Driver tries destroy snowman and rams car into tree stump instead – Daily News

A Kentucky driver got an instant dose of karma when they tried to run over a nine-foot snowman and ended up ramming their car into a large tree stump instead. Cody Lutz was with his fiancee, Lucy, and her sister when they decided to build the massive snowman over the weekend. During the construction of ‘Frosty’, the trio used a tree stump as the base for the snowman, and completely covered the bark with snow. Happy with the masterpiece, Lutz went to work on Monday, but when he returned home he found tire tracks in his yard. Photos showed the tracks leading up to the base of the snowman. The impact from the car knocked off some of the snow that was covering the bark. Share this article Share Apparently someone had tried to destroy the snowman by ramming their car into it. Instead, they hit the massive tree stump. ‘Instant karma!’ Lutz told Fox 19, adding that the incident was ‘hilarious’. ‘You know, what goes around comes around, in good ways and bad ways. So, I guess everyone learns a valuable lesson here from Frosty.’

8 thoughts on “Driver tries destroy snowman and rams car into tree stump instead – Daily News

  1. Imagine the driver's surprise after getting smacked in the face by an airbag! Everyone keep an eye out for a vehicle with a tree shaped bumper!

  2. From the title of the video it's clear the NY Daily News has a staff of people who majored in English while in school.

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