– Hi! ♪ Stump kitchen, stump kitchen ♪ ♪ Gluten-Free, vegan
eats, stumptastic treats ♪ – Welcome to Stump Kitchen. – Welcome. (Alexis laughing) – We’re gonna paint some things, but like, we gotta fill– – We’re going to attempt to
paint some things. (laughs) – We really, really are. Daniel is an artist. A really talented one. – In Alexis’s description of the word. (Alexis laughing) – And I am a vegan, I am a vegan cook. We thought that we would bring our two joyful crafts together. I made vegan paint…
– Pigment. – Pigment, pigment! That’s the word for it.
(Daniel laughing) Pig-ment. Using blueberries, spinach for green, tumeric for like, yellow orange. – Yellow-ochre. – Ochre.
– Yeah. – I was like, okra? No!
(Daniel laughing) And then beets for like, a pinky-red. And then I guess we can like, mix them together and see what happens to make other colors.
– We’re gonna try. I mean like, that’s part
of the science of like– – We’re gonna do a thing. It’s gonna be great. – Yeah, that’s part of
the science of like, making pigments and stuff is like, learning how they blend, right, so. – Absolutely. – That’s a very complicated process. – Daniel, your voice is so dreamy. (chime music)
– Complicated process… – Do you wanna, uh, tell us what we’re gonna be, uh, painting here today, Daniel? – Well, we found this beautiful
reference of you online, (Alexis laughing)
and we are going to be trying to do portraiture. (Alexis laughing) Portraiture with food pigment. First time painting
since, when did you say? – Grade seven? – Grade seven. – It was a long time ago. Can I like, ask you for
pointers as we’re going along? – Absolutely!
– Or do you need to like, be in your zone, like, I
don’t know how artists work. – No, no, I’m uh, I’ll
vocalize some of what like, what I’m trying to focus on as I’m going. – Okay. Do we need to do anything
special to start, or do we just get into it? – Uh, we just get into it. – Oh my gosh, here we go! (Latin music) – So I really hope this doesn’t turn into Bob Ross on us (laughs). – [Alexis] I hope it does
turn into Bob Ross on us. Okay, are there any like, uh, last words I need of encouragement or anything you care to like, share? (Alexis laughing)
– Yeah, have fun. Focus on big shapes. – Big shapes?
– Big shapes. Just carve out all the negative space. – Carve out the negative space. (Daniel chuckling) What the (beep) does that mean? I got this, okay, I got this! We’re good, it’s gonna be great! Is it like, eating at the dinner table? Like, you start with the small fork and then go to the big brush? – Yep.
– Does it…(Laughs) – I mean, that’s what I’m gonna do. – Really?
– I’m gonna start– – Oh my gosh! – I’m gonna start tiny and dainty. – Here we go! Wish us luck! (both laughing) (elevator music) I’m so scared to draw the face (laughs). I’m just like, Oh God. – That went surprisingly far for like, just natural pigment right. – Yeah, yeah.
– Like, it’s working pretty well. – And it’s really pretty. Like there’s some chunks
of tumeric around, but you know, here we are. It’s gonna smell good. – Always feel free to like,
back up and just take it all in. – Okay, so far I’m loving this so hard. (elevator music) (record scratching)
(phone ringing) – Hello?
(Daniel laughing) I’m not even breathing. I’m just like, (huffs) – Like, I always hold my
breath because (deep breathing) – Oh (gasps). The things we do for our art.
(Daniel chuckling) (elevator music) The concentration in this room, you can cut it with a knife. – We’re in flow stages. – We’re in flow stage right now. – If you had a warning label as a human being, what would it be? – Careful, spicy (laughs). No, no, it’d be ‘Careful, gassy.’ (both laughing) Look, I kinda made an orange! A little bit, like…
– Yeah. – With the yellow and the red. Okay, which one’s which? Let’s see. (elevator music) (country music) – [Alexis] Oh god, it smells
like baby food (laughs). – [Daniel] Yep, accurate. – [Alexis] You got blueberries
in your teeth, Alexis! I totally forgot we were filming. (Daniel laughing) Wow.
(Woman screaming) We’ve gone to a place here together… (elevator music) We are painting with a salad. Oh my God (laughing). (Daniel laughing) You know… – [Daniel] It’s good. – Yep, mhm, thank you. (elevator music) Okay, we are done. (both laughing) – It was an experience, wasn’t it? – Yeah, it was really like… I didn’t get that dirty. I got a bit of spinach on
my stump, but not much. So, now it’s time for the big reveal! As an artist, I think you
should judge my painting. What’s good about it? And that’s it! (chuckles) Here’s what we did! Da-da-da-da! This is what I did.
(woman screaming) This is what Daniel did. Immaculate, beautiful,
we did a really good job. – The color composition is amazing. – Of mine?
– Yes. – Oh, thank you! How do you like my mouth? – Yeah, it, yeah, you know what, it, uh, it’s real good. (both laughing) – Let’s look over here. Like, this is stunning. Like, your mouth actually has white teeth. (woman screaming) It has like, depth and
like, the shadowing, like. I tried to do a little bit of that, ’cause I like, tried to copy a little bit (Daniel laughs)
’cause I was like, yeah, I don’t know what I’m doing! – Right.
– Watercolor, temperamental. – And this is food. This isn’t even watercolor. – Food color!
(Daniel laughing) – It’s even more temperamental! – And you’d think it might smell like a rotten salad, but it smells fine! (Daniel chuckling) I also just really like the
difference in size (chuckles). I was like, ME!
(Daniel laughing) – Nailed it.
– How did we do? – 100%. A lot of people struggle
with proportions even, but like, your proportions are amazing. Especially with how much
you scaled up the photo. (Alexis laughing) – I learned a lot! I learned how to make pupils out of blueberry chunks (snickers). Thanks for doing this, and thanks for watching
this weird episode. Painting with your food! Make a picture, put it on
the internet, tag me in it. I want to see you paint with food. – I have a question for you. Will you be painting again soon? – I mean, I have all these– – Did you enjoy it? – I loved it!
(Daniel chuckling) Absolutely, it’s like,
so calming and relaxing. And this, these food pigments,
they’re actually used for baking and cooking, like to
make, to color your food. – You should try doing, like a pastry, and then like painting something,
and seeing how it bakes. – Oh, so smart!
(Daniel laughing) Thanks again, this was
absolutely wonderful. Subscribe to my channel! – Do it! – And we’ll see you next
time on Stump Kitchen. – Have a good one!
– Bye! ♪ Stump Kitchen, Stump Kitchen ♪ ♪ Gluten-Free, vegan
eats, stumptastic treats ♪ (loud beep) – [Alexis] I hope these don’t go moldy because they’re vegetables. – [Daniel] Will my art
attract fruit flies? (Alexis laughing) These are important questions. (loud beep) – I brought my Stump Kitchen apron. Luckily I have more than one, so this could be my painting apron! – Is that available in stores? – It’s available at The Quiltbag, which is an Edmonton local store, and it’s available at Nice plug, I should
hire you as my manager! (both laughing) (loud beep) (elevator music)

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