DRAKKARS TV | les 5 règles de base du hockey sur glace [HD]

Today in Drakkars TV we apply rules Welcome in Drakkars TV, the 100% Drakkars ice hockey show today I would like to propose you a show about ice hockey rules and more precisely the little subtleties that could cause problems during the party But first we will begin this show in the compagny of Antoine for a new face to face. This is today’s interview. let’s go ! For the third Face to face of this season, I revive a guy that came from st pierre et miquelon He played with “Duc d’Angers” last season His name is Emanuel Alvarez Antoine : Hi Emanuel ! Emmanuel : Hi ! Antoine : So now your’re actually at Caen Antoine : Why did you choose “Drakkars de Caen” for this season ? Emanuel : Well, the club has a great project Emmanuel : This is the fiftieth anniversary of the club Emmanuel : I guess it’s a great Journey to deal with Antoine : I suppose you will have more important responsibilities this years than in your ancient club Emmanuel : Yes, that’s true Emmanuel : Last year I was a junior and actually I am a pro Emmanuel : That’s not the save thing at all Emmanuel : I will have to show my skills to the coach Antoine : Well, you said “show my skills to the coach” Antoine : What kind of words would you like to choose to define yourself as a ice hockey player ? Emmanuel : Well, my physical involvement Emmanuel : and my team spirit Emmanuel : I think that my shoot is great too Antoine : You talked about your physical involvement Antoine : Are you the kind of player that love taking hits ? Emmanuel : Yes I am. Emmanuel : I love great hits Antoine : I suppose a lot of people make a comparaison between you and Antonin Manavian. Emmanuel : Yes, I already had that king of comparaison. People sometimes ask me if he is my brother Emmanuel : Actually he is not. Antoine : Now I would like to ask you a more personnal question Antoine : Have you got a passion outside of ice hockey ? Emmanuel : I am a very family man. Emmanuel : I am not from a big city so I enjoy spending time with my family Emmanuel : I also like fishing Emmanuel : sometimes I’m going fishing when I come back to St Pierre Emmanuel : You know, I am pretty interesting by a lot of things Antoine : It’s pretty interesting what you told us Antoine : You talked about St Pierre Antoine : Can you tell us why so many ice hockey players are coming from that place ? Emmanuel : There are two important sports in St Pierre Emmanuel : In summer it’s football and in winter it’s ice hockey Emmanuel : to claim to became a Professionnal player Emmanuel : or to come in France Emmanuel : it’s easier. In fact, the level in Canada is too high compared to France level Emmanuel : it’s harder in Canada to become a famous player Emmanuel : If someone from St Pierre arrives in France Emmanuel : you have got a contact in that place, so it facilitate your integration Emmanuel : Indeed for making working papers Emmanuel : in France it’s easier than in Canada because we are actually French Antoine : I have an other question about St Pierre Et miquelon Antoine : you were born in that place Antoine : and I would like to know Antoine : if it has been hard or difficult to quit the family house Antoine : to practice your passion on the continent Emmanuel : Of course it is.. Emmanuel : I leave my family when I was 15 years old Emmanuel : like a lot of guys that want to become a professionnal ice hockey player Emmanuel : It’s a bit hard at the beginning Emmanuel : especially during the first year Emmanuel : you have not got a lot of news from your parents, you are tired, you spend your time at school Emmanuel : You have to get the rythm Emmanuel : When the first year is past, you should find your marks Emmanuel : Normally there will never have trouble Emmanuel : everything will be on his way Antoine : According to you, a professionnal player that leaves his family and his nation Antoine : for an other continent, with the intension of playing ice hockey as a professionnal, that guy shall be more mature than someone that never have leave the family nest Emmanuel : absolutely ! Emmanuel : Mentally we can be stronger than people that stay in in their city Emmanual : especially if they are living in this town since they are born Emmanuel : We had leave our parents Emmanuel : we had leave our family and our friends Emmanuel : basically, we leave everything for playing ice hockey Emmanuel : We have only hockey Emmanuel : and we are here for hockey Emmanuel : we had leave everything for ice hockey Emmanuel : we could have stayed at Mom and Dad’s place, in my town and in my patinoire Emmanuel : but if we want to evolve, we have to leave our family Emmanuel : this is a new Journey to live Antoine : I would like to come back to an other point Antoine : it’s about the Professional status of hockey player Antoine : In France a large quantity of player must have universitary degrees and academic skills Antoine : is that your case ? Do you attent lectures ? Emmanuel : I attended lectures When I arrived in France 4 years ago I obtained my Bac and since 2 years I play hockey and I get a job Antoine : What kind of job do you do ? Emmanuel : Actually I have not already find a job at Caen Emmanuel : When I was at Angers, I worked for a sponsor Antoine : Did you hear about the supporters ? about the ambiance ? and the spirit during match ? Emmanuel : I heared a lot of great things Emmanuel : that there is a lot of noise during the party Emmanuel : The staduim is Always full of people Emmanuel : I can not way to hear them Antoine : do you have a word to tell them ? Emmanuel : Well Emmanuel : Come and encourage us Emmanuel : we are very glad to see you Emmanuel : I promess you great parties ! Antoine : Thank you very mutch and I hope you will have a great season in our club Emmanuel : Thantk’s ! Olivier : That’s all for today, I hope you have enjoy the show Olivier : I invite you to share, comment and like this video Olivier : You can also ask question if you have some Olivier : In our next video, Emmeric will make is apparition. This is our new topic called the “road trip” Olivier : The idea is to discover the Canada Olivier : I give you an appointment in a month for a new Drakkars Tv episode Olivier : Ciao Bongo !

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