77 thoughts on “Drunk Paragliding in Switzerland (VLOG)

  1. I found Binge the other day and it brought back so many happy memories😄 you will always be my favorite YouTuber

  2. To bad you didn’t say anything in advance. I’m sure i could have showed you further around in my country.

    However should you come to switzerland again for skiing there are a lot of other beautiful places to discover.

  3. Tyler, loved this so so much. Thanks for taking us along. I’m going to watch it again now… lol. See ya

  4. Tyler, I can't believe you went to Switzerland with your best friend, Jamie on this video and you're freaking drunk paragliding, honey!!!

  5. Lol I’m doing a season in Verbier atm and its so weird seeing everything in fkn Tyler Oakley’s vlog????? Like what???

  6. i ski there every year omg i love verbier and les 4 vallees! mont fort is a hard one props to you if thats the black diamond you did

  7. The first thing I thought of when I saw the thumbnail was that I’m wearing the same shirt you are. Forever 21? It’s the exact same I swear 😂😂

  8. "How did somebody come up with this, just hurl yourself down the hill with a bunch of junk" lmaooo Tyler this was so funny! What a fun vlog style.

  9. Ok but why does Tyles instantly becomes friends with anybody he meets? Like that sounds like a skill I wanna possess in life!

  10. "Not the first big black one I've conquered, 😂🤣 but the first big black one I conquered today." 🖤🖤🖤 🍆

  11. You were in Switzerland? And I didn't know? 😭 AAA I wish I could've met you!! Hope you liked it and come back!

  12. Does this bring back any memories of Pyeon-Chang when you were on location for reporting on LGBT+ athletes, Tyler? It does for me.

  13. Ahh, I love this so much! Love you Tyler and glad you had an awesome trip. This made me want to fly to Colorado, haha

  14. "You can't even spell…" — why is that my new diss line?! 😂 loved every second of this vlog. What a deserving human being. And your friend radiates positive energy. So awesome! Thanks for sharing. 🙏🏽♥️😘

  15. What's the worst that can happen?

    Well…I broke my arm whilst STANDING on my skis when I was about….12. And I learnt to ski at the age of 3. Soooooo😂

  16. Honestly, I'm living for this VLOG! so fun! (Take me with you next time if you want to see someone skiing like goofy LOL)

  17. 5 years ago his channel, was getting millions of views, now his channel is just sad and pathetic please quit

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