Dracula Vampire Bat Transformation Effect in Adobe After Effects

hey what’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m Ignace Aleya and today it’s not a filmmaking Friday in today’s filmmaking
Friday I’m going to be showing you something really cool it’s actually
something that I’ve been working on in the previous tutorial and a lot of
people were telling me that there was like a lot of clickbait in that
thumbnail which I do agree upon but maybe I should have clarified a little
bit more because it’s not total clickbait it was actually a tutorial I
was working towards something that I’m going to be showing you two days so I’m
actually going to be showing you how to do a bath teleportation effect inside of
Adobe After Effects a really cool effect in my opinion and as Halloween is around
the corner I thought of doing something nice so I hope you enjoyed this one if
you do give this video unlike also be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit
the notification bell so you get notified when I upload new videos but
before I start this tutorial I want to let you know that I will be using a
plugin in order to recreate as effect the plug-in is called trapcode
particular so if you don’t have that unfortunately you won’t be able to
follow along with this tutorial but anyway even watching this tutorial
is going to give you a lot of information about After Effects in
general and yeah a trip code particular is really a plugin worth looking into
it gets so many things done and I use it so many times it’s one of my favorite
plugins and Adobe After Effects so without further ado let’s open up Adobe
After Effects and get started alright so here we are in Adobe After Effects and I
prepared to do files for you so you can follow along with this tutorial and get
the exact same result as me so here I’m recording myself it was at night so I
had to crank up my ISO when there is a lot of noise in this footage it’s not
the perfect footage but yeah it gets the job done and it’s just an example for a
tutorial I’m creating so here we are well first of all you can see that I
have a clean plate where I’m not in then I walk into my shop I get into position
and then I do my act and that’s just like a spin and then here I would cut
off and disappear in Vampires which is not the case right here because I’m not
actual vampire so this is a visual effects tutorial it’s not a how to
become a vampire tutorial so what we have here is my footage on what you also
need is some bats flying I will also provide you that footage but I’m going
to import it together with you guys so you’re sure that you’re importing it the
right way because it’s not just a video it’s actually an image sequence which
becomes a video so if you’re going to import a file you’re gonna see something
like this and you’re going to click on the first image and make sure that PNG
sequence is checked on and then import that sequence then right click over here
and go to interpret footage and go for main and then go for 24 frames per
second or actually if you want to speed that up you can actually go for 48
frames per second if you click OK and if you’re going to bring this into a new
composition and play this back you’re going to see that this is going to be
very quick now what you can do if you if you want only if you have the option to
is to add an RS mb effect to it and that’s going to add some motion blur to
that and this is yeah just a plugin which is not in After Effects so if you
don’t have it you just don’t have it but it’s a fake motion blur effect for your
footage you can see that these wings get very kind of blurry with the motion so
that’s something very nice and and creates some kind of realistic look you
don’t need this for this tutorial if you don’t have it just follow along with the
tutorial and I’m 100% sure you’re gonna get some really stunning results without
it it’s really not a must that’s why I dare to introduce this to this tutorial
I’m never going to add something to a tutorial if you can’t finish the
tutorial without it so yeah I will but then I will mention that up front so
alright so here we are we have our bad we dragged it into a new composition and
we added the RS mb effect which you don’t need again so yeah we can continue
then I will drag my footage also into a new composition which is full HD if we
go to the composition settings we can see we have a composition of full HD and
14 seconds long I always like to reset my timecode to zero so we have
starting it from zero so then what I want to do is go until right here and I
will go to edit and split my layer then we have our first part which is actually
the clean plate and I will right click and go for time and freeze this frame
and make it as long as I want to and then also rename it to clean plate then
I will scrub into my video until I’m in position that’s somewhere around here
and I will trim my video until that position in the timecode and then until
I’ve done my action which is like right here and I will trim it again then bring
it all the way in the beginning of my video so there I am actually I’m going
to mute this audio so there I am looking like a badass and trying to disappear in
and vampires and then needing visual effects to actually be able to do that
so then I will right click on my video and go for time and enable the time
remapping feature which is going to allow me to speed up the last part
because I’m actually throwing quite slow and I want these kind of vampire
superpowers which is kind of speeding up very quickly all these vampires are
super fast so what I’ll do is click over here and then click over here so just at
the beginning of my act and then at the end of my act then at the end of my act
I will just drag this like so and drag also my lair until that position so now
I will have something like that ok so now I want to open up my graph
editor because I want to do some yeah final tweaking to my time remapping and
then what I want to do is go over here to this one here and then bring it down
and drag it out just a little bit something like that and now we’re going
to have like a ramp up to that speed effect right over here and already right
here we want to trim that video and we don’t see anything after that so and
boom we’re gone great so now what I’ll do is go to the last keyframe and
duplicate my layer we can do that with control D on the keyboard or go to edit
and duplicate it and then again I want to split my layer so we’ll go to edit
split my layer and delete this part so we just have like our clean play
our video that we just speed up well sped up and then we want to zoom in here
and now we have one frame of this position and I will right-click again
time and freeze this frame so this is going to be a frozen well actually it’s
not working how I want it to work and that’s probably because of the time
remapping so we’re going to disable this no we don’t want to disable it we’re
going to click on it and actually go layer pre-compose and this is I’m just
going to be so we’re gonna layer precompose we’re going to do this like
shadow and then move all the attributes and click OK and now we can right click
and go time freeze the frame and then trim it over here so again let that
layer and then delete the first part so now we have just our animation and then
frozen and time like this so here on this layer I want to go to the beginning
and click on that layer and go to my pen tool and just keep myself out
very roughly it doesn’t have to be perfect at all so I’m going to do this
very quickly so like this this is going to become some kind of shadow of me
disappearing before the bat so to give it some kind of extra punch to my video
so yeah we always like some extra punch I think that’s about right and there we
go we have now a mask great so now what I want to do is click on my layer and go
for effect generate and we are going to add a fill effect to that now we’re
going to click on the red color and change it to a black color which is a
shadow color press Stila keyboard to reveal the opacity effect and then lower
it to something like 85 and then we’re going to apply some to effects here so
we’re going again into the beginning of this layer and we’re going for effect
distort turbulence this place which is a really cool effect we can actually
toggle off the mask right here and fit this to the where I have the comp area
so what I want to do with this here is I want to crank up the complexity to
something like 6 and I want to increase the size to
something or actually decrease the size to something like that and we kind of
you can already see what we’re trying to do here we want to kind of evaporate the
shadow which is really cool so we’re going to set our amount to zero click on
a stopwatch move a few seconds in time and evaporate
it something like 50 or maybe even 150 there we go that’s that’s about right
then go again to the beginning of your comp and go for effect blur and sharpen
and go for a Gaussian blur and we’re going to set the Gaussian blur to 50
then click on the stopwatch for the Gaussian blur go to the exact same
keyframe off the turbulence and also increase that a little bit more then
again go back to the beginning and press T on the keyboard if you don’t see the
opacity anymore and click on the stopwatch for the opacity this time and
again press C on the keyboard to reveal all the keyframes go to the exact same
time and set the opacity to zero so now we have this kind of transition which is
some kind of ghosting transition out which is really cool but this is going
to work in the background with the bats and actually don’t need to do this step
if you don’t really feel like doing it it’s just something that is going to be
very subtle but it’s going to help you a long way to make it a little bit more
realistic in my opinion okay so once you’ve done that we can go to a project
manager and go for that bad calm that we just created now we’re going to drag
this into our composition and now we have this bat here so you can see it’s
flying and it immediately disappears looks kind of cute actually and we’re
going to disable this layer we’re going to drag it down we don’t need it for now
so now what we need is to right click new and we create a new solid layer and
we’re going to use a black color for this and we’re going to rename this that
teleportation some fancy names for a fancy effect I could click OK once
you’ve done that bring this layer on top and we want to go for effect and go for
the RG trapcode particular there we have it cool so now what we want to do is
open up the emitter tab and actually if you’re going to scrub through it you’re
going to see a little bit of what it’s doing so we have some particles
doing nothing and just kind of exploding and we want to change our emitter time
from point to a box and that’s going to allow us to control a little bit more of
the beginning so right here we have the beginning we actually want to drag this
over and just to the beginning of this place here and actually one frame off so
here at the actual well I’m going to zoom it a little bit more one frame off
for two friends it’s okay so right here at the beginning of this layer we want
to set our particles per second to something crazy like ten thousand and
then move two frames forward like right over here and set them to zero so now
what we have is nothing isn’t that super crazy the reason why is because I
actually forgot to create a stopwatch keyframe so I feel kind of stupid now so
we’re going over here ten thousand create a stopwatch a
keyframe to move two frames and set it to zero okay there we have it so now we
have some particles generating during these two frame periods and then it’s
going to keep those particles but it’s not going to create new ones and it’s
just stay on screen and we want to make sure that these particles are kind of in
the same model of me so what I’ll do is go over here to emitter size and go for
X Y Z individual so for the Z size I’m going to set it to 200 for the Y sighs
I’m going to set it to something like a thousand and for the X sighs I’m going
to set it to something like 200 and that’s kind of right so I’m also going
to changes to 850 and this to 250 okay and then click on the position and just
position this in the center of me okay cool so now what I want to do is crank
up the velocity right here to something super crazy like 1500 and over time
that’s going to explode my particles out then I want to open up the particle tab
right here change the life to something like 10 and go for my emitter particle
pipe and that’s going to be a sprite and now what because we chose the sprite we
can actually use something from our layers panel right here from our
composition which is going we are bad animation so we’re going to
open texture tab right here go for a layer bat and then we have the option
for the time sampling to choose a random frame of that composition and loop it
and as I made it a pre loopable animation it’s going to loop our bets
and now we want to crank up the size to something like 50 I think should be
right or maybe even 150 and then also the size random to something like 75 and
these are some kind of huge bets I would be so scared if I see this in real life
okay so I’m going to change it to 100 make them a little bit smaller a little
bit more adorable and there we have it so really cool we have some bats and
they’re going to be flying out whoo-hoo so we almost have our effect but I want
to do one more thing actually and let’s make it a little bit more realistic with
the shading and very easily I’m going to do this so easily but you can go crazy
you can create lights and after-effects and go overboard I’m just going to head
over to shading and go and do it lazy way going to shadow let for a mane and
just turn it on and boom so now we have some kind of shadow in here and we can
also go into shadow settings and change the opacity to something like 2 or 3
something like that and now maybe it just decides you like 200 and maybe
change it to do again IRA settle but this kind of looks good and we’re also
going to I give it some kind of a warmer tone some kind of brownish color or
actually blue because we’re going to work with a kind of night scene so like
this so we can change the core a little bit very subtle and there we have it
actually I’m going to change it to green because we have a lot of green color and
our scene and it’s going to match it with our footage that we currently have
kind of sounds logical or I can just pick a color from my scene here that’s
not right okay great and darkness a little bit
more okay so we have some shadows on our bets really cool so then actually we’re
almost done what you can do is go into the physics step right here and go into
the air tap and if you want to make them fly to the camera you can play with the
wind z and the wind Y is going up or ball up or down the X left or right so
you can play with these settings it’s really cool thing to to work with and
I’m going for a wind Z and – – is towards the camera 1000 something like
that should be fine and then final finally because we’re going to see these
bets kind of flying out and they’re still kind of super big so I’m going to
even lower that 75 small bats better okay and maybe also make them fly up a
little bit but I’m going to do that with the gravity tap right here so under
physics again gravity – 250 or something and they’re going to fly up a little bit
up off the camera and then I want to go to the render tab finally and change a
render mode from full render well actually not render mode motion blur
open up the motion blur the comm settings and changes – um and that’s
going to add motion blur to our bets to make it more realistic with the camera
movement and yeah it’s also going to kind of hide all the mistakes you make
so don’t tell anyone okay so we have this finally what you want to do to kind
of make this effect look a little bit more realistic or kind of give it that
um final punch like we like to call it we right click and create a new
adjustment layer and for this you can create it on your own but for this I
will be using one of our presets from the transition spec which is called TC
shake I really like this effect to use it and a ton of things actually but if I
press you I can simply offset it like right over here bring these keys in
maybe change the amplitude to something like 20 and then offset these keyframes
also until the end and that’s going to give it some kind of camera shake
which makes it all look really cool and kind of intense okay and then finally
you can go and grade your footage like you saw in the example but this is not a
tutorial for that I have a bunch of tutorials on how to change your day
scenes to night scenes or how to enhance your video so go and check those out
I’ll try to put a card on this video but you can also go and apply an effect
color correction luma tree color and then just apply a creative LUT here so
go to the creative tap and go for a lookup table browse and we actually have
a look back right here which you can use for example 300 which is kind of
colorful we don’t really like that apocalypse maybe it’s a really cool one
and now we can bring down the intensity to make it a little bit more realistic
and from bringing down the saturation maybe and then you get a kind of look so
that’s pretty cool and then you can also go to vignette and
increase well actually decrease vignette to get some kind of darker borders maybe
let’s try another one so we have a sparklab so we have d saturated action
let’s try that one that’s not too bad but then I would like to introduce some
contrast ok and maybe take some highlights so we get
some core and the skin tones oh yeah this is not a color grading tutorial but
let’s see the final result all right so that’s super cool maybe they’re flying a
little bit too fast so you can go into the bat again and maybe change the
velocity to 750 and maybe the Z animation or the gravity to minus 100
and the Z to minus 700 the reason why it’s a little bit too much for my
preferences in this case is because I actually tested this effect on a 4k
footage and now I’m working on full HD so then you’re actually working with
half the values so my bad yeah looks cool alright so that’s it for
this video I hope you enjoyed it if you did give this video a like also be sure
to subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bow so you get notified
when I upload new videos apart from that check out our website we have a bunch of
cool stuff for any kind of digital creative and if you buy something from
our website it helps to support our channel and now I just hope to see you
guys in the next one good bye

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