Double defense in forehand side – Advanced level, Badminton

In this video we’re going to talk about
the doubles defense out in the forehand side. This is a really advanced
stroke if you want to learn the basic techniques about the double defense
please check out our other video we made about that one you can find it in the
description. So we have a stroke now we have a smash coming towards your
forehand side instead of switching to the forehand we need to do the same
basic techniques but we need to do it out in the side still hitting the
shuttle in the backhand. First thing that we want to focus on is that we need to
move our body slightly to the right so we are in a better position of doing the
defense. Next thing we want to do now is that we
want to we want to take our elbow and getting in far out to the right so we
are still able to do the rotation in the forearm so when we are ready for the
smash we go out like this with the elbow all the way out to the side so we still
can generate all the power from the rotation of the forearm. Next thing we wanna focus on is how we
hit the shuttle how we generate all that power with the elbow all the way out to
the side. What we’re gonna do now when we are standing in this position with the
elbow all the way out here we are going to rotate the forearm and use the finger
power to generate all the power for the defense. What is really important in this
stroke is that you use your fingers to generate the power combined with the
forearm rotation. Our grip just before we hit the shuttle it is a bevel grip
slightly on the edge of the racket and actually when we are hitting the shuttle
we rotate the grip in our fingers while we push on the grip so it looks like
this. In some cases when people smash
really really hard all the way out here we don’t have that much time to go all
the way out and generate the power like this so a little extra trick for you
guys is that we can actually move our right leg back to give ourselves more
time to do the to do the defense it looks like this. Thanks a lot for
watching this video I really hope that you learned a lot and you can now try to
practice in this cool shot on your own if you have any questions at all please
leave them below and we will answer them as soon as possible. Thanks for watching 😉

56 thoughts on “Double defense in forehand side – Advanced level, Badminton

  1. When the opponent react on the short serve nd shuttle is directly coming toward face how to defence that..?

  2. Another nice video. I've started the doubles defense in my club night games so thanks for that. I'll definitely try this forehand defense too.

  3. I wonder if you can do a video on how to a cross court forehand side lift in doubles. I see Zhang Nan do it a lot! Awesome shot by him

  4. Just not completely what you meant start with bevel grip and end up as a thumb grip. Also how to hit shuttle straight versus hitting to the side which we would naturally do as we are nit rotating elbow angle adequately?

  5. Sir…hello!!! I love all your videos….they helped me a lot…. I am requesting u sir.. to make a video on "How to increase the footwork speed"(I'm a singles player)… waiting for the video sir!!! Thank you 🏸🏸🏸

  6. Great explanation as always Thomas. I have never seen the tip to move the leg back before. Liking the Badminton Famly news channel as well. Great work. 👍👍👍

  7. Thanks, but most of the time I try that the shuttle goes outside, n can't go high to rare court. Where I do the wrong? How can I correct it? Pls guide me

  8. And Kevin Sanjaya sometimes punishes opponent's smash with forehand cross drive instead of standard backhand clear like this.
    It's one of the things that I can't comprehend.

  9. If you are playing doubles, and are standing on your forehand side in defence, is it possible to crossdrive the shuttle using the grip shown above?

  10. I don't understand why players don't practice forehand defends. They always use backhand… Minions always use forehand for defense and its more deceptive..

  11. an advanced level because the bird will likely to be out if you do that improperly. now i know how to fix my mistakes

  12. Been watching each and every one of your videos.
    Admire your kindness of sharing your know-how.
    Forever grateful and thankful for your effort.
    Can't wait for the next video.

  13. I am a graduate student now. When I get a job, after my studies are over, I will be your patron. Feel proud to contribute for these detailed techinical tips with well articulated videos. Keep up the good work comrades!

  14. Love to see you guys having fun with the b role and outtakes at the end. This sets badminton family apart from all other instructional videos.

  15. please make more videos about doubles techniques.
    ex : how to see opponent's empty spot, attack variation, rotation / positioning, front player placing, etc

    keep up the good work!

  16. Good video, thanks. However, the smashes that trouble me most are the forehand chest level. If I use backhand like the video suggests, because the shuttle is still very high at my chest level, the backhand defence generate very high return bit not deep enough. I guess we need to use forehand in this case. However if one is committed to low smashes, I find it difficult to switch to forehand. Also one weak point in this type of backhand defence on the forehand side is that it is naturally difficult to return a cross court shot. thanks,.

  17. I watching your videos and implementing, it's easy to understand as you r showing in Slow motion. Please show how to play backhand shot.

  18. what will happen in double much if my partner hit the shuttlecock from back court and the shuttle touches my body then crosses the net. is it fault ?

  19. Definitely I have learned a lot from all your videos. Thanks! But it's not easy to replicate them on actual game play. Sigh….

  20. I don't know man, backhand has always been my skill inherently. This is not impossible for me, I just saw this video, got into the court and bam. I could do this very comfortably. Thank you!

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