EASIEST Way To Do A Consistent Backhand Low Service (And 2 Biggest Mistakes)

Hi youtube, Gerald here. The low badminton serve, you see it everywhere
– from recreational players to professional players. You see everyone doing the low service in
badminton. The problem is, when you try to do the low
service, you always get something like this. Ahh Ahh Can’t serve Okay, jokes aside, for service, it is all
about how you hold the shuttle, the angle in which you hold the shuttle. So For most beginners, the problem they have
is that they tend to hold the shuttlecock this way, where the butt (of the shuttle)
is facing very high. So the result is that you’ll get this. The shuttle is floating, it’s high. The trick here is that the butt of the shuttle
must face the white tape. It should not be under, it should not be over. Face the white tape. So from whichever height you serve, the butt
of the shuttle must face the white tape, yeah? Another common problem that most beginners
do is that their point of contact tends to be sideways. As you can see, they tend to contact the shuttle
sideways. Like this, or like this. When you serve. Your contact point must be direct. It cannot be sideways. For those of you who are starting out, my
advice for you is to hold the shuttle with two fingers. Hold it like this. Practice, yeah? The reason is that this position is very natural. In which the butt will naturally face the
white tape, let me demonstrate once for you to see. so you hold it like this. It’ll be very natural, it goes over. One more time, without looking, it goes over
very nicely. Yup! So the thing is that as you get better, you
can change your grip to this, where you hold the feather. The problem with this is that if you’re not
used to that angle, you tend to hold it this way. You’ll tend to hold it high. So practice enough and you’ll get the hang
of it.Then you’ll get the angle, then you can serve very nicely over the net. As you get better the next thing you need
to practice is the contact point of the shuttle, because for service, the best spot to hit
is actually not in the middle of the racket but over here, this top part. This is the best contact point where you get
the fastest speed. So let’s so a demonstration. I’ll do a demonstration with this one, with
this service and this contact point. And you’ll be the judge, you’ll see the difference
in speed yeah? The rules(method) for this service applies
not just for doubles but for singles as well. The only difference is that the distance gets
a little further, same thing, shuttle facing the white tape and you serve, goes over nicely. Again, one more time, same thing. Butt facing the white tape, over. Goes over nicely. Service takes a long time to learn, so keep
practicing. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it! Do add variety to your service because ultimately
you’ll be playing against another player so you do not want them to be able to predict
where are you going to serve, right? And that’s it for this video, if you have
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video, the personal comedy that I’ve made about how you can serve like a boss. Like a boss, so check it out! Have a great day! Goodbye!

100 thoughts on “EASIEST Way To Do A Consistent Backhand Low Service (And 2 Biggest Mistakes)

  1. The video on how to flick serve video is here!!


  2. Yes the contact point should be at the top of the net, not in the middle, but this is not because the "speed is faster". In the video the other shot is faster because it travels to the middle "T", the other travels a longer distance towards the right.

    You likely want the contact point at the top because if you want to use speed as a deceptive element, then you don't want the shuttle to fall before hitting but you want to make the contact as soon as possible from after you release the shuttle, and your hand is in the top. Some of the top servers I have seen actually don't use this speed element, but rather let the shuttle fall some distance before the shot and make a slow back swing… then a very sharp change of speed if they choose to flick. The deception of this technique is quite intense.

  3. I have been struggling to do a proper serve. Now I know what mistakes I am committing. Thanks for giving these tips in such a simple and easy manner.

  4. i would like to say thank you because this video help me a lot on low serve. my low serve is getting better now. thank you very much

  5. Unless gravity is not constant, you can't hit 2 birds with different speeds AND expect them to follow the same trajectory AND land on the same spot. What an idiot teaching young players completely the wrong concept.  Thumb down.

  6. I feel like you missed an important point about the racket head angle. Maybe a bit of an amateur point but keeping the head flat rather than angled helps maintain a flatter serve closer to the top of the net.

  7. The biggest problem with me is no matter how much power I put but I can't throw it fast, like the people I play with throw it so fast I can't do it even I'm using all my force

  8. BG Badminton Academy hello i hope you will make a video about proper footworks. As a self taught amateur player, one of my weakness is dealing with the backballs. Sometimes I move backwards so fast that i lose my control, resulting to a weak forehand smash.

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  10. 1.11 Thats not true .. For example look at yoo yeong sung and jung jae sung lee yong dae serve

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