Duckpin Bowling in Milwaukee

When you walk through the doors at The Thirsty Duck, you instantly can feel the energy. Mini bowling basically is bowling, but a third of the size. The flooring is the same, but the lanes are 16 foot long, the balls are 4 pounds, and the pins are 10 inches long. Wauwatosa is just getting younger, hipper, more fun. A lot of restaurant owners and buyers are really stepping up their game. Used to be that you had to go to downtown Milwaukee. You don’t have to leave Wauwatosa now to go out and have fun.

4 thoughts on “Duckpin Bowling in Milwaukee

  1. this is not duckpin bowling. this is mini bowling. duckpin lanes are the same size as "regular" ten-pin bowling lanes

  2. You know it's BS kus Gerry Gurgich is there!!! Don't believe me. Look again.

    0:23 or 0:24

  3. Real duckpin bowling is 60 ft long lanes… sorry this isn't. He even calls it mini bowling, which there is but this title is incorrect. Call it mini bowling.

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