DU Hockey: Beanboozled

– Can we just sit this on the chair? – Yeah, unless it’ll fit in your pocket. – Yup, bring it up to the bottom of your shirt. – How accurate is the spoiled milk? – It’s accurate. – It’s bad, yeah it’s bad. – Actually? – We had the dog food one earlier, it’s actually
the worst. – Yeah the dog food one’s the worst. Has there ever been a person who has thrown
up or— – Not yet. – So I would be the first one? – Yeah. – Oh god I didn’t think they were gonna be
that bad. – Toothpaste isn’t bad, dead fish is bad. – So have fun with them guys. – Oh my. I’m getting nervous. – Good luck. – Yeah, good luck. – Best of luck to you. – Yeah better watch it. – Alright guys, you ready to play Bean Boozled? – We’re ready. – Yeah let’s go. – Here we go, the first question is, what
year was the historic Battle on Blake? – 2016 – 2000 – 2015 – 2015 – Yeah so I got coconut or spoiled milk, so,
we’ll see what happens here. – Okay. – I feel like this one’s good luck. That’s for sure spoiled milk. – Peach or barf? Oh wow awesome. That’s a good start to this, is this it, yeah. – Yeah. – They look the same. – Yup. – Barf, yup. – That one’s bad. – What was the first year for the Gold Pan
series? – Go for it. – 1963. – Nah, 1949? – 1950. – Oh my God, you gotta be kidding me! – Yes! – Berry blue or toothpaste again. – Chocolate pudding or canned dog food. This dog food is really not that, it’s not
that bad. – Okay do you like that one? – Yeah kinda, it’s not that, like I mean,
maybe I found my new source of protein, I don’t know. – What year did DU play it’s first hockey
game? – 1949. – 1925. – 1949! – Ohhh – That, who am I playing with? Peach or barf. – I feel like I must have known that like
when I was a child and it just was like deep in my brain. – Well I certainly didn’t. Which one? – You’ve got. – This guy, or this guy. – The problem is it looks a lot like dead
fish. – Either way I’m getting sea dead fish or
barf. No, put it in the trash can, don’t– – Catch and release. – Catch and release. Dead fish, catch and release. That was bad barf. – There are better things than barf than others. – Yeah. – That’s for sure. – What is the maximum seating capacity of
Magness Arena? – 6000, something, oh my God, I don’t know. – I’m gonna say 6700. – 7200. – [ 7200, actually? – Chocolate pudding or dog food. – The same one! – Oh the same one, let’s go for it. Yeah I got dog food. – Oh my goodness. – Well this one is worst, gonna be honest
with you. – Oh, I can’t do that one. – You can’t, who is this guy? – Who was the coach when Denver won it’s first
NCAA title? – Murray Armstrong -Murray Armstrong? – You can’t just take his answer! – I can guarantee you mine’s wrong, say someone
else. – Yes you’re both right, this time. – Are you serious? – Yes! Who is Denver’s biggest hockey rival? – Denver’s, biggest hockey rival, Colorado
College! – CC. – Oh! – There we go. – Did I win? – Good job guys, you won! – Yes, you’re the winner. – I don’t know, I don’t know about that. – Look at this trophy, it’s better than an
NCAA trophy, congratulations. – You did good. – Yeah, feels great.

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