DOS PC Setup Tutorial – Basic AUTOEXEC.BAT file

So, next up is going to be making some edits to
our autoexec.bat file here we already have the command typed in, to open the
Edit program and have the Edit program open up our autoexact.bat file. So,
we will go ahead and execute that now the first thing to go into the file is the
command @echo off what this does is tells DOS to read the contents of this file but
don’t print any information on the screen it’s going to make the boot up
process a little bit quicker and we generally know what the file is going
to execute so we don’t need to see confirmation prompt after every single
thing. BAT files are intended to execute a series of commands for you these are ones that we want executed
every time we turn on the computer so you don’t have to sit there at the Prompt
every time and type in a bunch of commands to you can setup the operating
environment that we wanted to be the next item to put here in the file is
going to be path that is C:DOS MSCDEX and we’re going to
use the switch were the device name and this needs to be the same device name to
be set in our config.sys files in my case is going to be BTC the follow up
item here is going to be you prompt that is going to be $P$G those are also referred to as strings essentially is a variable we are telling
the prompt to display the path and drive letter followed by the greater sign
Now, that concludes the basic setup for the autoexec.bat.file. What we can
do now is save the file and exit and then go
into a quick demonstration of what the prompt commands look like so using prompt you can have the prompts say anything
you want it doesn’t have to be C:>as seen here we could have the prompt say something like “How may I help you?” Now, every time you type
in a command this is what you will get instead of C:>. you can take in anything you want here we wanted to go back into
the Edit application you can do it we’re just changing the display on the prompt
so there are things you can do it this using the variables that we talked about
you can tell the prompts to display something like time using string T or $T so that’s checking
the system BIOS and pulling time that was from there there’s this series is a
link in the description for what you can change your prompt to we can do a little
bit more complicated one so $V is going to be the version $D is going
to tell us the date we want the time in there and then we want path followed by
the greater than sign so we just put a number of variables into the prompt command so
every time we type in a command it’s going to display all these things
the version, the date and time. and then the path if you just wanted to have the date
and time in there you could do that If you want to have just the version or any combination
of these things there’s quite a bit you can do to change how the prompt is
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  1. how do I get more himem to install windows 98 it installs up to the last 20 mins then when it reboots it says i dont have enough memory to install windows 98 how do i get config.sys to get more memory to finish installing windows 98 PLEASE HELP

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