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You weren’t supposed to do that 8 OLYMPIAN SUPER COACHES 1 WEEK TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE
– Now we wake up! Out! OUT! Mount Kenya University
Ladies Hockey Team are a hockey team in trouble. I can’t say we are
at our best just for now, but we are
trying to come up. Last season they
finished at the bottom of the National League . Attack, watch your attack! …MKU conceded 87 goals.
They scored only 5. Most of us we’re
from high school. The hockey in high school was
really tough for some of us so to adapt to that system
of playing was really hard. Their training pitch in Thika
is a rough school playground Your legs are together… Their kit is ropey… The strap we got
here has got off …and they have no
goalposts to train with. We had some goal posts
but they were destroyed. Policeman James has been
their coach for three years – Down He’s had an uphill battle… Back on the line. Down. no
you have missed the ball, why? You have to jump… That’s a
goal. Punch it away from you. Now help is arriving..
in the form of double gold Olympian,
Jacques Brinkman. I hope that these two gold
Olympic medals will inspire Mount Kenya
University team. One is from Atlanta. .. and one was from Sydney. The last time I was
in Nairobi was 1989 Kenya was in that period a
quite good hockey country Today is a chance
for Jacques to see just what he’s taking on. MKU have a practice
match in Nairobi. The team know a super
coach is coming, but they have no idea it’s
a Dutch hockey legend. I don’t know yet your names, but I will learn them
as soon as possible. Ok, have fun, eh? I’m looking forward to
have a great time together. In a week’s time, MKU
will face Team Orange, the reigning Champions
of the national league. At their last encounter
MKU lost 22-nil… This practice match
allows Jacques to assess the scale of
the challenge ahead. I’m looking for the
first time to their skills… …space for improvement.
(Laughs) Before long MKU concede a goal It was a little bit of a stupid
goal, the goalkeeper could maybe stop the goal –
for sure, not maybe, they could stop the goal. Theres no way you
can mark two people. Jacques has
spotted potential in the team’s captain, Grace. Grace – she’s great, she’s
fighting, she’s working… I think she can play a little
bit better when she concentrates much
more on her own performance. She is really a captain, she
is coaching there, coaching there, but we need her as a
hockey player on the pitch. Grace loves her studies but she’s passionate
about hockey. Through hockey I’m able to
express myself, like it gives me
the self-esteem. So hockey, hockey, hockey I
can say hockey is everything. I play in the midfield. A midfielder is
supposed to be a link from the defender
to the striker. As well she is the
2nd line of defence. And also I’m supposed
to hustle for the ball. Two years ago Grace
hauled the team back from the brink
of extinction. I became a captain in 2014.
At that point we were only only four ladies, the team
looked as if it would die. I had to bring in ladies one by
one, one by one, one by one. That really makes me
happy, like seeing a team grow from nothing
to something. Now, after four years
at university, it’s Grace’s last
season as captain. Leaving the team that I’ve
nurtured and made it grow to this level will really
be a set to me ’cause I’ve not only know these
ladies hockey-wise I’ve known them as my friends. So I can say it will
really be heart-breaking but at some point I
knew this would come and I’d have to say goodbye
and leave it to someone else. DAY 1 It’s ‘Day 1’ and Jacques is
eager to get training underway This is his first sight of
the team’s practice pitch. I really didn’t know
what I had to expect My first impression of the
pitch is no goals. Well when you want to play a
hockey game you need goals… Before his first
training session begins, Jacques has a surprise
for the girls. Look to the left, we brought for you brand new
sticks and brand new shoes. (GIRLS CLAPPING)
…so let’s go to it You like it, Carolina? I love it, its beautiful. For the training
now we start just with some individual skills… … right we start with this. Everybody with two
hands and don’t let the ball
fall to the ground, yeah? Like this…OK stop, stop. Hup! … Well done… hup! You’re Standing now with
your feet like this. Not too much like THIS,
a little bit like THIS. Not too much, yeah. And important that your hands,
at least like this, not here. When you stop the ball
and pushing the ball you have your hands like this.
And be strong, eh? Be strong. I like the way he just
tells you right away and corrects you
just right away. You are just coached
at a personal level… This is just a start so
I’m really hoping for more and more in the
few remaining days. – You should also
maintain your line For his second day of
training Jacques has planned a series of drills aimed
at improving team work. The first training was
just about ‘I’, but now we also go to the ‘We’, because
hockey is a team sport. And the big game, we
have to do it together. For the first exercise
Jacques lays out a box, and then divides the
players into small teams. Ok play, inside this area
(WHISTLE) The blue team has six players.
They start with the ball, while a team of two opposing
players tries to tackle them. You have to play the
ball to a team mate… so space movements, play just
to the same colour, When I want to pass
with the dummy I have to do it already here. Next Jacques wants to
teach the team the dummy. A good way to get
past an opponent. ..and then immediately
this way. The dummy is like this.
I do like THIS… and then I go the other way,
yeah? It’s a feint, you understand? So I do like THIS, then
I go the other way. So do it on your posistion. – Do like THIS.
– ‘It’s more like dancing’ – James is calling it dancing Yeah like this, hup, then
you go the other way. Well done, Connie. I have to talk just about
dancing to everybody and that’s great. With THREE DAYS to
go before their match against league
giants Orange, Jacques wants to
concentrate MKU on goals – scoring more, and
letting fewer in. But for that, the team
needs goal posts. The goals are arriving now,
really happy about it. Together with the captain. So Grace
our captain is multifunctional Not only the leader of the team She is also arranging
the goals. The team has been without
goalposts for three months. Now at last the MKU’s defence has something to defend. For Caroline much more fun
now, when you are a goalkeeper not between two stones, but
in a real goal, a real cage. First he’s turning his
attention to the strikers… – Through the coins,
like this…you walk like this. – …with a series of
shooting drills. Foot control, on the forehand and then to here….
Ahhh! We train now, give and go.
It’s important, eh. So you give a ball and
then you move forward. Ball control… Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup! And hit…. Hup! It was a good goal… – Nice shot. We find a new striker, Charity.
– Yeah. Two great shots, huh? Hitting the back of
the net is one thing. Keeping the ball OUT
is quite another. Last time MKU played
Orange, twenty-two goals were scored
against them. You go there. When I go HERE,
you go there, go there, go there, go there. Now we have a goal it’s
really good for the strikers, but also for CAROLINE
our goalkeeper. Now she has the feeling,
OK, now I have to stop the ball when I’m
standing in the goal. Nice one keeper! On the side of the goal keeper,
there is a lot of improvement. Alright, we did a great
job again today, yeah? The game was… it looked like
hockey! It gives confidence – So you feel you improve?
– Yes. Yes. Great. I’m happy about it,
I’m happy that my team mate is supporting me and that gives me a
lot of courage… and it’s an encouragement
that I can do it and I can be amongst the best. DAY 6 Jacques is bringing
the team to the National Hockey
Stadium in Nairobi. The venue for tomorrow’s
big match against Team Orange. He wants to familiarize the
players with the speed of play on an artificial pitch before
they face Team Orange. The difference between
here and the murram is that here the
ball is very fast. We have the variation
to the right side…. Jacques wants to give MKU
a series of strategies strategies to employ
against Team Orange. There’s a must win…
you understand? First goal! It’s important to keep the
opposition guessing to the very last moment just how
a corner will be taken. Ok come over here, come. Make sure they don’t score. OK, Up, up, up, up. Up, up, up. Come on keeper! Lovely! Keeper, keeper, keeper For the past week I’ve been
learning each and every aspect of normal training, basic
training, all the physicals, whatever Coach Jacques
has been doing. I think in the near
future that is what I’ll be applying
in my training. It’s the day of the big game. MKU are about to face
the team that last season inflicted a
22 – nil defeat. Jacques has tried
to give MKU an early psychological advantage. I put already the lagards
in our own dugout. I prefer we are sitting
in the Home Dugout and not the guest dugout then
it’s already one nil for us. MKU need every advantage
they can get. Their opponents, Team
Orange, are not only the defending Kenya
League Champions, they are the
leading ladies’ team in Africa. Their line-up today includes
THREE Kenyan internationals. I can’t just say we
are going to win as much as we’ve
had the training, all I can say is that we
are going to do our best. Maybe we are going to improve
from how we were last time. I don’t feel nervous, I’m just
anxious for the game to start. From what coach has
taught us during the week I’m prepared
and confident. Ladies. Just 45 minutes
before our big game. You look all great,
nice colour, sharp. and now it’s performing
on the pitch. And always when you play sport,
but also in your whole life is to have fun and
passion together. We have no excuses, and we will
see what the score will be… Go back, go back! As play begins, ppening
nerves kick in… And after just one minute MKU
concede a penalty corner. Its a testing moment
for the novice goalie. Connie, Connie more back,
more back! To the inside! Well done Caroline, Back, go back! They’re doing a great
terrific job. Fighting. Defence. The hard graft
put in by goalie Caroline looks to be paying off. But she can’t hold off the
opposition’s attacking power on her own. Mass, on the outside. Ahhh, Mercy…. One-nil we are behind. I must say that Carolina also
plays are really great game as a goalkeeper… huh… a
lot of saves already, yeah? But not this time. It was a great penalty
corner from Team Orange, so… You can be really
proud of yourselves, it was a great first half. But there are another
35 minutes to go, and it’s just about
fighting. Tackle back. Run. And then we will see what
the end result will be. (WHISTLE BLOWS) Team Orange begin
the second half as they left off,
on the attack.. MKU need to keep possession. Come on Charity go Charity no
Charity go!! Go, go, go, go!!! Go! OHHHH What a great ball! Ok, tackle back Gracie…
go on! Stick down! Well saved. Played keeper The goalkeeper is
really fantastic…. Oh ho!!
(GIRLS CHEERING) That was a really great save MKU fight on, to the
very last second. (FINAL WHISTLE BLOWS) It looks like I play myself.
A lot of sweat and shouting, but they play a
really great game… Well, look at them
they are happy! I’m a proud coach. And it’s a
little bit strange because I’m a WINNER, I’m a top sporter
so happy with a loss is also a little bit
confusing but… ahhh it’s once in a lifetime that I
allow, me, myself that I’m really happy
with just a two-nil loss. (SINGING) It’s a loss that the girls are
also delighted with. Last time MKU played Orange
the score was 22-NIL. It feels so good, it feels
so amazing it shows some improvement compared to the
last game we had with Orange. The gap that was so wide
it has been narrowed now and we are so
happy as a team… I’m a very, very happy
goalkeeper, yeah!

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  1. i dont know about regular hockey cause never really "tried" it, but field hockey is my thing, i love field hockey. i think i just like hockey in general. swimming is also pretty awesome. for the longest time, i also wanted to speed skate, but it was too dangerous, so my parents wouldn't let me pursue that dream

  2. The transformation of this team just goes to show you how much coaching matters in this sport. Field hockey is not a sport where the best players are the biggest, fastest, or strongest. It's how the players apply their abilities to their circumstances. Well done, Mount Kenya University!

  3. one week into the job new sticks shoes and goalposts he should coach the national team maybe then we might get a new standard artificial turf…..

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