DO NOT PLAY WITH CHUCKY AT 3AM!! One Man Hide and Seek Overnight Challenge Gone Wrong!

hey guys Jade here but Rose Hill it’s
state I am in we’re gonna do the one man ing challenge with Chucky
ice truckey before and I melt myself to him but personally I know how to handle
him so never do this at home kids is not safe if you don’t know what you’re doing
or I got stuffed up with this because it got temp oil and setup candles set out if
you trying those guys the first one from the top to the boss I’m like this and
the others triangle then the bottom triangle rain and all I mean now Chucky
now I sneak up to my my mom and dad forget I hate up tomorrow at Rome so let’s go this is crazy guys it’s your sake it’s okay guys put Chucky where it goes hey those there yes Arthur now I just
need to lay these Campbell’s ugly doll and there’s a knife I got a most set up with the ritual sin
in that life before I do that I need some salt water in case of an emergency
and when I can end game anytime I want some salt swooshing around us
swish swish swish part guys I got the salt water mixed up with that I can’t
stop Chucky’s if I have to just go back over and do the ritual tag you’re it tak
you’re ripped tag you’re ripped through the hungers guys this is going to be fruity I know
it is Irie careful instead of hey my toys guys alright guys I’m in my hand
not so I know ten to ten one two three four five six seven eight nine ten
let’s go back nice we’re gonna go check on Turkey oh
my god looking best oh my gosh guys let’s go 3p a spider oh my gosh I wonder
uh keep in there but guys let’s go around I am working out guys a how to reflect
add bit as my hand I’m totally can you freaked out eyes closed oh my gosh he’s gone I don’t know where
he is out there is e my no blow these out guys
no gotta go find tricky Ricardo I don’t know where is I’m gonna go get my sister guys I don’t
know where tuckie where’s that when that guys I think it came from here he’s at a
good circle my sister where’s that all right guys she’s okay let’s go find
Chucky guys this is freaky who’s that cuz I didn’t so freaked out
this is a freaky video what’s that what’s that cause this encore Chucky nice guys let’s get it ricky-ricky nice
I’m done please ding I’m gonna go throw the water
on here and the game but I forgot it downstairs go get it this is creepy guys
I’m down first game good Oh see you dead guys that was crazy
I better phone before my mom and dad wake up guys
turkey is soaking wet now how my mom don’t notice in the morning those freaky
guys never play this at all 3d I’m Chucky there’s spiders creepy this is
creepy creepy I don’t know it spiders eyes if you like
my channel what can i scrub I think we are huge thumbs up because nothing
where is the year but you list I’ll just go put the dog walk boom in plastic guys my dad is missing never plays games
trucky at all spiders my dad’s missing never do this I don’t
know what to do I’ll see you guys tomorrow bye you

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