Dizzy Baseball Challenge!!

Keep going. Faster. You’re taking big loops. Spin on a dime Spin on a dime Ten Go, quick No! Go! Keep spinning Woah (Keep Spinning) What’s up you guys, we’re team edge and today, we’re playing the dizzy baseball challenge We have a variety of different rounds for you like always But we’re gonna top it off with Dizzy baseball where everybody on the field has to spin in circles even the pitcher even the hitter. It’s just gonna be a big thow up-y mess Baseball bat swinging tricks Dude someones, gonna- hurt somebody NOO!!! YOU ACTUALLY HIT IT! (sighhh) Alright, lets get into this Okay, sweet Oooooohhhh OMG Bryan’s got to relax sometimes I just had too much sugar I’m ready to go!! First up is dizzy homerun, I have to spin ten times, and I get five attempts… to hit a homerun OH! STOP IT!! Oh my- Brian gets dizzy real easy Go Oh God What the heck? IS THAT SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN?!?!? Dude that piece fly Was that the bat? That was the tee! Let’s just do five spins- NO! Here- how about we just do three balls then- THATS FIFTY SPINS! THAT’S THE PURPOSE! FINE! Here we go, we ready, we rollin? We’re good Ohhhh mamacita three six, seven, eight (Burps) I’m gonna throw up for sure You’re good Here we go THAT’S A HOMER! THAT’S GONE! Alright, you’re good That didn’t count Yeah, one homerun so far Ohhh~ shoot! That’s five! You’re good! Ahhhh!- Whose turn? Joey you can go if you want. But we’re on the same team Oh yep, I’ll go Bryan, you’re done WHA!- THATS FIVE HITS?!?!?! No Wait, that was you’re fifth right? Let’s just do three for per person, yea let’s do three per person I wanna see you hunch over like a giraffe! They gotta be fast spins! FASTER!! WHAT IS THIS?!?! WHA- THAT DOESN’T COUNT! YOU GOTTA SPIN! Bat in one spot! Yeah all right, Quasimodo Go quick Guys how ’bout you subscribe to this channel and then click the bell icon cause we upload three times a week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 4:00 p.m.. pacific standard time for you and for us cuz it’s our job. If you click the build notification icon You will get notified every time we upload oh This is the worst challenge ever Spin Marvin, yo Bobby do it for YouTube – I do it for you kids Wooooo We’re doing one inning (You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round) Take a base shake Take a base. We’re changing it pitchers not spinning when you can fill in Whitney again We’re gonna do this every pitch Okay, how about just the batter spins Why is Bobby so…. Strike three Ooooowwwwwwww Can’t laugh while I’m dizzy Good thing I was already laying down Tipped it Strike two strike two no no I said strike two Wait oh Oh My gosh Oh Oh Why don’t you try to touch the base? On this turf So go ahead and hit it I’ll be right here run free hello Marvin my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again How you like them apples I just need to get out or get out oh great what is that? Oh Brian that looked painful That was such a bad idea, I would have totally had that one just kept running That a boy yeah, baby Whoever came up with this idea you suck Okay, okay, okay, okay? Bobby touch other bases you got touched all the bases Bobby for a house there I was there like the saddest homerun I’ve ever seen in my life Okay, that’s it that was oh? Let’s try and see if we could hear that chipotle no Cory you know what to do No No, I’m gonna throw up for sure Guys make sure you go check out Giant NEd’s head somewhere over there. That’s a giant stop. Oh Also, go check out best reviewer the video the YouTube thinks that you will enjoy based on previous stuff You’ve watched in the past GIANT NED’s head is a giant board game. It was fantastic Peace

100 thoughts on “Dizzy Baseball Challenge!!

  1. On Bobby's last hut it wasn't an out cause it bounced on the floor first and BTW I love your videos but where's Matthias?

  2. Bryan did not catch the ball when bobby hit it because if you look closely on the video you can see that the ball hits the ground first.

  3. I was laying on the couch at 10 30 pm trying to eat a lunch cake dying my flipping head off laughing

  4. I know that im late but wow you guys got me dizzy and made my head hurt just by watching yall going around and around…..my name is eric and im from Dallas,TX and a fan of yall

  5. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

  6. Bobby's the kind of person who after the challenge stay in the bathroom vomiting for the whole day.

  7. i just whatch this video umm you dont get out the only way if ur going to base and they step on a base only 1st ur out but if your going to 2nd stealing bases and he touch base ur not out and u have to touch the base with your foot

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