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Oh my god.
Ah! Hello everyone! I’m Joyce.
And I’m Jess. And we’re in…
(Together) Dubai! So, everything we’ve seen so far is super beautiful and photogenic. It looks exactly like the Abu Dhabi filter that you see on Instagram actually. It’s really thanks to Klook that we’re here in the first place. And we have already gotten the necessities such as our 3G sim card and WiFi. So today, we’re actually going to spend the whole day exploring the city, such as landmarks like.. this! We’re now at the very sunny Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Fun fact: As you can see, a lot of buildings in Dubai are coloured this way because the region is very prone to sandstorms. So they decided that they will just make it brown anyway. Adaptation. All around us is very traditional buildings of how Dubai was like. So they use a lot of natural material such as sand. And you can also notice that there are very few windows because they used to value privacy a lot. Hi guys, so now we are actually in Green Planet, which is sort of like an indoors rainforest, so think of it as like, a Gardens by the Bay. So what I have behind me is a bat cave, which is very scary for me. To me, bats are like flying rats, like what’s the point of their existence even. But I feel like, we have to do it la, ‘cos it’s for content right? Then cannot be like scaredy cat lo. Yeah lo, so just do lo! Where are the bats?
You see them? Where?
There. I don’t want to see, I don’t want to see.
Oh, there. Is it… is that a shadow? Ahhhh! I’m just going to look at the ground.
Okay, okay. I’m not even making eye contact with any of them. Okay, do you see the bat? Do you see the bat?
Nope. So it flew from there… AHHHH! Sorry. I’m scared. AH! I’m so scared! It flew straight towards me eh. As you guys know right, we went on a cruise. And 30 days later, we have arrived in Singapore. We have a Singapore flyer here… And then out in the distance right…
And Gardens by the Bay! Out in the distance, there’s Gardens by the Bay. It feels very at home eh. Yeah, this is literally home eh, like being transported on Limousines and having dinner on yachts, it’s very normal to us la. I feel like we belong here, there’s a very like, nice sense of belonging. I don’t think we can go back to just taking Grab anymore? Maybe we can take UberCHOPPER.
Woah. Uncle, 219 Kallang Bahru. Good morning guys! So we’re starting Day 2 in a shopping mall when all the shops are still closed because we have an exclusive media to the Dubai aquarium. Yup, and this is actually the world’s second largest aquarium, in the world’s largest shopping mall. Ya, and it seems like an ongoing theme in Dubai is whatever other people can do, you just do 10 times more exaggerated. Stingray~ P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. I feel like Nemo has been a great education about marine life for people all over the world. It’s so iconic eh, when they see a clownfish they don’t say clownfish, they say Nemo. That’s when you know you’ve made it as a fish. #relatable. So what’s up everyone on earth? We have gone from underwater to the top of the world, ‘cos we are at the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the entire world. And from here right, we can see all the attractions that we’ve seen in Dubai for the past few days. Yeah, you can even see our hotel building, the 3/4 MBS, that kind of thing. And even if you are someone who is not a fan of observatory decks like Taipei 101, or like Singapore Flyer, you have to come here when you are in Dubai. It’s just like, there’s no excuse. So, after a 45 minute car ride, we are finally at the activity we are most excited about, and that is the Desert Safari.
Whoohoo! And right now, we are taking a pit stop for the car mechanics to decompress the tyres, so that it will have better grip on the sand later. Which is kinda like the grip that a camel’s feet has on the sand. Animal planet facts. The place here is really beautiful. Wehn we stepped out of the car, it was just a very nice view of the sand dunes which are huge. And also the blue sky. So the contrast is really very nice. And I think that if you are in Dubai right, you have all these skyscrapers, all these amazing buildings, but if you just make a day trip to the outskirts and you have ljust the sky and the sand, it’s an amazing break from the city. So, I can’t wait for what’s in store! Help. Oh my god! One of the best decisions I have made today is to have a light lunch. That was a wild ride on so many levels. Oh my god, but it’s so beautiful! This is like windows wallpaper. Windows XP. We are going to do sandboarding now, with him. Anti climatic. Okay, so we have now arrived at a campsite in the middle of nowhere. And just now on the car, I was just telling Jess that maybe we can’t see camels after all ‘cos it’s getting really late. And then from a distance, we saw like, the silhouette of the camel. And then we were like, “Oh my god!” It was a moment of pure joy. This is our camel, its name is Raja, and it will be Jess’s and my ride for this evening. Just FYI (for your information), Raja means king, so he’s the king of all the camels. Royalty fit for royalty. Okay, let’s mount the camel. Okay, we’re ready… oh, not Raja? Oh sorry Raja! It’s like a quick reality check: we are not royalty after all. Okay, we are plebeians. I’m actually a bit scared.
I’m so excited! I feel like once the camel fully extend its limbs, we are suddenly going to be really high. Woah, oh my god! I don’t even know what to say to the camera right now actually. Yeah, I’m just in awe eh. Okay, so we have come to the end of Day… 3? Time flies, and we are ending the day at the desert safari, which is hands down my favourite part of the trip so far. We heard that there is a surprise from the producers for us tomorrow, which we have no idea what is it about. But we are excited and we are ready. To sleep.
Yeah. That too. We are so ready to sleep right now.
Yes! Okay, bye! Good morning.
Morning. Today is day…
4! You look cheeky, what are you up to? I have a surprise for you.
What’s that? Quick, just take.
We are very wary. For today’s activity, we are gonna do it Katy Perry style: You’re hot, then you’re cold. We are going skiing at Mall of Emirates in Dubai. Ok, oh my god, so we are going from the desert to ice, cold frostbites. Hi-5. Harming little boys all over Dubai. Actually just one. Monogamy. Yup, that works. We have arrived at the massive IMG World. Only in Dubai do you have an indoor theme park that is all of 28 football fields big. We are gonna try 3 thrill rides at least right, so there’s The Velociraptor, it’s a 90 degree roller coaster drop. As well as the Thor Thunder, which is essentially a spinning thing. How was it guys?
Amazing. I just want to say that James is a freaking fraud, ‘cos before he went on the ride right, he was like the only person whose seat was not belted in, and then he’s like, “Oh my god, I scared.” The moment we got onto the ride, “Whoo!” No, you know my theory is…
What the heck! If it’s going to give way, might as well just give all the way. Okay, so our last stop of the trip is going to be Bollywood Park. It’s actually the first ever Bollywood theme park in the entire world right, and we heard there’s going to be street performances, musicals, as well as a lot of rides that we can go and try out. And I think even if you don’t watch Bollywood films, like for me I have only ever seen ‘3 Idiots’, you can still appreciate the trademarks of Bollywood films like the wardrobe, the glitz, the glamour and the music especially. So, I’m really excited to see how the place looks like after sundown, so let’s go! Oh it’s a show eh!
Oh my god! Sh*t, is this the part that we have to dance? Better stretch first in case I sprain something. So we have come to the end of our trip in Dubai. I think to sum it up right, Dubai is a place where anything that another city can do, they can do it better, and faster, and bigger, and in gold, possibly? We saw a lot of interesting things, like we actually saw something that looks like Singapore Flyer, and Gardens by the Bay. And we saw a lot of like, things like you know, Shake Shack, the very international kind of elements thing. but besides that right, there’s also a very authentic side which I really like, you know there’s this desert safari that we went to. So that side of Dubai that we saw right, the very nature kind, is something that is very, I think personally it’s very magical, and very beautiful. And of course camel riding, nothign can beat that.
Yes, oh my god. I think the desert safari right, it sounds like something that’s very exotic, but it’s actually quite affordable. I would highly encourage, it’s like a compulsory activity. it’s so experiential, you don’t just get to see it, you get to feel it, you get to taste the food, yeah, you get to feel the sweat clog up your pores, and that’s part of the experience. So most of the activities that we did right, can be found on Klook, for example like all the water parks, all the theme parks, and also the desert safari experience. So when you book these activities on Klook, not only do you get instant confirmation, you also get discounted prices. And I think on top of all these activities, something which I personally can vouch for would be the Internet services. Because it’s something that I use everytime I travel.
Yeah. Super reliable, super fast, super hassle-free. Okay, another super important pro-tip: when you are in Dubai, it’s the last place where you want to be stranded in a queue for 1.5 hours just waiting to get into an attraction.
Yeah. So this is where if you have an online booking you can just go straight to the express queue. And Six Flags is coming to Dubai parks and Resorts in 2019, so that’s something that you might want to look out for also. We passed by the construction site many times, it looks massive. It always looks massive basically, wherever you are in Dubai…
We are not surprised anymore. There’s just so much space!

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