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I am thinking of telling the truth about my love to Uncle Iqbal Have you gone mad, what are you saying? Fine then you tell me, what should I do? Even I don’t know what we should do Gaiti I have one more solution What’s the solution? Let’s run away You mean I should lose my dignity to win your love? I’d rather get married to Zafar Gaiti do you think that I would want anyone to raise their fingers on your dignity? If you don’t want to do that then go away from here Okay I have to go now, I will talk to you later Sister, I think Nafeesa is right. How can we have the wedding ceremony so soon? Zafar said that he is having his exams. So let’s have the wedding ceremony this friday and we can have the reception later on We don’t want to do a big function anyways Sister, even if is just a wedding ceremony, We would have to call Fariha and her family, and also invite the rest of our family as well And since it is Gaiti’a wedding, Jahanara’s presence it essential How can we have the wedding ceremony in her absence Where did Jahanara come from? I will not let that woman’s shadow to even fall on this happy occasion Leave her. You tell me Iqbal, what should we do? It’s okay sister, as you wish I gained nothing. I lost my self respect to get her. On the other hand, that guy has returned again Who are you talking about? Who else but Sameer He is back for Gaiti. I am pretending to help him as friend. I’m one of those loser guys who help set up the charis and tables on their love’s wedding Look brother, don’t do anything stupid this time You want him to take Gaiti away while I stand and watch him do that? Has Gaiti ever told you that she is yours? She is not. And even if you try to gain her through some wrong way, you will still not be able to win her heart On the other hand you will have to pay for any stupid action you might do That’s why I’m saying not to go against yourself. Don’t try to force things to happen or else you will ruin yourself You are telling me the same old rhetoric Hey, but atleast listen to what I’m saying Do you know? Father is going to get me married to Zafar this Friday What? But….. Gaiti listen to me. Crying will not get you anywhere. I will talk to Uncle. I will ask him for your hand in marriage I will have to tackle this situation myself You don’t know my father. You think he is going to listen to you? But there is one person who can stop this marriage Who? My actual mother. Jahan Ara What are you doing here? Father, the thing is that… You have something to tell me? Yes What? I can not marry Zafar because I do not like him. You don’t know him, he is not a good person He pretends to be nice in front of you. He is not a nice person and neither is his company Don’t try to misguide me about him, he is not like you are saying Besides, you should be thankful that sister Firdous has accepted a useless person such as yourself. You are lucky to have a boy like Zafar I don’t want such luck I want to study further. I have many things planned for myself Don’t even talk about studying anymore. You can do whatever you want after you get married I can not go ahead with this marriage as I want to meet my mother Who do you want to meet? I am talking about my real mother, Jahan Ara That’s enough. Don’t even mention her name. I’ve had to face alot of humiliation because of your mother. Now you want me to let you meet her? I can not auction my respect like that Father, I am not asking for anything unreasonable. She is my mother. I have a right to meet her. If she was her today, she would not let all this happen to me If she was here, I would not have been so harsh either. She betrayed my love by leaving this place You are being very unfair with me Just go away from here before I lose my temper What happened? Why have you called me in such a hurry? Uncle Iqbal is getting Gaiti married this friday, just two days are left So what are you thinking? Are you planning to run away with Gaiti? Badar what kind of person do you think I am? I am not planning to do anything like that. Gaiti is trying to find out the whereabouts of her mother. She will go to her as soon as she finds out. Uncle will not be able to do anything then But how will all this happen? As far as I know, nobody knows where madam Jahan Ara is now. How will she find her? That’s the problem. Just pray Gaiti is calling. Hello, you found the address? That’s great! I was hoping I would find her phone number, not her address. But I found her address So if we don’t have her phone number then..? No, we don’t have her phone number. We only have her address What should we do Sameer? How will this happen? You wait. Me and Badar will think of something then tell you Bye So how will all this happen? You will bring Gaiti here tomorrow and then I will take her to Karachi And I will get myself caught on the way, right? Why are you saying things like that? Do you want to scare me? I am not scaring you, I am showing you the reality. Look, this is a small city. If someone sees you with Gaiti, Uncle Iqbal is bound to find out. Then what happens will be like a catastrophe Then what happens next will be like a catastrophe And don’t forget one thing, your sister in-law is a part of this family What impact will it cause on the lives of Safeena aunt, Fareeha sister and brother Hassaan? You are right! What shall I do? One thing can happen. Distance from here till Karachi is of 2 and a half or 3 hours Okay? You and Gaiti leave for Karachi by train I will bring Gaiti to the station but you would have to come alone so that no one can see you with us. And one more thing, you both will travel in separate compartments When you reach Karachi, drop Gaiti at madam Jaharan’s place Once she has reached there, Gaiti will call here and tell them that she has gone at her own will But Badar how will you bring her to railway station? You are forgetting that I am her servant. Everyone trust me I don’t think so that they will have any problem with me taking her anywhere but it is Gaiti who will have to think of an excuse I will talk to Gaiti. I liked the plan You know Badar, it wasn’t possible without you. Thank-you so much! Pray for me that I achieve what I’m going to get. Where are you going? to meet Alia Why? She came back today. and tomorrow when I’ll be married, who will let me meet her? I have to return her phone also. It can not happen. You know that your father will not agree Father has never agreed to me before mother Gaiti, it is useless to argue on something that can not happen Please, I will be back soon Okay! Take Neelum with you Why Neelum? She is my friend, not Neelum’s and I’m telling you that I will be back soon Do pray! What kind of prayer? You are sitting on a prayer mat, ask something good for your daughter. Wait! Happy? Now go and come back quickly How will you go? Badar will drop me. Lets go! Ticket By the way Sameer is not worthy of your love Then is it you who is worthy of my love? Don’t ignore what I’m saying Sameer can not love you as much as … You call him your friend, and is this how you are fulfilling your friendship? I’m fulfilling my love. Love has more value than friendship You are not ashamed. You are a disgrace to the name of friendship Sameer trusts you. This is Sameer’s friendship that I am helping you and him otherwise I could face any challenge to gain my love Shut up and go from here. Leave! What the hell! Sir, what happened? The car is broken down. Can I find any mechanic nearby? No mechanic will be available nearby. I would have to go to main market. Let me go get one. Stop! I’m in hurry. From where will I get a cab? It is usually found standing on the corner of the street. Shall I get you one? Yes, go! Jandaad, I will go with you. It will take time to bring it. Lets go! Sure! I don’t know where he is. I’m trying to call him but he is not picking. What if Sameer has changed his plan? Call him! Call him! I tried to call him twice but he is not picking up my call too. You can come if Hassaan is busy. He will come tomorrow. Sister, thank-you for your advice but I can not make my husband upset because of Gaiti’s marriage. It is not just Gaiti who is getting married, it is Zafar also. Aren’t you happy for Zafar? Sister I know how happy you are for his wedding Sister, fine don’t come. Don’t even show up tomorrow, I will do everything myself. Lets go back! Sameer will not come He will come. He has already betrayed you He hasn’t betrayed me before and he will not now. He will come. You can leave if you want to. You know that I will not leave Engine has heated up as you can see I left my phone in the car By the way sister, it doesn’t seem that there is a function at home One can not find happiness with the functions. It is found with the heart-satisfaction and neither Gaiti is satisfied nor I Sister, is it true that brother Iqbal will give ownership of the whole property to Zafar? He is very ill-mannered He would have done it since long if there wasn’t an issue of Jaharan. What do you mean? It is Gaiti and Jaharan who are the owners of this whole property. It can not be transferred to anyone without their will. What is the use of everything now? It was the property that was the cause of this wedding, now Jaharan’s name has become a huge barrier. How can I give my only son to Jaharan’s daughter without any benefit? It will create a problem then. I don’t think so. As much as I know Jaharan, she is not greedy for money. and she will transfer the money to anyone for sake of Gaiti Anyways, tell me what are you giving to Gaiti? My everything belongs to her I have taken out two jewellery sets for her from locker and two other are mine that I will gift her. I will show you. Yes mother? I’m at railway station. I’m here to pick a friend. Yes, there is dinner. Give me one ticket. What preparations do I need to do? It is uncle who will do all the preparations. Yes brother, where are you? I’m here. Hey all the bogies are empty. Where are you? Hey wait for a minute! Lets go, it’s getting late. He will not come. You can leave if you want to. I will go alone Doesn’t matter if he doesn’t come. Hello, uncle Munawar! Where are you? Can you come to railway station right now? a big heist is about to happen. I will tell you when you’ll reach here Come quickly! Take your fare! Uncle? This worthless servant was taking her with him No! There is nothing like that I will deal with you later. Karamdeed take him and put him in jail and be aware that no one should hear about it Okay sir! Sir, listen to me. Lets go! What is this? Move! Brother Iqbal? Uncle! Brother Iqbal? Sister? What happened, Munawar? What happened? If whatever she was planning on doing really happened, then the whole house would be mourning What happened? Your daughter was going to ruin the dignity of this house. she was running away from home. Was she? Yes uncle! Thank God I saw her on the station. otherwise she would have degraded everyone in the house and leave Shut up! Father I was not running with anyone. You have defaulted. On the top of that you are proud of it? Do you know with whom was she running away? With the worthless servant, Badar. They both were waiting for train on the station Don’t lie. Why would Gaiti do it? Father believe me, I wasn’t running away with anyone. You are speaking rubbish. You are lying. We saw you and Badar together on station ourselves. and look at this, a bag and two tickets of Karachi What is this? What? You are lying right? This is not a lie but this is not a truth also. Uncle whatever you are thinking is … You proved yourself as I thought Shameless girl! You proved yourself a daughter of that characterless woman Jaharan. Iqbal! Nafeesa take a side. I will not regard you today and will kill her. Iqbal! Forgive her not as a daughter but as a human being. Have mercy! Uncle look, Gaiti’s lover is here. There was a Karachi train standing here. It has left. left? It’s been 15 minutes since it has left. Are you looking for someone? There was a girl here Yes, there was a boy with her as well Yes exactly The police took them away The police took them away? How did you even dare to do such a thing? Mr. Iqbal. Only the one who is honest has courage Madam Gaiti was not running away from home. You should believe in what she is telling you Then what were you two doing at the station? She had tickets with her Madam Gaiti was going to her mother Jahan Ara’s home in Karachi Wow. You are just making up stories now that you’ve been caught You’re lieing! Absolute lies! A girl who has never even seen her mother or never talked to her, how can she go to meet her in Karachi? I never even imagined that you could betray us like this and instigate our daughter to do something like this Mr Iqbal, I can never think of disrespecting you He’s lieing. He misbehaved with me as well, for the sake of Gaiti Mr. Iqbal, Madam Gaiti is telling the truth. If you don’t trust me atleast you can believe in what she is saying. We are not lying Oh my God. She hates me and my son so much that she is willing to runaway with a servant of the house Father please believe me. I was not running away with anyone. I wanted to go alone to Karachi to meet mother So who does the second ticket belong to? If you were not going with Badar then who were you going with? Yes, hello? Hello, who is this? Yes madam, this is Jahan Dad speaking Jahan Dad? What is Sameer’s phone doing with you. Where is he? He had to go meet some friend and was in a hurry but the car was not starting, so he took a taxi Okay Jahan Dad, listen to me carefully… The second ticket was for me. But… I know very well that you were lying. Casting a shadow in front of our eyes Am I right? Do you know, I have to deal with thousands of cases like these at the police station every day And do you know what do I do with culprits like you? Munawar, stop it, do you want to kill him? He is the only child of his two parents. Please stop Such shameless children do not deserve to live Munawar, that’s enough please let him go What are you doing? Leave him. Call the police station and get him locked up in jail That’s exactly what I am about to do Munawar, you will not make the call Sir, your phone This is what I wanted. Please get me some water to drink Please call madam. She called to talk to you Don’t tell me stories, just get me some water please She was not feeling well. She wanted to talk to you immediately Okay I will call her Pick up the phone Did you talk to madam? Hello, yes Badar, where are you tow? Sameer? What are you doing over there? What is going on? Nothing mommy Look, if you won’t tell me then I will come to hyderabad myself Mommy, actually I wanted to bring Gaiti to Karachi This is all very wrong Sameer. I did not expect such stupidity from you My intentions were not wrong. I wanted to protect Gaiti So did you protect her then? Or instead did you humiliate her in front of everyone? Okay then I am going to her house and I will tell Uncle Iqbal the truth Don’t you dare do anything stupid now. Come back to Karachi Mommy I can not come back. Who knows how they are treating her, she is in trouble right now Badar is not even picking up my call My dear, is has already been disgraced. Now do you want to disgrace the names of your father and forefathers as well? I don’t care about anyone right now. I am only concerned about Gaiti Look my son, your going over there could make matters worse I will come over there myself tomorrow and talk to brother Iqbal myself. I will tell him the entire truth No, tomorrow will be too late. I must do something today My dear they are her parents, she belongs to them, she is their daughter. Believe me, as parents they will never be harsh with their own child Listen my dear, you don’t worry at all. Just wait for me. You will not go there, okay? This is my order Badar, call your home and ask your father to come Sir I am really innocent. Madam Gaiti has not done anything wrong either Sir, what you saw was just a misunderstanding and nothing else I don’t want any clarifications. Call home and tell your father to come What are you doing brother? Why are you calling his home and telling his father to come here? He will come to his senses after spending two days in jail If we send him to jail then what if….? So will you still marry Zafar to Gaiti? Would you still accept her as your daughter in law? I don’t think so That’s why I don’t want to put anyone in a difficult situation My brother, I would give my life for you But, think for a second, a girl who has given preference to a servant of this house in her hate for my son, how will she fulfill this relationship? That’s why I have made this decision sister The one who she ran away with and disgraced this family, I will depart her with the same person That will save some of our dignity Why don’t you trust me? I was not running away with him Sir, I am not worth madam Gaiti. For God’s sake sir please don’t punish her like this Whether you are worth her or not, it does not make any difference to me I want to get this disgrace out of my house as soon as possible. Dial the phone What are you saying brother. What will people say? That Iqbal Hussain married her daughter to his servant? At least Munawar it is better then listening to people say that Iqbal Hussain’s daughter…. was running away with a servant to this house But brother.. That’s enough Munawar, it’s decided now This is better than bringing any further disgrace to this house Did you dial the phone?

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