Drunk People Try Putting On Hockey Goalie Equipment

– I can’t reach my skates. Oh God, I’m gonna puke. (upbeat music) – I’m just gonna drink. (laughing) Okay. – Bye, I love you. – [Announcer] Three, two, one. Begin. – Oh it’s heavy. (screaming) – So far I can’t untie my own shoes. So I’m off to a great start. – Ow.
(laughing) – I mean like, it’s 2018, like have we figured
out something else to do besides all these, like,
fucking pieces of rope and shit? – Oh why. Wait. No! Dammit. – Does this go, oh boy. (laughing) – Wait, is this the right way? – [Woman] I don’t know,
how do you put it in? – You have that upside-down. – Oh dear, I’m drunk. – What? – I don’t need any help. (laughing) – We don’t need your help. – I don’t need help. – I feel like this is next. – Turn it up so you can
(mumbles), it’s upside-down. I did the same thing. Women helping womankind. See the goalie is the last
one to go to the after-party. This is what we can tell. – Wait, yours aren’t tied together. Why are mine tied
together and yours aren’t? – Well, uh, that’s (mumbles).
– I’ve been sabotaged. – My goal is just to make it
look like I have everything on, even if I don’t. – Are these for my bits? Is this a codpiece? (laughing) Autobots roll out! – My head’s not that small. – Oh (mumbles) – How do you put your head in here? – TT what happened. I’m
already, I’m done and– – You don’t even have skates on dude. – Entirely correctly– – You don’t have skates on dude. – A real competitor doesn’t need skates. – (laughing) Yeah right. – Ow. – [Woman] Okay. – Do you just squeeze your head in here? No, okay. Okay help. (laughing) Oh it stretches! – Okay, that’s okay. I have no idea. – [Woman] I feel like we
should wrestle right now. – [Announcer] 10, nine, eight. Seven, six, five. Four, three, two, one. – [Woman] We’re ready. (laughing) Oh shit! (laughing) (upbeat music)

95 thoughts on “Drunk People Try Putting On Hockey Goalie Equipment

  1. 1.Wake Up 😴
    2. Go to college
    3. Meet a hot girl 😍
    4. Kiss a hot girl 😈

    Correct Order : 2 , 3 , 4 , 1

  2. you best believe I ran here for Brenden
    I don't care so much about hockey but I'll be damned if I never care about that whole snacc

  3. As a hockey goalie myself, it usually takes me 15 minutes at least to get all my gear on, and that’s when I’m sober

  4. You guys put the goalie equipment on wrong there wasn’t all the safety gear such as Jill’s and jocks there weren’t and socks on there legs so they don’t get cut on there legs, also should’ve made them change in to real hockey clothes so it be like getting ready for a real game just saying, but after my very long rant! That was a funny video to watch.

  5. Underclothes, socks, jock, shorts, blockers, chest pads, jersey, helmet, gloves, stick??? I haven’t played hockey in thirteen years and I only played goal once LMAO am I right?

  6. Americans lol….its called beer league, if you cant stop pucks drunk you cant stop pucks. Play goalie drunk next time

  7. I have played hockey for the last 11 years, and 10 minutes is way too short for me. I would have half my gear on in that time.

  8. I had a last minute pick up game on a friday night one time in university and they got dressed faster than I did.

  9. This video is the worst CLICK BAIT! Everyone power-slammed some White Grape Juice and did their worst impersonation of being Drunk! Did not expect Buzzfeed to fake a video, but I guess it was bound to happen.

  10. I’m an ice hockey goalie and have been for years. It takes me more than 10 mins to get my equipment on

  11. Want to see drunk people put on hockey equipment? Try 10 minutes before puck drop at any weekend beer league game.

  12. I've played goalie drunk a couple times. Wouldn't say I'd have my gear on in 10 minutes but that's mostly because I don't shut up and am bad at multi-tasking even when sober

  13. I feel like this video was ment to be Drunk People Try Playing Hockey but them putting the uniform on was entertainment enough lol

  14. Hilarious! btw, if you have a bad habit of forgetting some of your gear before a game, there's a cool free app to quickly make sure you got everything before heading out…

  15. Gear weighs a ton but honestly once you're on the ice and in the heat of the game, it's not too bad… Also: Buzzfeed should do a hockey challenge. I wanna see these guys try to keep their skates under em 😂

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