Driftpile Cree Nation 2019 Hockey Camp

“I’m Matt”
“You look familiar, what’s your name?” “Were you there last year, at the school?”
“Yeah I remember you” “Yeah okay awesome, thanks for coming” Coach Matt here just wrapped up our Hockey
Camp in Driftpile Cree Nation. It was amazing! 2-day full hockey camp, 2 different age groups.
Day 1 and Day 2 the first group they were awesome! They were young very beginner skaters but really cute and adorable, they worked so hard Second group, they were a bit older, a little
bit more advanced so we worked on strong edges, stick handling, shooting and the camp went
really well. The feedback was amazing, they want us back already and one of the players,
this bantam player, Isaac, came up to us at the end, literally shook our hand, thanked
us for coming, said the drills were amazing and we helped him improve his turns and edges. So I mean that’s why we do it. We want to
make the youth better, we want to make them better players, better people in general through
sports training. This is why we do it, it was so rewarding to hear that from one of
the participants. And we made a connection with one of the mom’s
from Hockey Alberta, she’s on the committee and she wants to promote our stuff at an upcoming
Aboriginal Hockey Tournament so it was awesome, it was great for the kids, great for us and
our 2nd time in Driftpile, we’ll be back again, we loved it! Thanks guys for having us! What’s up Vitality Nation, this is your Coach
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