ahem* Oh,what, what, what now Pin-o-Meter? Pin-o-Meter: a very simple google search produce these results What the f*ck are you even… What are you talking about?
Oh what the f*ck is this? Vancouver artist, Judson Beaumont..
What!? these are not even real f*ckin’ logs. What f*ckin c*ck smokin’ f*ckin Pinterest
bullsh*t is this! There’s lights inside, there’s a f*ckin’
cord right there That goddamn thing has a cord. I mean, WHAT THE F*CK! Believe nothing! It’s all a f*ckin sham! You’re all being f*ckin’ lied to! F*ckin bullsh*t! *slammed door sound*

100 thoughts on “DIY Glow in the Dark Tree Stumps – Man Vs Pin – Pinterest Test #74

  1. Rob running around in the woods holding a chainsaw
    me: I'm just going to wait here until he trips and cuts his head in half
    P.S.: no hate this is an awesome channel and I love it

  2. Oh god, I thought when I saw the axe, that was the worst of it, I literally almost had a heart attack when I saw that chainsaw

  3. Who in there right mind would let rob near a chain saw he can't even crush candy chains without getting hurt or burst a gas pipe on his new pipe

  4. Neighbor: honey, our neighbor is running in the woods with a chainsaw!!!!
    Neighbor's wife: should we call the cops?
    Neighbor: no he'll get hurt enough
    Neighbor's wife: ok…

  5. I clicked on this video thinking it was going to be a good one but then I realized it was Man versus pin then I regretted it but I still watch the video

  6. Omg sitting here on my lunch in dire need to go peepee…clicked on this dude…laughed waaaay too much…need to peepee even more !!! Too effing funny this guy! Loved it 👍

  7. Rob fooling around in the middle of the woods with a chainsaw… Yeah this won't end badly at all. Who let him do this, Corrine why?

  8. Things I was worried about:
    1. Rob being in the woods after the bath bombs 💣
    2. When he says, "Is this even sharp?" Immediately thought he was gonna touch it.
    3. Chainsaw and Rob's history with sharp objects

  9. watches Rob bound through the forest with a chainsaw above his head

    watches Rob slice off several fingers throughout the years

    watches Rob break appendages

    watches Rob bleed out trying to make a bunny

    watches Rob bleed out trying to make anything

    Rob: dies of heart attack in his sleep like a 90 year-old

    What kind of fucking irony.

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