Our college kids loud That’s what college kids do will do elementary school kids, I don’t think that’s how it goes Today someone gets kissed at school, but before I get started subscribe to our challengers big thumbs up We’re about ready to leave the house, but I have one question to ask you guys who got kissed at school We need to do something about this time to play We’re at the local college here, and we’re gonna play don’t get kissed at school here are the rules daddy’s gonna hide the kiss Somewhere in the first floor of the school he is gonna hide himself Somewhere else if we find him we get kids at school move if we find the Hershey kids we win This is gonna be the hardest version of don’t get Kissed yet because we’re at a school and look at this thing. This is where Iowa school where Jamie at the school It’s Weber State University, and it’s big Okay kisses hidden now. It’s time for me to hide myself I’ve got an idea to go a different way than where the kiss is did it be tricky Alright, so Hershey kiss that close to the computer lab I’m gonna make a little turn here so they come in the door I wanted to come this way first, so I think it’s the same way the kids are going to go I Mean She needed a bathroom break Oh good place for Busted yes I’ve captured one is pain gonna find us or the kiss-ass dad’s gonna be the winner It is you are you gonna go to college one day? Uh-huh? Awesome I like it. I hope she does To see her No, okay Don’t want number out We was Jordan Oh, No She found a kiss I Thought we were good Twist go She’s coming don’t be seen Did you see you You got pop You sure did I’m the next to play don’t get kissed at school. I never get at school This is a huge school this let me chicken It going to college I knew something up Do you see anybody yet What do you wanna do any girl gonna be a cop okay? Did YouTube, there’s a hole in it Jordan here, you keep going out there Taylor’s gonna bust us She moved towards the kids Let’s see if she comes back Back to business Our college kids loud That’s what college kids do with an elementary school shoes That’s how very quiet It’s cause of the dirty I’m on their So-far I busted Jordan Parker and Taylor I’m the last to play don’t get kissed at school All right Jordan do you see Steve there in the corner? I’m gonna pee cassia Stephens here I think it’s coming this way come by the ball. I Know better than to go that way Stephen was coming our way, and then you turn around Go there next I’ve been an awesome place Oh, no, I hope he doesn’t find in chocolate hmm She’s a monster Computers Be careful you might get kissed! And then we lose the game Ths is where i went to school ths is where jamie went to school

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