3 thoughts on “Does Dhoni believe his team can win? | #fame Cricket

  1. Hi Harsha,
    Seems like india does not have test openers at present, even Vijay although he has scored some runs at the start of the series seems for some reason out of place.
    Do you agree with this? Or you think he is not a pretender?
    Is there any upcoming batting talent? In the under 19 or even lower ? Is there any player creating buzz like sachin and vinod did more than 30 years ago?

  2. I dont understand why people always reach Dhoni finding solutions. Especially in away tests, when Team dont perform, the blame is always on him. He never got good consistent bowling performers. We had the great Srinath and Zak. He never got the great batsmen at their peak. We had the great Sachin Dravid Ganguly Laxman. All he got is a bunch of talented young boys, they are in the right track, they have performed well in New zealand and South Africa against the likes of Steyn, Morkel etc. Persist, learn and succeed. And in this series particularly, Anderson and Broad were too good for our out of form/lack of technique top order.. Whatever the plans may be, players should be able to execute it. Captains cannot win you matches. They can only guide and the players should fight and perform. And whats fight? Without many following, thats what our Captain did in this series..

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