Dressed like a Bat | Justice League

Millions in structural damage. You haven’t lost your touch, but it’s good to see you playing well with others. Hah..dressed like a bat! I dig it. May be temporary.. so, uh Made you change your mind? Steppenwolf He took the mother box from Atlantis. All he needs now is the last box of men. If he doesn’t already have it. He doesn’t have it

100 thoughts on “Dressed like a Bat | Justice League

  1. Christopher nolan has fixed that batman neck move problem and now they still have that batman neck problem… damn it!

  2. At the trailer gordon said "its nice to see you playing with others again" the the joss wedon version Threatrical cut the word again has been removed

  3. That's not Raid like in America. That's Soviet Pest Killer with a tinge of plutonium to kill all flying bugs….and plants….and pets….and all who come in to contact with.

  4. I mean it's not like the bug spray ain't gonna do shit, I'm sure it'd help to some extent if she gets them in the eyes or something

  5. When batman cannot turn his head again… That is why u don't fired the costume artist… the dude the only one know what material to use for batman neck…

  6. Is this like a release SnyderCut thing people are talking about in the comments? What is the SnyderCut and why do people say it is bad?

  7. The way this scene looks and acts feels like one of the few scenes used from Snyder. I like it but was hugely disappointed with what we got. Despite enjoying WB much more than trashy Disney, fuck you WB for ruining Justice League

  8. What should have been a legendary movie like the first Harry Potter or Fellowship of the Ring turned into the biggest embarrassment of our nerdy lives 😔 They should have gotten Peter Jackson back for this and pushed it back a year….

  9. Best Batman costume ever
    The Bvs one was good because of the Dark Knight Returns influence but it made him a Gigantic head.
    This one is more proportioned.

  10. "He doesn't have it"
    WE DO!! Come on, writers. You had the opportunity for a quick, smart way of showing a connection and mindset of a tram player. Cyborg just had to finish his sentence with "We do". COME ON NOW !!!!

  11. If they ever release the snyder cut, then perhaps to finish his full vision they should either make a graphic novel or an animated series. Would love the graphic novel.

  12. All throughout the movie i kept laughing at batman. He moved so stiffly and the thought of him struggling to move his head was hilarious to me. And whenever the camera zoomed in you can see his eyes decked out in eyeliner 😂😂😂

  13. Don't remember Cyborg flying in the 1980's Teen Titans comic book series. – Any way, gotta give him credit for not doing the atypical landing, but his timed-drama-to-impress… does not impress. – Moreover, Cyborg's a weak character, but they need a tech guy too… and his incessant Super-brooding is Batman's territory. They could have chosen to save Green Lantern's rep with this movie, but unfortunately, this movie was too lame for that maneuver to take. I don't understand DC's lack of 'getting it'.

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