DIY Halloween Bat Wreath | Cameo3 | Cricut

Hi guys! welcome back to my channel Avanti Morocha Today I’m going to show you how to make this Halloween Bat Wreath I found these portfolios at the dollar store and I knew they would be the perfect material to make spooky bats. This is an outdoor wreath and requires durable material to withstand weather elements. to make this project you can use a cutting machine or just use scissors I hope you’ve liked this project and if you make it don’t forget to share a picture on my facebook page or tag me on Instagram I’d love to see it. If you have any questions leave them in comment section. if you are interested in getting a Cricut or a Cameo I’m going to leave you the links to where you can buy them in the info box below the video if you are new to my channel and you like what you see hit the subscription button. tap the notification so you get informed every time I release a new video don’t forget to visit my blog follow me on my social media like this video and share with your loved ones see you soon chau chau

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