DO NOT DO THESE 2 THINGS WHEN YOU SWING! (Baseball Swing Mechanics)

I got a question today from Floxy20
and he asked isn’t hitting down the same as uppercutting, a no-no but only in
Reverse thank you for that question Floxy. I got an answer for you and
we’re gonna talk about swinging down swinging up and how you should be
swinging in this video but before we get into it I want to say thank you to ABO
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they’ve got going on! Alright, so let’s talk about it swinging down we hear that a
lot right a lot of coaches tell us let’s swing down at the ball take your hand
straight down to the ball right now what happens if we actually do that in the
swing and you know what and not even a lot of coaches say this but a lot of
professional players when they explain their swing you’ll you’ll see them show
this like I remember seeing a video of Mike Trout and he’s shown an example of
his swing and he’s basically like dropping the barrel from his shoulder
straight down and obviously if you look at his swing when he’s swinging it looks
nothing like that right so I think a big misconception is that we want to swing
down we want to take the barrel of the bat down to the ball and create backspin
but what really happens if we do that is if we connect with that ball where are
we gonna hit it boom straight down if we square it up right we’re gonna hit that
ball straight down into the ground now the other problem with swinging down
like that is that we only have a split second to get through the plane of that
pitch right if the plane of the pitch is coming on this line here from the
pitcher slightly downward and we’re swinging down at the ball we have to
intersect that contact point at the perfect time to make contact if we’re if
we’re a little bit late or a little bit earlier that ball is Bob passed us right
and we’re not making contact so that’s another reason why that’s a tough one
now to answer your question more specifically isn’t swinging up uh no no
just like that yeah an uppercut is very similar if we are coming off of the
plane of the pitch and we are upper cutting where we’re trying to create
this massive moonshot launch angle right that we’re hearing so much about launch
angle launch angle if you’re trying to do that you’re dropping your back
shoulder and you’re swinging up like this obviously it’s the opposite we’re
coming off plane in the pitch and we’re only going
to be through that contact point at a split second and it’s going to make us
make it a lot harder to time that ball to hit that pitch right so instead what
I offer you instead of swinging down or creating a massive launch angle and
swinging up is to get on playing get on plane to the pitch how do we do that
what I like to do is to get set up into a good body angle some people call it by
I call a body angle some people call it spine angle some people call it posture
whatever you call it you’re just basically setting your chest over your
toes so that you have an angle to swing around and get on plane with the pitch
right here I’m on plane with that pitch I’m on the same plane here here here
here here here here here until I’m not on playing with it right I have a lot
more room for error to hit that ball than if I was swinging down we’re
swinging up right so that gives me more chances to be successful also I’m still
on a line drive swing I still have a chance of hitting this ball out you know
the launch angle guys will argue well you’re not gonna be able to hit as many
home runs well yeah you can still hit home runs here also when this is if
we’re squaring the ball up if we hit a little bit below the center of the ball
that ball is going to go a little bit higher in reverse if we get on top of
the ball we’re gonna roll over we’re gonna have a ground ball right so no
matter whether you’re swinging down swinging up or on plane we still have
the issue of where we hit the ball so we have to be good with our bat control as
well as setting our angle setting our body angle our spine angle or our
posture so that is most important the other thing I want to talk about is the
misconception of how we get on playing with the pitch because I hear sometimes
like we want to pivot around the back side to get on angle but what I see a
lot happening is when guys do this and really kind of drop the barrel into the
plane of the pitch is they drop it too much and they dump the barrel and what
ends up happening is they start hitting weak pop flies to the opposite field
side so instead it’s actually coming down to the ball with the hands so now
we’re in a little bit of a pickle here because before I said you don’t want to
swing down right but if you think about it the hands are coming down what’s
happening though why the bat gets on plane with
pitches because it’s lagging it’s called bat lag bat lag is good that drag is bad
bat drag is when this this back elbow gets in front of our hands in the swing
and the barrel drops below okay that drag is bad that lag is good great
hitters have bat leg bat lag is when we get to a spot and that barrel is flat
like this and we’re on plane of the pitch the big argue and it’s not really
an argument it’s just no one’s really addressing it here and at least I
haven’t seen in the baseball community is how do we get there some people say
we want to pivot to get there some people say you know you want it you want
to create the create the angle and just swing around there but really what
happens the hands are actually coming down and because we’re creating energy
the weight of the bat lags the bat tends to go down this way anyway and gets
there so if we’re coming down with the hands and the bat lags into that spot
and then we’ve got a good body angle spine angle then we’re gonna be on the
perfect spot to hit that line drive and crush those balls wherever we’re trying
to hit them I hope that makes sense I hope I did a good enough job explaining
that but the most important thing is to get on the plane of the pitch and
understand what is the best way to get on that plane right we don’t want to cut
off the swing we don’t want to get too long with the swing find the best way
for you to get on the plane with the swing so you got more room for error and
you could hit more balls harder more often hope you guys like that video if
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