Do You Know Why Mitchell Starc changed his Bowling Action?

Hello guys, hope you are doing well, today we are analysing why Mitchell Starc changed his action. .If you are new to this channel, consider subscribing so u never miss an upload So lets begin Mitchell Starc is the the King of Limited over formats. In the Recent ODI worldcup, Mitchell starc has topped the table in terms of wickets. He has taken a total of 27 wickets. His performance in Test cricket is also up to the mark But in the past 2 years Mitchell Starc’s hasn’t perform that well in test Cricket. As a left arm Starc bowls too wide to a right handed batsman, because of which they easily leave the ball in the starting of their innings and Starc tries to adjust his line , he goes way down the leg side. Exactly what happened in the recent Ashes test series where Starc didn’t played first three matches and in the last two matches he takes only seven wickets out of which six were tailenders. On completion of Ashes, Starc started playing domestic cricket in Australia where in the first match he bowls a total of a 39 overs and able to take only 1 wicket. Things were not going according to Starc and he was very upset with his performance, Starc already possess that firing pace , he just want to pitch the ball in right areas. In the desire of getting better and better, During a training session, Starc tried to change his load up to get more accuracy in his bowling Prior to the change, Starc used to load up his arm over his head but now he loads near to his left shoulder . He does that by pushing his Elbow backwards, This change shortens Starc’s bowling circle, giving him a bit more of a split second to aim his target line and length. Starc’s hardwork pays off. After this tweak in his load-up in the very next match, Starc picks up his personal best performance on the Australian soil, taking six wickets for just 66 runs. Starc takes 10 wickets in the overall match. Starc concluded that after this change I am able to come in better positions early, and also I feel quite snappy at the crease. So thats all from the video. If you find it helpful then hit that like button and Subscribe to my Channel for more awesome videos. See you in the next video, till then bye bye

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