Don’t Get Robbed at the Joker Steps in the Bronx | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

There is a new tourist
attraction in the Bronx, and it sucks. – Yeah!
– All right? Trash. Outrage. REPORTER: A set of
stairs in the Bronx plays a crucial role in
the new “Joker” movie. And now they’re getting
the social media treatment. Instagrammers and fans
are flocking to the steps to get the perfect photo. Hold up. Who here is from the Bronx? AUDIENCE: Yeah! Yeah. You know those stairs. Who here hates these steps? AUDIENCE: Yeah! Who here has almost died going
down these steps in the winter when they don’t shovel them? Who here stays on the
BX13 to go up so you don’t have to get on those steps? And now you’ve got people
coming from Switzerland, like, [GERMAN GIBBERISH]. Shit is terrible, man. You can’t shoot a movie where
I once smoked angel dust. It’s not allowed. And people like, what if
we had sex on the steps? I was like, yeah, people have
sex on the steps all the time. All the time, dawg. It ain’t sexy. Nuh-uh. You usually smell
it before you see it. Spent a lot of
time on them steps. Seen a lot of motherfuckers
get thrown down on them steps. [LAUGHS] REPORTER: There
are no superheroes in this movie, and no
ordinary heroes, either– just a troubled man
played by Joaqin Phoenix who has various transformations
in his life filmed right here on these stairs at the corner of
Shakespeare and Jerome avenues. That’s the funny thing
about that whole area is, like, they’ve got
funny street names like Shakespeare Avenue or
Featherbed Lane and shit like– nah, this shit was dangerous. Shakespeare used
to live over there. [LAUGHS] He’s my nigga. I used to be on the block. He’d be like, yo, I wrote
this sonnet, my nigga. MERO: Yo, yo. I was like, yo, word.
Facts, facts. Right? Yo. I was like, yo, that
Romeo and Juliet, nigga? Super fly, dawg. And I’m so excited
for this movie. I want to feel what he feel. No, you don’t. No, you do not. You don’t want to feel Julio’s
boot in the back of your back. And you flying down the
stairs uncontrollably, like– REPORTER: That’s the
reason these narrow stairs now getting some attention. Maybe the next big
tourist attraction? Goosebumps. I almost– I just got
mugged two minutes ago. [LAUGHS] Wow, wow. This guy came up
to me– no mask on. Gun right in my ribs–
give me your shit. Gave him my iPhone 11, my
iPad Pro– it was awesome. Like, it’s an
amazing experience. Five minutes ago,
when I was driving, I was getting excited for this. And I didn’t know
why, but I was, like– I just imagine,
like, all the titis walking down the stairs, like– Yeah, just trying
to go do laundry– Hey, wait, wait! –just trying to
live their life. (HISPANIC ACCENT) Why–
what you doing here? What you do here? It’s dangerous for you here. You police? You no police? Go away. Go away right now. I tell you. [SPEAKING SPANISH] REPORTER: As many take
pictures mimicking that famous pose by the joker
as he dances down these stairs. Come on, man. Come on, man. Is she dancing to Jeremy Renner? What’s going on, dude? (SINGING) So Poppa,
keep your cool. I gotta tell you. So Poppa, keep your cool. I gotta tell you. So Poppa, keep your cool. I gotta tell you. (SINGING) These stairs
will never be the same. JEREMY RENNER: (SINGING)
I’ll never be the same. He was going through
some huge change, and it was like, he is– DESUS: Does she got a warrant? Like, why you look– Like, y’all, I
got an open case. But I’m gonna talk
about “Joker.” It was good cinema. He’s like, yo! This is my mixtape. That’s the guy to just
yell at you at a bodega. What “Joker?” What the fuck are
y’all talking about? I’m just– I– this is my cover
for Clap a Nigga Volume V. [OUTRO MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “Don’t Get Robbed at the Joker Steps in the Bronx | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

  1. every time I avoided doing what desus said which is to take a bus from the train stop just so you don’t have to go up those stairs .I had knife or a box cutter on me and was ready to sleep in bookings cause there was always a bunch o of dudes at the beginning and end of stairs and shit was intense every time 😂😂😂, I don’t think is like that anymore but no Bronx native has good memories in those stairs

  2. Honestly, having a Joker movie without Batman is sacreligious. If there is no yin to his yang, then basically you are just making a movie normalizing violence and murder for no reason. Bum ass movie! Throw that shit in the trash! If Joker was black, the police wouldn't stop until they riddled his black ass with bullets and demonized him.

  3. I remember when these hipsters with no common sense were coming to the hood chasing Pokemon and one got robbed while livestreaming. Hope I get to see a livestream of one bouncing down them steps.

  4. I sprained my ankle on these steps, my ex got robbed on these steps, my cousin got jumped at the bottom of these steps…

  5. It should be legal to punch anybody posing for Instagram likes. Every time Austin has an event like ACL, SXSW, etc. there are douchebags posing everywhere for likes. Not for memories of their trip, but to gather clicks from other vapid twats. So annoying.

  6. If someone gets shot and dies while taking a selfie on them steps i wont call that a tragedy,i call that natural selection at its finest.

  7. I personally sold drugs there right on Anderson Ave. Those steps represent death and murder.But if they want to make movies there thats on Hollywood none of us own those steps I dont give a fuck about those steps Hollywood can have them.

  8. Grew up on that block. I remember crushing on a chic who aunt use to own a dry cleaner on Shakespeare on that block way back when where the corner store is. Ran into her working at a bank one day. Should have got the digits lol.

  9. I'm still not feeling the live audience. Feels less intimate and genuine…I know they need to grow but still kind of miss the old format.

  10. I was just there last Sunday. It's fine. There were a lot of people here taking pictures. The stairs might be slippery in the winter when there is ice.

  11. This shit is so lame. They wish their upscale neighbourhood with million dollar apartments was grimey and hood, how strange and bizarre

  12. The Bronx isn't tough anyway–London England ffs has a higher crime rate (not that it's anything to be proud of, Khan is a terrible mayor)

  13. I swear these people taking these photos including that girl with the retarded joker pose looks so stupid. 3:29 and she has the audacity to hide her face on camera, go just go to show you that these people know that have no business over there in the south side.

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