Don Cherry | Before They Were Famous | Fired from Hockey Night In Canada

Before Don Cherry would coach the Boston Bruins
from 1975 to 1979 and lead his team to two Stanley Cup Playoffs. Before Don Cherry would become a Canadian
Icon with his popular series Rock’Em Sock’Em, Hockey Hockey Night in Canada & Coach’s Corner. Before Don Cherry would be fired from Sports
Centre after making some rather racist comments. A lot of you kids south of the border might
only be hearing about Don Cherry as of recent but this dude has been entertaining the great
white norther for over 50 years. He’s been on Coaches Corner since 1986 and
on CBC since 1980 and many,many people tune in, after the first period, just to watch
him. The ratings for the broadcast actually go
up when he comes on then drop when he’s done. In 2004 he was voted the 7th greatest Canadian
ever!!! He’s one of the most entertaining commentators
in sports history and has had a career that’s branched off into acting as well as building
up a franchise in his name. He’s also the inspiration behind me buying
a bunch of these flashy suits. What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Michael McCrudden documenting
the life and career of Don Cherry before his recent headline making dismisal here for you
on Before They Were Famous. I’d be interested to hear what you guys have
to say about what he said and him losing his job in the comments down below. Also a few other American TV legends I could
make videos on, like Alex Trebek or Bob Barker – for that to happen you gotta place your
requests. Now let’s get into this video. Don Stewart Cherry was born on February 5th,
1934 in Kingston Ontario to Maude and Delmar Cherry. For our younger viewers I need to put this
into perspective. 1934 was the year he first Three Stooges short
film was released, a man I can’t even name became the head of Germany, Alcatraz welcomed
its first civilian prisoners and New York’s Apollo Theatre opened. Long, long time ago… A true Canadian kid, he grew up in hockey
arenas and playing pond hockey and by 20 he was playing junior hockey for the Barrie Flyers
and Windsor Spitfires in the Ontario Hockey League. His hockey career would take him all over
Ontario and even south of the border playing in minor hockey leagues for the Springfield
Indians, -, Kitchener-Waterloo Beavers, Sudbury Wolves, Spokane Comets and Tulsa Oilers all
these different teams resulted in him and his family moving a total of 53 times. He wasn’t even making a fortune, earning just
$3 to $4K per season. His longest stint was in the American Hockey
League playing for the Pennsylvania Hershey Bears for over sixteen seasons. It was due to a Baseball injury he received
in the offseason that Don cites as reason he never had a career in the NHL. With that said, he did play one game for the
Boston Bruins against the Montreal Canadians in the Stanley Cup finals of 1955. Eventually he decided to retire as a professional
player after playing nineteen games with the Rochester Americans in the American Hockey
League but finding work as a retired Hockey player turned out to be pretty difficult. He was a Cadillac car salesman and worked
in construction. He even tried his hand at painting earning
as little as 2 Canadian dollars an hour. With things looking bleak, he returned to
the ice in 1971 playing again for the Rochester Americans for 19 games before finally hanging
up his skates for good. He transitioned into the role of Coach for
Rochester in the middle of the 71 – 72 season and won coach of the year. In his third season he was named American
Hockey Leagues Coach Of The Year, he also became the General Manager. The following year, In 1974 Cherry was shifted
to the big leagues as coach of the Boston Bruins. He quickly became notorious for encouraging
his players to engage in physical play on the ice and taught them a few tricks by using
his bull terrier Blue as an example of how to be aggressive. The Bruins as they continued to be one of
the NHL’s best teams during the latter half of the 1970s, capturing the division title
four straight seasons from 1975–76 through 1978–79. In the 1977–78 season. In 1976 he won the award for Coach of the
year. They made it to the Stanley Cup finals twice
losing to the Montreal Canadians in 77 and 78 and likely the reason Don’s never been
a fan of the french team. The next year he took on the role of coach
for the Colorado Rockies and all seemed to be going well but again he would butt heads
with both players and upper management. With his Coaching career in the NHL coming
to a close Don Cherry decided to make something of his fame in his native Canada. He founded themed restaurants called Don Cherry’s
Grapevine and although he has since sold the company there
exist a dozen locations across Canada. In 1998, along with three other investors,
DonCherry set up the Mississauga Icedogs in the Ontario Hockey League and took over as
coach for a short period of time. He also had a guest role on the TV series
Goosebumps epidosde “Don’t Go To Sleep” in the role of Coach. He also appeared with Trailer Park Boys in
the video for The Darkest One by The Tragically Hip where he was seen delivering fried chicken. He was also hired in 1981 by the CBC as a
sports commentator but they learned pretty early on that he was a hard man to direct
as he would openly cheer for the teams he favoured including the Boston Bruins and the
Toronto Maple Leafs. To justify his opinions Coach’s Corner was
created to appear during the first segment of Hockey Night In Canada alongside co-host
Dave Hodge. The ratings started to spike during Don’s
broadcasts and the country had a new star in the world of sports. In 1986, Ron McLean was introduced as his co-host. His career in Broadcasting spanned nearly
40 years and he branched off with his own popular series of videos titled Rock’Em Sock’Em. There were of course just as much love for
the Canadian icon as there were detractors. With his colourful suits only getting more
and more elaborate over the years he became impossible to ignore but there were numerous
controversies over the years. In the 2002-2003 season on his Coach’s Corner
segment, he spoke out in support of Canada joining the Iraq War. In the 2003-2004 season, he made some derogatory
comments about the number of French and European players who wear visors. As a result the CBC put his Coach’s Corner
segment on 7 second delay.

70 thoughts on “Don Cherry | Before They Were Famous | Fired from Hockey Night In Canada

  1. Who thinks whoever fired him is a idiot that should be fired! And whoever will take he’s stop better be as good as him!

  2. They weren’t even racist comments. He was just saying that Canadiens should wear poppies, and got a little specific and started targeting it towards new immigrants of Canada. How is that racist in any way?

  3. Don Cherry is hockey! He is an OLD OLD OLD man. The only reason I watched Coaches corner. This is bullshit! I understand what he was trying to say. He is Don Cherry it wouldn't be Don if he didn't put his foot in his mouth. I grew up watching him! Gonna miss him 🙁 I think coaches corner is what has kept Don healthy at 85. I miss Blue!!!!

  4. Don’t let Don Cherry’s offensive rant and appropriate firing distract you from the fact that this video length is 11:11 on 11/11. Well played McCrudden.

  5. are prime minister dress in blackface and nothing happened still got elected for a second time yet Don Cherry gets fired for saying something that people found offensive ffs

  6. he didnt say anything racist this is bullshit look at the full clip he was jut sayin u should support veteran by buying a pin

  7. It was not appropriate to fire him I think his style how he talks did not mean it what happened to the freedom of speech

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