DIY Learn How to Make a Baseball Key Chain from a Base Ball Keychain Craft Tutorial

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today
I’m going to show you how to make a keychain out of a baseball. To view this video in other
languages, just click on the closed caption link on YouTube and turn on subtitles. From
there you can choose from over 100 different languages. To begin, you will need 1 baseball.
Baseballs can be purchased in the sporting section of your local discount store. They
come in real leather, synthetic leather, or even novelty colors and materials. First you
will need either sharp small scissors or an Exacto or utility knife to cut through the
threads of the baseball. The first couple of stitches will be a little tricky, but the
rest will be much easier. Work slowly, and try your best not to cut into the white leather
part. Once completed, just peel the leather covering from the sticky inner core. You will
get 2 key chains for every baseball. Use some tweezers to pick out any remaining red thread.
Now you’ll need some embroidery floss – any type or color will do. Cut a piece about 40
inches long. Thread a needle with the floss on the one end. And on the other end tie a
knot. You can even double the knot if you wish. Now take one section of the leather
baseball and fold it in half. Press it together. Take your needle, and enter between the two
folded pieces, and out the front hole. Your knot should be encased inside the two pieces
of leather. You won’t need to cut the end, just tuck it inside. Now proceed as you would
normally sew. Enter from the back hole, go upwards towards the next front hole, and pull
your thread. And again, enter the back hole, go up through the next front hole, and pull
your thread. And again, back hole, up to front hole, and pull thread. You will need to go
around the entire leather until all the holes are completed. With the last stitch, I like
to enter the hole, and then go through the middle section instead. And cut the end. The
glue from the underside will hold this thread, however, it wouldn’t hurt to put a tiny dab
of E6000 glue right on this thread cut so that it holds better. Now it’s time for the
hardware. You will need a grommet set. These silver circles are called either eyelets or
grommets and can be found in most sewing sections of stores where the buttons are located. And
this is just a plain ring from a key chain. We need to pierce the leather with a hole
to fit in the grommet. I like to start out the hole with an awl. If you plan on making
a lot of these, you might want to consider purchasing a tool designed to easily punch
holes in leather. Be as careful as possible so you don’t accidentally stab or cut yourself
doing this part. I like to then take an Exacto knife and make a few small Xs to match the
diameter of the grommet. Then between the Exacto knife and my sharp scissors, I continue
to cut a hole out of the leather. This is what it should look like once completed. It
does not need to be perfect since the grommets will hide any imperfections. However the hole
needs to be big enough to fit the grommet. An eyelet or grommet consists of two parts
– a back and a front. Insert the back and the front of the grommet through your hole,
then firmly but carefully squeeze together to hold. You’ll need to read the instructions
on how to place the grommet in the setting tool, but generally, you will put it in between
like this and hammer down once or twice. Once hammered, try to pry your grommet apart. If
it does not come apart, you are good. If it does come apart, use the setting tool again.
If you have the key chain ring, you can insert it now. Pry open one of the ends, and spin
and insert it in through your eyelet or grommet. If you want to decorate your key chain, I
highly recommend E6000 glue. This stuff guarantees a good stick, plus it holds up to rough conditions,
including moisture. You can get embroidered numbers in your favorite players number and
glue them onto your keychain. Or if you like bottlecap art, you can glue that on too. Or
I found this keychain in my local discount store. Pull off the keychain part and just
glue on the baseball Mom part onto your keychain. Or you can add some dots or buttons in your
team’s colors. I hope this video has helped you. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.
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14 thoughts on “DIY Learn How to Make a Baseball Key Chain from a Base Ball Keychain Craft Tutorial

  1. This is a great idea! Can't wait to try it! Do you by chance know how to make a baseball cross? I can't figure out how to get the leather to flatten out??? Thanks!

  2. love this. I embroidered my kids, nieces and nephews names and numbers on baseball and softballs and turned them into name tags for their bags

  3. love love this, I am retired now and want to do some unique things for my grand and great grandkids. Thank you.

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  5. Why cut all the stitches when if your using a brand new baseball, just cut the first two and use the rest of the thread for the charm?

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