94 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Baseball star?

  1. If he's getting negative vibes about it then obviously the man likes his life, why do people pretend to be stupid an act like Muslims don't exist.

  2. He only likes the crowds when they're at his rallies, filled with his supporters. The idea of going in front of a crowd of average Americans with his low approval rating must be terrifying to him.

  3. CNN, we know you don't like Trump very much, and neither do I, but you're a news channel and are asking for trouble with some of your videos

  4. Lets face it, if he did go Liberals would be complaining about the travel expense and secret service used and shouldn't he be doing some work on the country and Russia wanted him to go and….

  5. Trump hit a grand slam on election night he doesn't have to prove anything to CNN who's TV ratings have taken a big drop by the people that are not impressed with their negative reporting and slanted polls they can't even host a debate without slanting it

  6. Is Obama an undercover gay radical islamic muslim traitor.👳why no he is the President that brought us together and out of debt😂

  7. I'm actually surprise… Donald and Baseball never knew. I always imagined him liking football more. Especially back when that failed football league the AFL, he owned the NJ Generals.

  8. You know why Trump declined? There would be so many Boo's it would be bigly, you know it and I know it folks.

  9. wonder if jake is forced to do these trash stories, or does he plan them himself ? either way, poor disoriented jake… sad really

  10. 93% of Washington DC voted for Clinton…..because they are the establishment. Trump is ruining their lives.

  11. ty cobbs and pete rose were Umps favorite players. He even incorporated their business practices to his own.

  12. Trump throws like a little girl he can't get his tiny hands completely around the ball. Sad, very sad, the saddest believe me.

  13. baseball? who gives a fuck about his throw. How about talk about real news like the trade deficit and the massive debt we are in?

  14. How could Trump be a baseball star with the "bone spurs" in his heels that gave him a 4F medical deferment from the military draft, and possible service in the Viet Nam War?

  15. When you are a president fighting the globalists you don't want to stand alone… in a field on a raised mound—–if people who constantly make death threats were actually arrested, if the mainstream didn't peddle constant fear, inciting hatred for the man Trump would be allowed to throw out some pitches. No doubt, secret service put the kabosh on it

  16. Trump is a draft dodger and a coward who avoided military service when thousands of Americans were dying for their country. Still, he played baseball. Shame.

  17. G'day,

    So, the Muddled AmeriKanos have given their NukeYouLater Feetball to a Coward who's too gutless to throw a Ceremonial Baseball ; with no Batter to face, at all..?

    No wonder Unkle Spam is so very Patriotically Proud of being SCARED of North Korea….; after all, NK has at least 3 Atom Bombs & no Delivery-Systems, whereas the Excited States has ONLY 7,600 Nuclear & Thermonuclear Warheads, deliverable to anywhere in the World.
    As Shakespeare put it, "Forsooth kind Sir, methinks thou (Yanquis) doth protest too mush..!" ; & also, "The Guilty flee, whence none pursue..!".

    Such is Life…

    Have a good one,


    Ciao !

  18. Trump's popularism would take away from the Great Tradition of Baseball.
    Those that don't want Trump to succeed wants our great Nation to FAIL. The problem is people are jealous that Trump can just pick up the phone and get the job done. More done in 70 days than Barry Obama did in 8 years.. LEAD, FOLLOW or GET OUT THE WAY.
    Nice pic of TRUMP in his DRESS UNIFORM!! Trump, one of the BEST EDUCATED POTUS has ever HAD.
    Thankx CNN, love the PROPAGANDA!! Makes me laugh ! Keep up the good work reporting on the Clinton's! They now have NOTHING TO SALE.


  19. Including Trump (who is right handed) …5 of the last 8 presidents were left handed.
    Carter, George W Bush and Donald Trump being the right handed presidents.

  20. I hate many things about this man, especially all racism + sexism comments and behavior. Having that said, I think this man could be the only one who could destroy globalism/zionism/nazism. If he does destroy those evil force, he could become the hero of the world. Last chance, trump.

  21. They didn't show Bush's perfect strike from the PRO mound. If you notice there are a short and long mound, Bush threw from the far one. Why did they not show Obama? Oh my was the horrible. I almost felt for the fool. And he was booed before even throwing it.

  22. "But apparently even the leader of the free world get nervous during his wide up"??? What indicated that. FAKE NEWS I mean PROPAGANDA! Putting negative thoughts in to simply minded peoples heads about the POTUS. Trumps a Boss! He's like, I'm not doin that. The Communist News Network loves to report negatively about President Trump. No bias there!


  23. I dont blame him because all those idiot liberals that are full of Hate will Boo him for no reason, but he has thrown out a first pitch and it was better than any presidents first pitch especially Obamas Girlie pitch.

  24. Trump has a phobia about appearing weak. Well guess what – you appeared weak. Now all of his supporters will have to come up with an excuse for not calling him a sissy – which they would surely do if Obama chickened out of the first pitch.

  25. 2019 update: trump also refused to throw the first pitch, although it may have been because the entire crowd booed him and chanted 'lock him up' when he was on the arena jumbotron.

  26. Why not? He was also on seal team 2, a astronaut, cowboy, coal miner, principal, 747 pilot, horse whisperer, ghost buster, brain lung and heart surgeon, geologist, gemologist, psychiatrist, podiatrist, anything ending in "ist", comedian, police officer, ninja, saint, sinner, rock star and spinster. If I left out anything he is ALL that and more…..in his mind and in his blind base's heart. In his own frequently used words " alot of people didn't know that".

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