Do bats really drink blood?

Hi, it’s Doug. I just got this in the mail,
and I’m really excited. Can you guess what this is? I’ll give you a hint. Animals that have wings
come and sleep in there. It’s not a bird house. It’s a bat house. And if I’m lucky, I’m going
to have bats living in this. You’ll see what I mean. Someone named Shayla has
a question about bats. Let’s give her a call. Hi Doug. Hi Shayla. I have a question for you. Do bats really drink blood? That’s a great question. Now wait a second. Bats drink blood? As like their food? Here’s a close up of a real
bat hanging upside down. Could it really be that this
cute little thing drinks blood for its food? What do you think? What do you think bats eat? Now would be a good time to
pause the video and discuss. OK, you ready? It’s true. There are bats that drink blood. They’re called vampire bats. They’re named after vampires,
the made up monsters that people dress up
like for Halloween. In stories, vampires
suck the blood of people. Vampires may not be real
life, but vampire bats are definitely a real thing. So do vampire bats
suck people’s blood? The answer is not really. Vampire bats mostly
drink blood from animals. You can see it
for yourself here. This is a vampire bat
on the back of a pig. When vampire bats do
this, it doesn’t usually even hurt the animal. Most animals barely notice it. Vampire bats don’t
live everywhere. They’re only found in South
America, Central America, parts of Mexico, and the
southern part of Texas. But there are other kinds
of bats, lots of them. Hundreds of different species. Most bats don’t drink blood. They eat other kinds of food. Like here, see if you can figure
out what this kind of bat eats. That’s the bat flying around. It’s chasing something. Here’s a slowed down video. There. Got it. It’s catching bugs. That’s what most bats eat. They eat insects, animals like
mosquitoes, moths, and beetles. Scientists have discovered
that some bats have a huge appetite for insects. One little bat like this can
eat over 1,000 mosquitoes in a single night. Because of this,
some people actually want to have bats
near their homes. That’s why people
hang up bat boxes. It’s for bats to live in. The more bats there
are to eat mosquitoes, the fewer mosquitoes
there are to bite people. But not all bats eat insects. There are some kinds of bats
that eat fruit like these bats here. They’re munching on a
pear and a piece of melon. You probably have
bats where you live. They don’t just live in caves. Bats are everywhere. I live in a city,
and I see them here. You just have to know
how to spot them. Here’s a tip. If you notice something that
looks like a little bird flying around in late
evening or night time, look closely because
it’s probably a bat. So in summary, there are
all kinds of different bats, and they eat different things. Most of them eat insects, but
some eat fruit, and a few drink blood. By the way, the
only way bats might be dangerous is if you touch
them because sometimes they carry diseases, so never
pick up a dead or injured bat off the ground. But bats won’t bother you. So there’s no reason to be
scared of them flying around. They’re actually fun to see. And since some of
them eat mosquitoes, people find it great
to have them around. Go look outside this
evening see if you can find a bat flying around. That’s all for this
week’s question. Thanks Shayla for asking it. Now, for the next episode, I
reached into my question jar and found three questions
submitted to me that I’m thinking about answering. When this video’s done playing,
you’ll get to vote on one. You can choose from
why do owls say, “Hoo?” How are candy bars made? Or why does it hail
sometimes when it rains? So submit your vote
when the video is over. I want to hear from
all of you watching. There are mysteries
all around us. Stay curious, and
see you next week.

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