100 thoughts on “Don West – Baseball Blowout Extravaganza, Part 1

  1. Love when he takes a breath at 2:25 and then jumps right back in-  "gotta keep this from fallin' here…….FACTORY SET!!!

  2. Does anyone remember when he used to open up those 100 dollar pack of 1 card on the air?  What were those called, I think they were like Diamond King Elite or some nonsense.

  3. Oh. My. God. Don West. I grew up with this guy…Whenever I couldn't sleep, I'd put this on and watch it all night. Don West is the most energetic salesperson in the history of salespeople. God, I miss this guy.

  4. Don West could sell an 80 year old woman's shit-streaked panties as long as it came with a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie and Willie Mays MVP card.

  5. Damn, this brings back memories lol. Collecting cards was so fun in the 90's. Btw, anyone who collected knows all these sets were terrible lmao.

  6. remember watching this on saturday late nights,i was a card collector and boy were they overpricing just about everything and the graded cards were a joke

  7. I like at the end he pulls out some cards to look for the stars and he comes up with Jim Abbott and A. Bartlett Giamatti, the man who banned Pete Rose from baseball haha

  8. Fast forward 15-20 years. "Come on Folks! This is a great deal! All these cards for 199.99! You can't beat this deal. They aren't worth shit anymore but at least you can brag that you spent basically 200 dollars to own photos of men! This deal can't get much better folks!"

  9. I wanted the Griffey jr 89 upper deck rookie card so bad! Used to watch these guys in the 90's constantly!!!

  10. "The 1987 Fleer set alone is over 50 bucks!!"

    Just looked on eBay to see what the 1987 Fleer set sold for. It sold for a whopping $5.50


  11. I love how they emphasize Frank Thomas… so '90s.
    A few years ago I bought a Frank autographed, PSA DNA authenticated and fully framed White Sox jersey for $150. I bought a Sandy Koufax jersey in that same layout for five times that amount. No one really cares about Frank anymore. But in the '90s we thought that he was THE NEXT IMMORTAL PIECE OF BASEBALL ROYALTY.

  12. I love how all these cards are from the junk/wax era of 1987-1993. The hobby was absolutely destroyed during this period because too many crappy card companies started making sets and everybody and their mother was collecting because they thought these things were going to pay for their kids college educations. Little did they know that the overproduction of these cards meant that they were going to have absolutely zero value in the future.

  13. Best part of this show is don screaming LIMITED EDITION! WAX BOX AND NEVER COMMING BACK FOLKS! just him screaming limited edition was the reason why i watched this lol

  14. Back when sports cards were actually worth a good amount of money. Now….you could probably get half of these cards for under $5

  15. Don West was known to sell counterfeit fake cards. If you ordered anything from him worth any money at all then it was probably counterfeit.

  16. Please McP485, upload more! I don't know how in the world you had access to these videos, but I could literally watch these as quick as you put them up. I lived to watch this show! So many memories.

  17. That's like 20 bucks worth of cards right there.. musta been high when they were selling this.. notice they don't include any sets with Griffey Jr rookies?

  18. I remember when me and my friends would be up late at night and call in on these shows and fuck around with prank phone calls. We got put on the air a few times and messed with Don and he was always so cool about it.

    He had real sense of humor.

  19. I remember these 2 guys on cable tv, I used to watch it for entertainment all the sell were junks no one wanted. Few years later when card collecting kinda died out in the late 90's they started selling beanie babies lol

  20. lol awesome nostalgia. but really this isn't a horrible deal like you might think. I mean sure you could get all this stuff for cheaper if you tried, but there's a ton of cards and some decent sets.

  21. I would have loved to have played the fkng straight man to Don West i loved watching this shit around 200 at 2 3 o clock in the mourning i didnt have cable.

  22. Does anyone remember what the super expensive single card packs he used to sell and open on tv? Something like Diamond Kings but fancier and were something crazy like 100 bucks for one card, he'd open them on the air and then scream, that books for 300 bucks! I'd love to see that bullshit again. If anyone remembers, let me know

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