DIY Tree Stump Planter Ideas

DIY tree stump planter ideas
Beautiful tree log garden display. Hi! This is Patricia from Capn America Projects.
I have a planter that is home made. We would like to share it with you. I got the idea
from a friend of mine. She used wood stumps that she had on hand and we had some also.
This is the highest point. We did the center stumps first, there is the third stump down
there behind those other planters, to decide how high we wanted it. From there we worked
off to the side. So we have a stump here, here, and here that are the same height but
we varied the height of the plants with the pots they were in and that gives it a little
bit more interest. Then our next height was down here. This pot is dropped down below
because we didn’t have another stump to put there that was the same height and we have
an old board here that made room for an extra plant. In our bottom row we have part of a
stump and two rocks. The only thing we purchased were the plants. So that is my planter and
thank you for watching! Colossians 1: 16-17

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