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Hello viewers !! Welcome to NBC!! Am gonna talk about running between the wickets in this video the basics and tactics related to running between the wickets And also am gonna say about how not to get runout in this video This video will be a complete package regarding running between the wickets.. hope it’s useful for you guys! Before going into the video please do subscribe and also press the bell symbol to get notifications from NBC. I’ll start with types of calls used while batting there are three types of calls in cricket.,, That is YES,NO and WAIT&SEE these calls will help you to communicate with the other batsman who is along with you in the center. the call YES is used when you are sure that there is run and when there is no possibility of getting runout so that your partner can come for the run without any second thoughts the call NO is used when the ball goes straight to the fielder and you are damn sure that there is no run so that the non striker might immediately return back to his crease the call WAIT&SEE is the most important call which is not actually used by most cricketers very few cricketers use this call effectively you have to use this when you hit the ball slightly left or right of a good fielder coz you will not be sure whether the ball will get past him or not if he fields the ball say NO following the wait and see call.. otherwise say yes and go for the run use this call when you are not sure whether there is run or not.. and back up a little if the ball is fielded then move back to the crease otherwise you can go for the run Use these 3 calls for easy communication and to avoid confusion regarding running along with your partner The second aspect you gotta consider is about where to hold the bat while running Most people hold their bats close to the blade of the bat while taking runs when you hold the bat close to the blade you will not have a complete reach to the crease you are wasting almost 30 cms of your run which is crucial during close calls so you should hold the bat at the end of the handles when you run it’ll help you to reach an extra 30cm distance.. so always remember to hold the bat at the end of the handles while taking run.. Third point is about non striker role consider this as crease when bowler starts his run up keep the bat inside the crease and you stay outside the crease when the bowler hops at bowling crease start moving towards the batsman away from the crease if the ball is hit towards the bowler you have to be in a position to return back to your crease quickly we do this to stay agile for quick singles if you back up a bit and stay alert you’ll be able to go for quick singles if you stay still in your crease; the batsman will run along with the shot, so he’ll be on his toes whereas you’ll be motionless till that moment and all of a sudden you can’t pickup the pace and run so always backup a bit when the bowler is doing his bowling stride and if the ball is hit towards the bowler quickly get back into the crease this will help you with quick singles fourth aspect is about the common confusion between the striker and non striker, that who should call for run it’s a simple issue.. consider that you are in the batting crease if you hit the ball in front of the batting crease then it’s your call (striker’s call) or if the ball goes behind the batting crease then it is non-striker’s call this is the basics whatever the situation may be, you should not watch the ball after hitting behind the stumps instead you should check whether your non striker is calling for run or not Most runouts happens in this scenario so the basic is to watch the non striker and check for his call once you hit the ball behind the stumps if he calls for a run you can run without hesitation and if you play in front of the wicket then you are the in-charge of calling coz you’ll have the clear sight you should quickly notify the non striker by calling yes or no so that your partner can respond accordingly If you don’t follow this basic then there is high possibility of run out happening so just follow the basics and discuss this with your partner priorly by this way you can avoid getting run out next point is about the reaching side when you go for a run If you are gonna play a coverdrive and reach the non striker end facing leg side then you won’t have idea whether there is an extra run or not now am standing here.. this is the crease.. am playing this side.. now the ball is on your side if am gonna reach the non striker end facing the opposite side, I gotta turn myself and check for next run which is difficult if you are gonna play this side you have to switch the bat to the correct hand with which you’ll reach the other end so while running itself you should switch the bat to the correct hand then you’ll be reaching the other end facing the right side and turn quickly for next run If you reach facing wrong side then you have to turn back and see for next run and loose some precious time If i play this side my partner gotta come and reach here facing this side and check whether there is next run or not and call accordingly and go for next run It’s a simple thing which most people not aware of so simply switch the bat to the correct hand with which you’ll reach the other side and be effective when running more than one run the next point is about distant stretched reaching while reaching the crease don’t run upto the crease and reach the crease instead stay away from the crease and stretch maximum and reach you’ll save an extra yard from running and you’ll have to run comparitively less distance we hold the bat here to reduce the running distance so reach the crease by stretching maximum and get ready for next run the stretch is important don’t get close to the crease unnecessarily there is no point in doing that you should always focus on reducing the running distance so that you can reduce run out opportunity and also play bigger innings without getting tired while reaching the crease you should not just go place the bat inside the crease while reaching the crease you should not just go place the bat inside the crease coz when ball is thrown towards the stump there is a chance of bat being in air so always when you are reach the crease please drag and reach the crease this prevents the bat being in air and helps you reach safely so all you gotta do is drag and reach the crease to avoid silly runouts this is really safe.. so even if you are a quick runner dragging keeps you safe and prevents getting run out I’ve said all basic things.. now let me demonstrate these techniques by running 3 runs you’ll be more clear after seeing that No one is gonna bowl now, just an assumption. am gonna play a cover drive and complete 3 runs just check how I switch the bat.. and how I reach the crease by streching and dragging to get clear let me just show how it’s done YES Thanks for watching the video I’ve said many points regarding running between the wickets in this video One thing which is left is If you feel that your partner’s call is wrong give a reply call with a LOUD tone He might be a senior player or a player with immense potential but that does’nt mean that you have to sacrifice your wicket if the match situation demands it, then you can think about sacrificing don’t do it unnecessarily If you have a negative reply to your non striker’s call; then say it loud and clear without hesitation whoever your partner may be If you feel your call is right.. stand with your call and stay safe there are some situations when you gotta sacrifice your wicket you’ll know it subconsciously just take care of these little aspects thanks for watching the video.. hope you guys got many take aways from this video if so please do like my video before leaving please do subscribe and also press the bell icon so that you will get instantly notified whenever I post a video.. 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